Console War Breaks Off As Epic CEO Tim Sweeney Praises PS5

Tim Sweeney

There has always been a “Console War” between hard-core players. Not only do they defend their preferred consoles, but they also do not leave any chance to degrade the other ones. The primary members of this war are PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, as they are the most preferred gaming platforms. Fans have their own reasons for claiming that their gaming consoles are the best. Moreover, it is never a naive war because people who participate in it always do a fact check before challenging for anything. And it is an ongoing competition that has existed for years or maybe, decades.

Some of these “WARS” happen in-person between friends or co-players, while others happen over the internet where everyone takes part and puts in their opinion. One such console war broke off recently when the Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney claimed that the PS5 would be outclassing PCs with its storage. Before moving on to the more in-depth details of the incident, let’s look at Tim Sweeney’s history with consoles and details of which gaming console has won most of the wars to date. 

Tim Sweeney

Tim Sweeney

For people who think Tim Sweeny lacked knowledge when he praised PS5, they might be wrong. The reason for it lies in the history of Sweeney. The guy started playing with electrical and mechanical devices from a young age of five or six. Though he did not play much of video games during his childhood, the programming and game development still interested him. He came up with the idea of Epic MegaGames after his first game, ZZT, sold enough copies to make him $100 every day. 

After ZZT, Tim Sweeney started developing another game named “Jill Of The Jungle,” and that is when he realized that he needs support if we want to go big. Sweeney started with a team of four and finished his game soon after. Later, he became so busy in building and running his company with the help of Mark Rein, that he fell short by one credit and lost his degree in Mechanical Engineering. 

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Tim Sweeney has personally worked on most of Epic Games’ big projects like the Unreal Engine. And that is why people who think he lacks knowledge, are pretty much wrong. Also, he always had support from his entrepreneur brother, who taught him everything about sales and making money. So Sweeney knows his game in and out. But then the question arises, what made him fall into this controversy of PS5 praise. To see that, let’s move on to the detailed discussion of what happened recently. 

Tim Sweeney PS5 Praise

The whole story started when Epic Games recently uploaded the demo of their upcoming development platform the Unreal Engine 5. The demo had used PS5 to show how exactly the new Unreal Engine will change the future of gaming for both developers and players. After that demo video, Tim Sweeny, the CEO of Epic Games, said, “the storage architecture on the PS5 is far ahead of anything you can buy on any PC.”

Following this statement, many people came up with their stats of what storage PS5 will provide as compared to what PCs already have. But Tim Sweeney did not fall short of words. He correctly explained to those people what he meant and how they are taking his statement in a different direction. 

Tim Sweeney Explains

Tim Sweeney

Tim Sweeney explains to people that he did not refer to the theoretical speed, but the actual one. He further added in the explanation that PS5 is capable of transferring and decompressing geometry without the overhead of drive abstraction or CPU decompression. This makes it way faster than any of the PCs available in the market. 

In layman’s language, what Tim Sweeney meant was that Sony’s custom drive makes the overall system of PS5 faster and impressive. This fast speed gives an opportunity to the developers to build games that can run on it. And that development is not yet seen in any of the PC games till now. 

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Tim Sweeney With Sony

If we see things through Sony’s eyes, the brand claims that the upcoming PS5 will make load times reach near to non-existent. The device will also change things for developers as they will get a new approach to their work. However, Tim Sweeny’s statement did not mean that he supported Sony in any way, or he is degrading the other consoles for that reason.

Instead, his statement is based on the recent work that they have done with Sony. Epic Games’ developers, including Sweeney himself, have been using the PS5 consoles from the last few months. That is the reason why Epic announced its Unreal Engine 5 with the platform of upcoming PS5. The two companies have been trying to create a new-gen platform for all the developers so that they can create games that have never been seen by anyone. 

PS4 vs. Xbox vs. PC

Tim Sweeney

People who play games regularly know how different gaming platforms make a difference for them. It is seen in the previous few years, that most people who buy gaming consoles instead of PCs prefer going with PlayStation. The reason for it is the great controller and slightly better configs of PS. 

However, there is no particular console that outclasses all other devices. Each of the gaming platforms has its own benefits, and a person can select one according to their needs and preferences. But that does not mean the war between these three will end anytime soon. People can expect to see some new wars coming up as both Xbox and PlayStation are launching their new devices later this year. 


The controversy created by the statement of Tim Sweeney was nothing but a misunderstanding. He meant to tell people that the PS5 setup will prove to be a better platform to support new-gen games, and people took it otherwise. Also, this statement has pointed out a general problem that PCs might be facing. So this has given an excellent opportunity to the PC developers out there to come up with something innovative to raise the bar of PC gaming


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