Convert PDF to Word MAC Free Online Using Free Online Converters

Convert PDF to Word MAC Free Online

Often, the higher authorities would share the PDF document and request you to make the changes in the same file. So, how is it possible to make changes in the PDF file? When you are racking the head, the first thing pops-up in the PDFs to word converter tools. Then you immediately start looking for the best PDF to word conversion tools online. However, you do not have to take any hassle of wasting your time in the search. Therefore, we have listed out the top 10 tools to convert PDF to word MAC free online and window systems:

Top 5 PDF to convert PDF to word MAC free online

PDFelement Pro for MAC

PDFelement Pro for MAC is the best PDF converter with two different features that allow you to edit the content in the PDF directly. Also, it can, at the same time, convert the PDF to a Word document. Many converters will not retain the word template. Therefore, when you convert PDF to word online, the formatting gets completing distributed. Besides, this happens with many converters.

The documentation teams would prefer the PDFelement converter for MAC. It is because it enables you to convert the document while keeping the layout intact. Moreover, even if you get the scanned PDF, it becomes easier for you to convert this to a word document. However, you can only do it with the OCR feature’s help. On the other hand, you can convert multiple PDF files into a word document at one go. It saves you time and helps you get rid of the monotonous tasks. Moreover, you can use this tool even as a PDF editor to make modifications in the PDF file.


  • The layout of the PDF is kept intact
  • OCR feature
  • Easy to edit the PDF files
  • Quick to convert PDF to word documents
  • Can convert multiple PDF files into word documents
  • Easy to use interface


No cons.

Acrobat for Macintosh

It is yet another tool that enables you to convert PDF to word online on your MAC systems. Moreover, with the available features, you can convert PDF with just a few clicks of your mouse.

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  • Convert PDF to word and vice-versa
  • Even the paper documents are easy to convert to PDF
  • Can edit the content in the PDFs


Takes a lot of time for the software to run

Enolsoft PDF to Text for Mac

Enolsoft PDF to Text for MAC has a rich interface that makes it simple for you to convert PDF to editable word effortlessly and in an instant. Besides, the software will use the OCR feature to transform even the scanned copies of the PDF files. Therefore, even the PDFs that are protected are more accessible for you to edit.


  • Has OCR feature
  • Excellent performance
  • convert batch PDF files into word documents


  • Cannot edit the PDF files
  • No preview option is available

Nuance PDF Converter for Mac

Nuance PDF Converter for Mac is a powerful tool to convert PDF to editable word. Besides, the robust features in the device would let you convert the files with high accuracy.


  • Convert iWork to the Word files
  • Has OCR feature
  • Easy to edit the PDF files


No innovative editing features are available

DeskUNPDF for Mac

DeskUNPDF is simple to use Google PDF to word converter. Moreover, it is preferred by many companies and individuals to convert PDF files into various formats, especially while working on MAC systems. Besides, the software preserves the original layout of the PDF.


  • Easy to convert PDF to excel, word, PowerPoint, and so on
  • OCR features are available
  • Simple to convert the PDF files into word documents at one go
  • Easy to convert the PDF documents to plain text documents


  • Format of the document would be strange

Top 5 PDF to Word converters for Windows apart from convert PDF to word MAC free online.

PDFelement Pro for Windows

PDFelement Pro is the best editor that is available for the Windows platform. Moreover, you can have this on your system if you have to Google PDF to word converter frequently. Therefore, it does the job of converting the documents from one format to another a breeze. The best thing is that you can also edit the content in the PDF. Also, you can alter the scanned PDF files into word documents with the help of the OCR feature.


  • Easy to convert the scanned PDF files
  • Convert the PDFs with 100 pages in an instant
  • Batch conversion feature can convert the 200 pages PDF file at one go
  • Retains the layout of the document despite converting in various formats
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PDFMate PDF Converter

PDFMate PDF Converter is power-packed with many features that allow you to convert PDF file to word document. You can also do the batch conversion. Besides, this Word to PDF online converter – 100% free. Therefore, no more burning holes in the pockets.


  • Convert even the PDF files that are encrypted
  • Batch conversion is possible


  • Advanced options are difficult to understand
  • No chance to stop or pause the conversion process

Nemo PDF to Word

Nemo PDF to Word enables you to convert the PDF files to different document formats, not just words. Moreover, It is a quick way to convert the files. Also, the best thing is that this Word to PDF online converter – 100% free.


  • Accurately convert PDF to excel
  • simple to use


  • Cannot convert the scanned PDF files

SmartSoft Free PDF to Word Converter

With SmartSoft Free PDF, you can easily convert the PDF files to MS word copies. Moreover, it is an ideal easy convert PDF to word option that you can use for personal and office purposes. Besides, the converter comes free of cost.


  • The interface is rich and user-friendly
  • Free of cost
  • Retains the layout of the source PDF files


  • It is not possible to do batch conversion

Hello PDF

Hello, PDF is an easy convert PDF to word files. Moreover, the outstanding features make the process of document conversion a breeze. Therefore, you do not have to pay a penny to use this software.


  • The output generation is accurate.
  • Free
  • Amazing features.


  • Cannot do batch conversion of PDF files

The above-listed converters are best for you to convert PDF files to word documents. So, you can pick a PDF converter based on the OS you are using and as per your requirements. Undeniably, a word document is the best way to edit the content and use PDF to view and share the documents with the stakeholders. Moreover, you can have the source file in the Word format and share the file copy of your work in PDF format.

In case you got the document in PDF format wherein you have to make the changes, the first thing you have to do is convert PDF to word mac free online and incorporate the suggested edits. Subsequently, convert the word document to PDF. This enables you to create the best PDF file.

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