Cool Things To Learn From Online Vids  


With so many people working from home, we have seen big rise in the number of people online during the day. This is something which they may not be able to do in the office, but at home there is nobody to watch you browse. There is of course nothing wrong with this, and using the web to distract you whilst you take a break from work is a great idea. Instead of just scrolling and scrolling through social media pages however, you can put that time to good use by watching video tutorials, and here are some cool things which you could learn. 

Poker Pro

If you love playing poker online then you can benefit from watching some online tutorials which will help you to win more hands. Even the best online casino will have players who you can beat, which is why you should’t be discouraged if you have lost a few times. Watching an online tutorial can help you to become a master when it comes to playing, and this will seriously increase your chances of winning more hands, and having more fun as a result. 

Musical Instrument

Learning a new instrument from books is easy for some, but not so easy for others. A great way for you to pick up new songs on a guitar, learn chords on a violin or play the flute like a pro, is to follow video tutorials online. These men and women that post the videos understand what it is like for a beginner, and they will talk you through learning in an easy, step by step way. 

New Language

In a recent poll by a lifestyle magazine, over 60% of those asked said that they would love to be able to speak a new language. Again this is something which is much easier to do with video tutorials, as opposed to books and audio recordings. These tutorials will start off in a simple way, teaching you the very basics of the language before you move up the levels. With just 30 minutes of practice per day you will soon find that you have a good grasp of the basics of a brand new language, which will give you a good foundation to start from.

Business Skills

If you have dreams of one day owning your own business then you can use some downtime during your day to get your head around the basics of doing so. Naturally you are not going to learn how to change the world with a few tutorial videos, but you can really get your head around simple business principles which you will need. There are so many people doing business 101 videos and they often base the lessons on their own experience. If you are going to spend some time online, then why not look to add skills which can help you crush it when you do start a new business?

These are just some of the lessons which you can learn when you start watching online tutorials. 


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