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Do you want to create crush memes and send them to your crush? You may want it to get your conversation with your crush started. Or you might be running a social media page where you want to share such memes to earn more youngsters as followers and become a social media influencer by influencing your targeted audience. Instead of sending a text like I would like to talk to you, you can use this funny and unique way to know your crush’s intentions towards you, or you can make them fall in love with your conversation and stick to it.

For Memes Lover:

If you are one of the memes lovers, you will love using memes for crush and making it your love language. By sending a few memes like this, you can get to show your humor, wit, flirtation, and playfulness. Of course, there will be no rush over to a thesaurus. Most meme designers prefer creating crush memes instead of sending their crushes texts and images.

Why Should You Prefer Memes For Your Crush?

You will agree that memes are superior and easier choices to start communication. But it doesn’t mean that you will plop any old memes to your special one and can hope to have a better conversation. Therefore, while sharing such memes, you must ensure you can be proud of yourself and be confident that you have shared fresh, funny, and naughty memes with your crush.

Be Loaded With Best Possible Memes For Crush:

To help you with that, we have given several best memes ideas that you can use to send your crush. Create the memes from them with simple images you can found on the internet and try flirting with your crush and see how that person will react to your meme. 

Don’t Forget This:

You must know that all memes you send your crush should not express your love towards your special one. All of your memes can not be a declaration about how that person is your special one. Most of the time, you can throw some memes to let them know about your day. Also, send how you are spending it. It will be the booster of your conversation and will take your talks to the next level. It means you have to balance between usual and funny memes and crush memes.

Tips To Be More Flirty And Expressive With Crush Memes:

  • Impress your crush with your consistency by sending at least one funny and love meme a day. It will be a starter to express your love. 
  • You have to choose memes that let them know something better is coming their way, and of course, it is you. 
  • You always have to express yourself the way you are. It means your memes should not fake yourself but have to remind them how you are. 
  • You can prepare them for your type and let them know your originality through the memes you send.
  • You can express your inner academics and ethics. 
  • Sometimes, you can share some texts like it could be the future pic. You have to observe how they behave on your memes, what they like and dislike. It’s best to send memes accordingly, but still, memes should be your type. 

When Should You Send Memes To Your Crush?

  • They have asked for help or advice. And you want to encourage this move, send a funny and naughty meme. 
  • If you wish to show your duality, send crush memes.
  • If you want to express you are happy with them, compared to your ex, send memes. 
  • If you want to let them know they helped you move on from your ex, send memes. 
  • If you want your crush to understand what you mean when you say you want them to close, send memes to them. 
  • If you wish to make some essential boundaries, let them know from your memes.
  • If you have mistakenly sent awful or irrelevant texts or images, you can use funny memes to show your mistakes.  
  • If you think it’s getting late, and you are taking time to express your love, you have to start sending memes to make them know before you tell them.

Memes That Covers Special Messages:

  • You can use some memes having texts like Let Me Be Your Drake. It will be easy, but it plays with your crush’s mind. 
  • Some memes are too funny, love expressing, and naughty with the texts like This Could Be Us!
  • You can use some memes with Subtitle Hints to hint at your crush.
  • If you want them to know how your day has been spent so badly without them, send memes with text like A Day Without You! (The image has to show the worst day and sad feelings).
  • Send memes with cute animals together and be happy.

Here Are Most Hilarious Crush Memes Ideas:

Once you get a crush on someone, it’s too hard to let them know, but everyone knows that you can not hide your feelings when you see them. And of course, crushes can guess about your feelings, but it is you who have to make them know. These meme ideas will sum up how exactly it feels when someone has a crush on another person. These meme ideas will help you express all types of feelings you may have for your crush. Most people have thousands of feelings and thoughts running in their heads when they see their crushes and come to know they don’t have control over themselves. It happens with those who have strong feelings for someone special. 

Crush Memes You Can Create Or Relate:

Your Crush Is Flirting With Someone Else:

How can it happen? What is even special or usual about that person? Or, does that person not even have ideas about my love? These questions can ruin your day. Take a baby’s angry face image and write one of these questions. Select rude images.

Once You Know Your Crush Is Gonna Be In Your Class:

Select an image of a boy offering a girl seat. And write down that it is all yours, not taken by anyone. If someone calls this place occupied, I will deal with them (smiley and naughty emoji is a must).

Crush Has Posted Hot Pics On Instagram Or Facebook:

Take screenshots of their pics and edit with your naughty and loving mind to make your friends jealous with the texts like ugh. Why God, why? Why is that person so hot and cool? I wish I am the only one lucky to have that person.

Your Crush Walks Down The Hall With Somebody:

An angry and upset image is better to edit here when you see your crush with someone. Write texts like who is That Person? That person must have to be a sibling, cousin, or just a friend. God, I know, that is not that person’s partner.

Crush Needs Working Partner In Lab:

Select an image that has several people stopping one person from doing anything or entering anywhere. Write down funny texts as I WILL VOLUNTEER, I’m the partner for that person, and I’ve got the tasks almost done. It shows you look forward to being with that person and are ready to help them somehow.

Crush Passes By You:

When you see your crush passing by you, your brain feels like you can’t walk straight and can’t act like a usual person. Select an image that has a frozen something or someone with a strange expression.

Crush Has Sit Next To You:

How about thinking like this? Have you ever imagined it has happened to you? Tonight may be making you too excited. Select one image of two people sitting, and one is shockingly and excitingly looking as HIS friend or HER friend. Write down texts like OMG, OMG, is that person looking at me?

Don’t You Want To Text Back?

Has your crush texted you back? Isn’t that so loving and exciting? You might be trying to stop texting back your crush to look desperate. Try downloading some images with something or someone is struggling in doing something. Write texts accordingly and send this crush meme to your crush.

Know This Before Using Crush Memes:

If you are a creator of memes for crush and will use them to post on your social pages, you can be somewhat more naughty, but don’t be so quick while sending naughty memes to your crush. You must be ready for the consequences and things that can happen when you send them more naughty memes. Your crush might have misconceptions about you. 

Wrapping Up:

Have you ever had a crush on someone? You must have tried to express your feelings and emotions about that person. But you might not have the correct timing and location where you can make them know. But you can use crush memes and send them to express your love, but always remember to send memes of all types. Only love memes will not work. Your Crush might have to go through awkward moments while facing you.


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