Customize Your iPhone For Better Functioning


Smartphones have simply changed our lives for the better. Whether it is ascertaining any information or making HD calls, smartphones are the smartest invention of all time. The efficiency of smartphones is something that makes them a popular gadget in our lives. The tasks a smartphone alone can do is unparalleled. When the first telephone was invented that was connected with wires, no one would have ever thought that someday smartphones will replace the wires and wireless mobile phones with smarter technology.

Today our lives largely depend on smartphones, and we cannot simply imagine a life without these smart gadgets. Whether it is ascertaining weather reports or making high-quality video calls to people at a different corner of the world, smartphones have placed technology right into our palms. In the hustle-bustle of our daily lives, there are plenty of important elements that need to be managed on a daily basis.

Smartphones take up the job for us by managing tasks that can make our lives simpler. From organizing our tasks to reminding us to complete them, smartphones will accompany everywhere we go. Often considered as a miniature of laptops, smartphones have a lot more advanced features than a laptop. With a smartphone in hand, you can possibly do anything that can be done on a computer or laptop. The benefits of having smartphones are definitely infinite.

There are some big names in the industry that have been dominating the smartphone realm with their unique features and specifications. While Android smartphones are widely available in different brands, you can only work on iOS with Apple iPhone.

iPhone – Brief Overview 

iPhone is a smartphone line launched by Apple Inc. Starting from the first-generation iPhone, all the iPhones have been using Apple’s dedicated iOS mobile operating system. The user interface of the iPhone is amazingly intuitive with its multi-touch screen and virtual keyboards. Over the years, the iPhone has launched several upgraded versions of smartphones. The latest addition to the iPhone line of smartphones was iPhone 11 launched on September 20, 2019.

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iPhone 11 series of smartphones became the talk of the town for its upgraded camera, display and performance. With iPhone 11, the company has promised to add just the right amount of everything to it. Whether it is the ultra-wide dual-camera system 6.1” Liquid Retina HD display, everything about iPhone 11 is unique and worth the investment. iPhone 11 has two variants, iPhone 11 S and iPhone 11 Pro that varies in their specifications and features.

Though the iPhone 11 is beguiling and powerful in its sense, have you ever thought of iPhone tips and tricks to customize your iPhone to make the trending smartphone even better looking and functioning. Do you know how to customize your iPhone?

Take a look at the below guide to customize your iPhone 11.

Hide The Notch

Now that every other smartphone is going notch-less, iPhone remained under controversy for bringing notches in the modern iPhones. There’s no doubt in asserting that Apple iPhones are a stickler to their face ID cutout, it is almost impossible to imagine the iPhone without a notch. But, you can hide these notches by turning it off from the settings to give a sleek look to your screen.

Disable Parallax Effect

By default, Apple adds a parallax effect to the wallpaper that makes it move differently from other objects on the screen that often distracts the users. You can simply disable the parallax effect by choosing “still” wallpaper rather than “perspective”.

See Weather When You Wake Up

Apple is not always been enthusiastic about embracing widgets, the way Android does. With iOS 12, the smartphone lines stepped into the world of widgets by bringing on-screen widgets for the first time. You can add weather reports on your widget so that you can check the weather right when you wake up.

Disable USB Accessories Lock

With its iOS 11.4.1, Apple introduced a rather disturbing feature of locking USB accessories. One hour after you lock the phone, the feature automatically blocks all the USB accessories making you unblock each and every USD device connected to your phone. It often becomes annoying to do the steps repetitively. You can simply disable the feature of USB accessories lock to avoid the mess.

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Turn off two Minute Expiration Time 

Apple treats its audio messages like Snapchat or Instagram story; once you tap and listen, they are gone forever. There might be some important audio that would need to listen again and again, and iPhone makes it difficult for the users with its two-minute expiration of audio. To stop this frustrating feature, you would need to turn off the two-minute expiry of audio messages from settings.

Turn off Required Attention on Face ID

It is a default feature on Apple iPhones that offer better security while unlocking the phone. The feature checks eye recognition whenever you try to unlock the phone with Face ID. Turning it off will make the unlocking a lot easier as you would have to stay less focused on the screen to unlock the phone. Though the feature extends superior security, at times, it can become frustrating.

iPhone is the Rolex of the smartphone world. People are ready to invest their hard-earned money on the impeccable features offered by an Apple smartphone. The current addition to the Apple iPhone line is the iPhone 11 series known for its “better than the rest” specifications.

iPhone bas now become the style icon because “if you don’t have an iPhone then you don’t have an iPhone”. The cherry on the cake is that customizing your iPhone makes it even better. The functioning is improved and all the unnecessary things get cleaned up.

The above mentioned was a guide to customize your iPhone 11 and make it even more exciting and amazing to use. Take notes of the tips and try it on your iPhone today. For any questions that you have related to customizing your iPhone or any other suggestions that would help the other iPhone users to customize their phones, just leave your comments in the comment box and we would love to hear from you.


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