Cyber Security News – Importance, Threats, Career Possibilities

cyber security news

A cool factor is there with a tech-related job title, especially if it is related to cybersecurity. You would be proud if you are a part of a cybersecurity team. You may hear a lot about cybersecurity news, but do not what it is.

When it comes to cybersecurity, many people related it with international spies who regularly hack government networks. Cybersecurity is an important part of the technology industry. It mainly focuses on the safety of networks, computers, digital information, and electronic devices from cyber attacks. Nowadays, cybersecurity is a serious issue that affects millions of people throughout the world.

No matter how you define this evolving technology, Cybersecurity plays an important role in a modern digital society. Many organizations, be it small or big, rely on professionals in this field to keep their data and users safe from cyber attacks.

Importance of cyber security news

The internet and the technology habits of users have changed considerably for the last five years. Professionals in the sphere of cybersecurity need to be more careful about cybercrimes and know how to prevent them. Both the security experts and cybercriminals use automated complex tools that make these cybersecurity professionals work hard.

There are many cyber security news sites that help professionals in this sphere with insight and expert guidance. Their main aim is to provide timely news with in-depth features. The highly experienced teams in these news websites create product reviews. Such news and reviews help top-level cybersecurity professionals.

Know about cyber security

You may hear about cybersecurity many times but often find difficult to pin down its real meaning. I consist not only of several defensive measures but procedures and systems as well. It is a period when cyberattacks are very common. Earlier, it was a problem only for techies, but now everybody started facing this risk.

Many big organizations view it as a responsibility of their IT department. Cybersecurity is an important risk that nobody can afford to avoid. Data breaches and hacks affect even very small firms these days. Such incidents are enough to make headlines, causing damage to the reputation of the companies where hacking involved.

Cyber attacks are more and more prevalent these days as it is a technologically-advanced world. The world has changed a lot of technologically, especially for the last five years. If you take a look at the cyber security news 2019, you can realize that. You can understand the changes if you take a look at the increase in cloud services.

Motivations behind cyber attacks

More and more people started to depend on technology to interconnected these days. Cybersecurity and cyber attacks related to technology. Criminal activity is the prime reason for cybercrime, be it by gangsters or states. Most of the hackers do such crimes for money. But it is not the reason always.

From terrorist organizations to naughty teenagers perform cyber attacks. However, if you do not reveal the crime, nobody knows such cyber security news. The main types of cyber attack are:

  • For attacking the confidentiality of targets
  • To prevent a target from access his or her systems or data
  • For attacking the integrity of the target

The widespread use of technology is an important reason for the rise in cybercrimes. The possibilities for such crimes increased considerably for hackers. Since many websites provide news related to cybersecurity, it is easy to check the status of the crimes. The huge rise in cyber attacks surprise people and many of them understand the importance of cybersecurity.

Top cyber security threats

Some of the cyber threats make the industry of information security on high alert. All the latest cyber-attacks involve cryptocurrency, machine learning, artificial intelligence, malware, and phishing. Such attacks are a threat to the data and assets of governments, corporations, and even individuals.

Risks related to cybersecurity are getting higher than ever. The main reason is the lack of efficient and expert professionals in this field. Cybersecurity experts and professionals are in shortage make the industry suffering a lot.

If you check the latest cybersecurity news, you must have an idea about the latest trends and threats of cybersecurity threats. The most important threats and trends include:

  • Phishing attacks
  • Ransomeware attacks
  • Cryptojacking
  • Cyber-Physical Attacks
  • State-Sponsored Attacks
  • IoT Attacks
  • Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) and Smart Medical Devices (SMD)
  • Third Parties like Vendors, Contractors, Partners

Professionals who make cyber security news

Most of the creators of the daily cybersecurity news are professionals with deep knowledge about cybersecurity. They even know how to handle the numerous challenges related to information security.

You must have a deep understanding of cybersecurity and efficient to make strategies to protect a firm from cyber attack. Most popular newsmakers on cybersecurity know how to deliver news related to this topic. The efficient news-making company delivers all information in different forms.

You must know how to make comprehensive analysis, create breaking news related to information security and cutting-edge features. Most popular websites on this subject provide all the information on cybersecurity and help to protect various organizations from cyber attacks. By reading that news helps to understand the latest trends of cybercriminals and save businesses and make it successful.

Must-read cyber security blogs

Professionals in the sphere of cybersecurity or those who plan a career in it need to stay up to date about the latest news on it. They must get an idea about the latest advancements and trends happening in the field of cybersecurity. Some of the must-read blogs on cybersecurity news include:

Daniel Miessler @DanielMiessler

People who desire to get an idea about the latest updates on cybersecurity must read the blogs of Daniel Miessler. He is not only an expert in cybersecurity but also a writer and consultant in this field. He offers newsletters, podcasts, amazing articles, and essays.

Graham Cluley @gcluley

His blogs are a leading source of information on information security for thousands of professionals throughout the world. An expert in cybersecurity, Graham Cluley handled high positions in several prominent IT companies like McAfee and Sofos. He follows an openly accessible blog to give information on cybersecurity.

IT Security Guru @IT_SecGuru

Read the blogs of IT Security Guru if you would like to high-impact and unique content on cybersecurity. You can read breaking news in the industry of cybersecurity in this blog. They offer not only articles, webinars, and videos, but also conduct case studies and analysis on the subject.

Even IT Security Guru has a separate section to report the latest scams on IT security. Read this blog to get an idea about the recent hacks. Get the latest cyber security news through their blogs.

Other popular must-read blogs on cyber security

You can also browse some other popular blogs to get an idea about the latest cybercrimes. Some of them to get cyber security news 2019 are:

  • The Hacker News   @TheHackersNews
  • CSO Online @CSOonline
  • Infosecurity Magazine   @InfosecurityMag
  • The State of Security –Tripwire  @TripwireInc.

How to get a career in Cyber security

In order to be an expert in cybersecurity and create the latest updates, you must have a deep understanding of the topic. As a creator of news related to IT security, you need to make articles, news videos, feature reports and many more. You also report the latest cyber-attacks and how it affects the life of people.

A person cannot report news related to cybersecurity without a deep understanding of the subject. As a reporter, you need to get engage with readers to discuss how such cyber attacks matter them. A cyber degree will help you to land a job with a high salary. It also helps you to understand the cyber attacks and create news about it and make strategies to stop them.

Governments, organizations, and people are aware of the increasing cyber threats. To prevent such attacks, universities and colleges started to create many good education programs in cybersecurity. You can check the different graduation programs started on this topic.

Some of the popular cyber security attacks and vulnerabilities that are in the news. Reading cyber security news is always interesting for both professionals and hackers. Hackers use different methods of information attack. Professionals in this field cannot take measures to prevent them without knowing those methods.

Popular methods for cyber attack

Find out the common ways of cyber attack:

Denial of service attacks

Denial of Service (DOS) is a very common method of the cyber attack on availability. In this type of attack, the hackers cripple a system by overloading it with different requests. It can relatively easy to prevent by using a firewall to offend the IP address.

But if the attack is a distributed denial of service, then it is difficult to defend. Several ‘zombie machines’ use, in this case, to flood your server with the request.

Backdoor Vulnerabilities

A user gets access or bypasses normal control for authentication only after exploiting the backdoor vulnerabilities.  A poor configuration of the website can lead to a backdoor or simply design it. However, it can expose any system once it discovered and can exploit.


Malware means malicious software, which is a harmful program that can affect the computer or network of a user. Different types of malware are there, which can install in several ways. Corrupted USB disks, phishing emails, and backdoor hacking are some of the common methods to install it. Popular malware forms are:

  • Viruses
  • Spyware
  • Ransomware
  • Trojan Horses
  • Worms
  • Direct access attacks

Another vulnerability method is getting physical access to the computer of a user by stealing information. Cybercriminals gain access to your system and tamper it using your personal information. A good hacker can get access to your system through a CD-ROM booted tool. They also install another operating system on the computer to gain access.

Keep up with the latest news

Know cybersecurity news helps you to know the latest trends used by cybercriminals for hacking. The cybersecurity world is continuously evolving. So, you need to be more conscious about such incidents and keep with the latest updates to avoid risk related to your organization.

Cybercrime is a threat to society for many reasons. Since is more dangerous for the last decade, many people are not aware of its importance. Even if it a common subject in many news, people do not dare to take proper preventive measures against it.

You must read all the latest news on cybersecurity and keen to avoid a victim of that. Cybersecurity is a high priority for big organizations and the government sector. But many small businesses and individuals also realized its importance.

Many organizations can manage the cost of the breaches of cybersecurity. At the same time, it can spoil the reputation of an established business or lose the confidence of a customer. The consequences of cyber attacks cannot be predictable and beware of it.

As a user, you must get an idea about the latest threats of cybersecurity by reading related articles. Some of the popular websites that you can consider reading articles related to cybersecurity includes:

  • Wombat Security
  • Akamai Blog
  • McAfee Antivirus
  • Naked Security
  • Shodan
  • NoMoreRansom

Final thoughts

Organizations from all across the globe face the problem of cybersecurity threats. Potential targets of hackers are mainly government entities and all types of businesses irrespective of their size. The government sector always takes enough measures to prevent cybersecurity. But many small organizations do not security as a simple one-time deal.

If you read cyber security news, you will understand that this is not a one-time issue, but an on-going one. The world of information security is evolving continuously. If you put several security measures into place, hackers fund different new ways to do cyber crimes.

You must be aware of the most popular cyber security news sites if you would like to know about cybercriminals. They report everything about cybersecurity, be it breach, threat, or vulnerability. It may help you to prevent your organization from hacking.


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