First-Time Pet Parents Challenged By Australian Shepherd’s Temperament

Dangerous dog breeds

If you love animals and decide it’s time to adopt one, there are certain breeds you want to avoid without previous pet experience. One of those is the Australian Shepherd. The pup is one that you need to be prepared to commit considerable time to for physical and mental stimulation at a more significant degree than you would with other breeds. 

It is recommended that if you want your dog to be relatively happy, you have a house rather than an apartment with a decent yard. It is pretty easy for these dogs to train, but more advanced knowledge is needed because they are intelligent animals. additionally, make sure your pet goes to the vet often to ensure it is in good health; for more information, visit Bivvy‘s website.

With a first pet, it’s wise to choose a puppy that’s easier to work with. If you’re merely impressed by the look of the Aussie, the home won’t prove to be a proper fit for the dog. If you have a passion for the breed, you’re bound to put in the amount of effort it will take to educate on meeting his needs, and the two of you will be meant for each other. Find various detailed facts related to this breed at .

Will You Be Challenged By The Temperament Of An Aussie As A First Pet?

Dogs are incredible, intelligent pets that make life enjoyable. Choosing your first pet is exciting but requires an understanding as to whether your profiles match. An Australian Shepherd has a very distinct personality and requirements that need to be met. 

It takes a special person with a strong commitment to adopt one of the beautiful creatures and, first-time pet parents don’t usually fit that criteria.

Aussie’s are especially demanding but anticipate that you will take the lead. The typical amount of physical and mental stimulation required for the average dog will not satisfy this breed. If you don’t take the time to do your homework on all the characteristics, what you will be responsible for as the caregiver, and analyze how your lifestyle will change, your first dog experience might not be exceptional.

Dangerous dog breeds

  • An Outdoorsy Nature:  The breed is extraordinarily fond of the outdoors. Taking into consideration your lifestyle will determine if you have adequate time (and a fitness level) to keep up with the needs of this dog. He will want to be outside walking, playing, enjoying activities as much as possible.

But you should not adopt a dog of any breed if you intend to chain them outside. While the shepherd thrives in these conditions, he does so with interaction from his pet parent. He should not be on a chain, but instead engaged.

  • Demanding / Spirited Canine: A dog of this nature has an exceptionally spirited temperament. The breed is not one that will want to respond to your commands immediately. They want to try to test your authority, but in the same token, they want you to show your leadership. 

This pup craves his parents to take charge. If he can tell that you’re intimidated, the puppy will be a challenge to control. Training the dog can be quite easy when you are authoritative because the pup is highly intelligent, but you have to be in control, and he has to recognize that.

Though these dogs are excellent students, their sessions are extensive because they have a lot of lessons to be learned. They tend to be agitated, barking excessively and loud. Anyone surrounding you will expect your teaching skills to kick in quickly to eliminate this particular habit.

Adopting a puppy is a massive decision that takes a lot of careful consideration and much time to factor in the aspects that will alter your lifestyle. Pets are basically children that don’t grow. While you develop an incredible bond over time, there is an initial adjustment period that can prove to be rough. It’s vital to understand that before you bring this living, breathing creature into your home. Read anything you could want to know about the Aussie here.

Taking a dog back to a shelter because he doesn’t fit your life after he believes he’s found a home is devastating for that animal. Research the Aussie and try to thoroughly understand, this dog will take a large portion of your time and energy. If you can’t give those things to an animal, don’t get a pet, please.


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