Death Battle Bring A Four-Handed Fight: Goro VS Machamp

Goro VS Machamp

Death Battle is a battle series by Rooster Teeth. In each episode of the series, the death battle brings two different icons of the pit pop culture and makes them fight against each other. As these icons are fictional, it requires extensive research of them to decide which one wins. The channel was initially called ScrewAttack on YouTube. But in early 2019, Rooster Teeth re-branded it to Death Battle as it paired better with the content of the channel. It is presented by two characters named, Wizard and Boomstick. One of the most popular episodes of the series is the one that displayed a fight: Goku VS Superman. The episode also attracted some controversy after the death battle experts calculated that Superman wins the fight. The most recent episode of the series is also quite interesting because it shows a fight between two four-handed icons. While one is from Mortal Kombat, the other one is a famous Pokemon. So, it is interesting to see who wins in the fight: Goro VS Machamp.

Before jumping to the conclusion, here are some details about both the icons of the fight. These details will help in judging better that which one won in Goro VS Machamp and why.


Goro VS Machamp

Let’s first know the Mortal Kombat champion Goro. Since Goro was born as the Draconian Shokans’  prince, he is a natural fighter. He has lived for over 2000 years and has conquered countless provinces. With his strong powers, he also has managed to crush many rebellions. He has got four strong arms. He fought for over 500 years in the Mortal Kombat tournament that was hosted by Shang Tsung. And always remained undefeated.

The first time Goro was led down by another character was when the Earthrealm warrior,  Liu Kang entered into the tournament. As Goro could not handle his defeat, he disappeared. Many assumed that he was dead, but they were stated wrong when he returned later.


Goro possesses two weapons. The first one is Dragon Fangs, which are a gauntlet- like retractable weapons that are extremely sharp. This kind of weapon is used by the people of Shokan. This has been the primary weapon of Goro in all the Mortal Kombat versions.

The second weapon he possesses is a gun. This gun was given to him by Abacus, the god of order, in one of his comics. The gun looks glorious and its power is even more excellent. With the help of this gun, Goro can easily finish the Kombatant in just one shot. But the bad news came when the god of chaos, Zaggot, took the gun from him because he was too scared. So technically, Goro has got just one weapon, that is the Dragon Fangs.

Fatal Abilities

Goro possesses many abilities like Martial Arts, Shokan, Kuatan, Energy Projection, and Pyrokinesis. There are many other moves and abilities that Goro uses during his fights. But some of the fatal abilities of Goro that can kill the opponent in one go are:

  • Limb Rip
  • Peek-A-Boo
  • Disconnect Four
  • Dragon Fangs
  • Torn Apart
  • Shokan Amputation
  • Boss Fatality

Let’s see when Goro uses these abilities in the fight: Goro VS Machamp, does he manage to win or not.


Goro VS Machamp

Machamp is a fighter-type pokemon. Fighter-type pokemon are physically stronger than any other type. As everyone knows that pokemon evolve from their small versions to the stronger bigger versions. So, the smaller version of the Machamp line is Machop. Machop is way smaller in size and muscle than Machamp but still, it leads almost all pokemon of its size.

Machop first evolves to a bulky version named Machoke, after which it finally evolves to Machamp. Machamp stands at 1.6 meters and weighs 286.6 lbs. He has got four muscular arms, which is not present in the earlier two versions of the line. They are rarely found in the wild and are usually only good to few.


Machamp has got three ultimate weapons. The first one is the Berries, they carry a different kind of berry for a different purpose. Like the regular berries can be used for HP restoration by 10 and the bitter berries can cure their confusion.

The second weapon is a Focus Band. Usually, when the Machamps are hit by an attack, they tend to faint. But with the focus band, they can avoid this chance of fainting by 10%. The third and most powerful weapon is the Power-Saver Belt. They wear this belt around their waist and have this since the Machoke evolution. The belt is used to restrict their powers so that they don’t end up hurting a weak opponent. When they fight with an extremely powerful opponent, they remove it and become even more powerful.


Machamp is full of abilities and moves. Starting from simple moves like Light Screen and Meditate to complex Gigantimax specialty, Machamp has it all. But when Machamp is in the Gigantimax mode, he can use these extremely powerful moves:

Max Darkness, Max Guard, Max Knuckle and G-Max Chi Strike, Max Wyrmwind, Mak Strike

Let’s see when Machamp uses these abilities in the fight: Goro VS Machamp, does he manage to win or not.

The Fight: Goro VS Machamp

The fight Goro VS Machamp in the latest episode of Death Battle is quite interesting. The fight is not at all one-sided, both the icons are shown to be equally powerful. For a moment when the audience feels that Goro is going to win, Machamp launches another attack and vice versa. While Machamp is continuously saying Machamp (Obviously, because he is a pokemon), Goro keeps on telling him about his extremely impressive accomplishments.

By the ending of the fight, Machamp manages to break one of Goro’s hands. And then Goro too breaks one of Machamp’s hands. But the twist comes when Machamp breaks all of the Goro’s hands and finally breaks his complete body, with which, he wins the match. Then the video shows that Machamp faints due to the fire attack done by Goro, earlier in the fight. This was because he was not wearing the Focus Band.


All the Pokemon and Mortal Kombat fans should definitely watch the match of Goro VS Machamp. Because it is not only interesting, but it showcases most of their abilities and shows the fans how one can defeat the other. One point they can notice in the fight is that, even when the opponent was tough, Machamp did not remove his Power-Saver Belt. Which means he still was not fighting will his full power. But still, he managed to win and the fight was worth watching. And we are pretty sure that everyone will enjoy the fight


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