10 Different Kinds of Technological Inventions

technology inventions

Imagine how good it would have been if you had smart security along with a smart device. This will help in making the life of the person easier and will also be able to take care of everyone at home quite easily. The technological inventions have helped in bringing many different things into existence. Along with that have a look at the different electronic gadgets that are available in the market.

Bionic Kangaroo

The Bionic Kangaroo is also a kind of technological invention. This is a kind of robot that is developed as well as constructed in the form of Kangaroo. It is made by taking the help of bionics, biomimetics and also kinematics. The engineers first studied the way how the kangaroo walk and move their body parts and then with the help of the technology they are successful in designing a robot which looks like a kangaroo. This will move in a similar way just like a kangaroo.

Archont E60

technology inventions

An E-bike who is also a kind of technological inventions whose actual name is ArchontE60. By looking at the designing structure, a rider will be able to determine the comfort that it will provide will riding in the traffic. This cycle is 3 meters long and each piece of this bicycle is different and unique.


Bug-a-salt is a different kind of technological invention which is like a plastic gun. This gun sprays table salt like you use shotgun. It is having a conical spread pattern. It was invented so that the gun can be used to kill the houseflies from a long distance. This can be done without creating a mess. When it was first invented a lot of guns were sold in quite less time.

3Doodler 2.0

The 3Doodler 2.0 is one kind of technological inventions which is the first as well as the best 3D printing pen. The pen is quite easy to use by anybody. It also helps in extruding heated plastic that cools quite quickly making it stable and also strong structure. With the 3Doodler 2.0, you will be able to make different things.

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These technological inventions are attached to your smartwatch which helps in telling about the uncertain situations that is going in the kitchen which is harmful to the family when you are out for morning walk. This gadget helps in connecting a lot of multiple devices that are there in your house. You not only can control your smart TV but also anything that can be controlled with your smartphone or smartwatch while at the office.


In case if your child is out with the bicycle then to track it about your child this technological invention will definitely help you out. Sometimes even if your child is having a phone, he or she might forget to receive the phone. So that is why you can simply keep the device below the seat and this is not going to take extra space as well. It will not be visible to anyone else. Nobody will know that the bicycle is having a GPS system placed in it. In this way, you will be able to find out the exact location of your child. In case if the bicycle gets stolen then it will be easier for you to find the person as well as the bicycle who has taken it.

Tesvor Robot Vacuum X500

technology inventions

If you are frustrated with your servant then you should definitely opt for technological invention. This vacuum cleaner is the best thing for those people who find it difficult to clean the house. It will move to its stand by itself and get charged. Once if you just tell it to clean then it will come out of the charging station and will start the cleaning process. It also has a Google Alexa control system in it. This cleaning device helps in cleaning the place quite easily by simply moving in the ground. It cleans the borders and all other places where you are not able to clean properly. It also helps in cleaning the place that is behind the bed or the sofa which is usually difficult for a person.

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It is also one type of various technological inventions which an automatic security device of your whole house. This gadget is an advanced security gadget that can help in the motion-detecting rotation, at the door identification; voice recognition also helps in keeping a 360-degree view. The camera of the device helps in capturing all the activities. By standing in the stand only it will be able to detect the unnecessary activities. The gadgets are also capable of getting connected to the smartphone easily. You can place the device in all the corners of the house. And by doing this you will increase the safety of the house as well.

Presence 360

In case you are having a traditional camera installed in your house or have a camera in all the corners of the house, then you know the difficulties that you can face. It will give you a view from one side only. And, the main problem is you are not able to keep a look at your whole house properly. You will keep thinking about your family member who is alone at home. In that case, you can simply install the gadget at home and connect it with the smartphone. Then you will connect the Wi-Fi with the camera so that you will be able to look at all the things that are going at your home. This will move the smartphone that you have connected on the stand and will move the phone 360 degree so that you can have a look at every situation.


The entrance door has all the information about a number of people who have come inside the house and who has gone out. By installing this gadget in the door you will be able to keep a track of who is coming at your place.


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