How to Do Live Video Feeds in UAVs

live video feeds

Unmanned aerial vehicles are taking the world by storm. Places and events that would otherwise be impossible to film can now be filmed to perfection. Think of trying to use a zooming camera or moving to a tall building to catch a crowd. Think of trying to follow a live sporting event using a stationary camera. All these things and many others were hard in the past. Today, a simple drone can change all that. 

Experienced technicians argue that today’s UAVs’ top speeds are up to 15m/s and up to 75kg payload. Such drones have a wide range of applications. As seen on this site, they can capture rapidly changing events such as natural phenomena and human activities. They have even made it possible to stream live video from the UAV directly to an online channel. 

If you are thinking of using your UAV to live stream a video of an event of choice, this will be a useful guide on how to do that. Most of the time, you will need to focus on streaming something valuable. There is no need for streaming something that does not offer value. Here is a guide.

Overcome the Aerial Photography Challenges

You want to stream some quality photos and videos of your work. So, you will need to overcome the apparent challenges of stability of the camera system, the weight of the camera, the data linkage system, and reasonable flight time. Imagine streaming a live event only for the battery to run dry during the climax of the event. It will be a massive disappointment for your fans. 

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Therefore, you need an efficient system that offers reasonable flight time. If the event lasts for an hour, you may have to fit in extra power on it because most UAVs last about half an hour. Camera stability is another critical factor. The drone will oscillate haphazardly, depending on your driving skills. Therefore, you need a skilled driver and the required balance on the camera to allow quality shorts. Motorized 3-axis gimbals usually work to enhance camera system stability.  

Video data, especially video data for quality videos, is significant. You will need a robust data linkage technology fitted into the device and it should support live streaming load requirements. You may also need backup data storage. Data storage could enhance quality.

Ensure That the RTMP Protocol is Enabled

Currently, it is the only state of the art technology capable of live-streaming a video from a drone. Before buying the drone, it will be prudent to check if the RTMP protocol is enabled On the device. You will not be able to broadcast without making extensive customizations. You can customize using an LTE device available in the market. 

Install a Live Streaming App

UAV manufacturers who allow live streaming use an app to configure the RTMP to make live streaming possible. You can download and install the app using a USB into the controller. Some will come with the configuration in place. All you have to set are the URL and key parameters—various live streaming platforms such as Facebook support UAV content. Connect the app with the streaming URL destination. Ensure that you have the necessary authorization to stream through the URL. If you are streaming through your website, you need not worry.

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Launch the Drone and Start Streaming

The moment you launch the app, it will start streaming soon afterward. All you have now is to drive the vehicle around to capture excellent videos. You will need reliable internet through the nearest cell tower to stream the video without affecting its quality. That is why it is prudent to save the footage into an SD card even when you are streaming it. You should choose the quality that will be easy to stream. HD videos require a stable LTE bandwidth. If you don’t have such a level of connectivity, you will be better off changing to a lower quality video.

 Drone and Start Streaming

Not every place can be filmed. Ensure that you know all those areas that you are not allowed to shoot. Also, be careful not to infringe on copyrights. Big and promoted events have copyrights related to streaming content. You cannot, therefore, stream such events. Even some local events might contain copyrighted and protected content. Always ask before doing it. If you are having fun with friends and family, you can stream the event if everyone agrees. 

Great content will have a significant impact; and by picking the right drone services around the Bay Area, it can also sell your skills to customers who may need live coverage services for events such as baby reveals, weddings, parties, and other things.

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