Do’s And Don’ts Of Advertising During COVID-19

advertising during COVID-19

The effects of COVID-19 pandemic have greatly affected many nations across the globe. Customers are looking for the best practices in marketing and advertising during these tough times. This is because, individuals have become uncertain about how to advertise both effectively and sensitively during these hard times.

When you are thinking of advertising during COVID-19, you need to take the right steps and use proper methods, so that you can succeed in the time of crisis. Through a recent study, 48% of the individuals have claimed that the most effective advertisement has shown how a company’s services and products can be used for battling the coronavirus spread.

Things you need to keep in mind when advertising during the pandemic

advertising during COVID-19

If you want to reach out to your audience by advertising during COVID-19, then you need to produce engaging advertising content. Through recent research it has come to light that, advertisements based on participatory activities and topics like questionnaires, games, and voting are currently receiving much more attention in this pandemic. These topics and activities are further shared online and along with that, the subscription-based home education applications are also experiencing massive growth. Before launching an advertisement campaign, you need to research the market well, and learn about the success and failures of the competitors and try revisiting the user’s profiles.

The Do’s and Don’ts of advertising during coronavirus pandemic

There are several do’s and don’ts that you need to put under your consideration when you are determined to do some advertising during COVID-19, as it will help you take the right step. Each of the dos and don’ts will provide you with information on how to advertise effectively during the pandemic. Given below are several of the dos and don’ts.

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The Do’s

Given below are the things you need to do if you wish to advertise during the coronavirus pandemic. Take a look!

1. Be authentic:

Authenticity is considered to be important as it will help in building powerful connections with your clients and customers. When you are authentic, it will help in putting your brand with a conversation with your customers as well. To excel during these hard times, you need to transform yourself into an advertiser who remains true to the brand and its values. A recent survey has proven that 64% of the consumers want the brands or businesses to remain true to their messaging and values. It can be a little tough when advertising during COVID-19, but if you can target the right set of customers, things become a little easier for you.

2. Try revisiting your creations:

You need to learn, watch, and listen. If you do so, it will enable you to continuously update the creative messaging so that you meet all the demands of the market that is constantly changing. These days, many well-known and top-notch brands have also become agile when making all the important changes to their messaging and creative. The universally popular company Ford, have pulled down their advertisements and replaced them by advertising during COVID-19 about their payment relief program. This reminded all the customers that the company responded about the past destructions.

3. Inspect the segmentation to inform new messaging and strategies:

During such tough times, customer attunement has become the best practice. If you have an audience that is broad, then you need to think how you can segment based on psychographics or site behaviors, so that you can convey the right message to the right person. You need to monitor web analytics and make a note of the shifts in the customer’s behavior. If you take the help of the third-party segments, it will also work well, and there many data partners, which you can access through a particular platform and build new segments during this time of crisis.

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The Don’ts

advertising during COVID-19

Given below are some of the things that you should not do, when you want to do some advertising during COVID-19 pandemic. Check below!

1. The audience will not consume your content like they normally do:

The standard media patterns have changed greatly as the live sports have been canceled, the extensive work-from-home policies have increased, along with box office closures. But you have the chance to access all these shifts and reach out to your audience with no issues. You can target your audience by providing them with content that they wish to see during such tough times.

2. Don’t restrict the advertising placements:

During such tough times, many companies and brands are restricting their ads almost entirely on all the contents that are related to COVID-19. COVID-19 has accumulated an unparalleled amount of coverage and substantial mind share and targeting advertisements on this particular content will lead to incompetence to connect with your audience. When you think of advertising during COVID-19, and create ad copies that center on this issue, customers can get a little dejected, well, at least to some extent. People might not want to see and read about all the negative aspects all the time.

3. Do not share things that can induce panic:

A recent study has provided evidence that about 70% of the consumers believe that companies or brands should not make use of this particular crisis as a way to promote their products and services. You need to ask yourself questions like whether or not the content you have published is insensitive or does the ad you have posted will induce panic or not. If you are not sure of what you should do, then it will be better to get some feedback from your customers. Once you take the views from your customers, it will be easier for you to publish ads that are not insensitive to the public during these tough times.

Last note

The dos and don’ts that are provided in this document will help you learn and understand the ways of taking the right step and make the best decisions for advertising during COVID-19. COVID-19 has caused harm to many businesses and even caused companies to shut down as well. But the information that is provided in this particular document will definitely help you through your advertising strategy and help you become successful.


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