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Most people may have experienced this; you spend your day shopping for the ideal accessories to aid in updating your style and locate the cutest earring only to find that your earlobes are turning sore and red after wearing them. Having sensitive ears does make it a bit difficult for people to shop for good jewellery since most jewellery is made with a mix of metals that may lead to allergic reactions. Whilst you might not notice any issues when you purchase cocktail rings or elegant necklaces, buying hoops can be tricky. 

Everybody’s ears are different, and so not every pair of earrings that you come across may work for you particularly if you have a specific allergy to that metal. The simple way to gauge a metal sensitivity is by employing a strenuous trial-and-error procedure, however, some materials turn out to be particularly problematic. You just need to pay additional attention to the materials that are utilized in the earrings. If you possess sensitive lobes, it is suggested that you avoid nickel and also be cautious with vermeil and sterling silver. Gold is mostly okay, however, you need to ensure that you choose 24 karat gold whenever possible as it is the gold in its purest form. 

What makes your ears sensitive?

As far as sensitive ears are concerned, a common type of eczema known as contact allergic dermatitis is the wrongdoer. This eczema type is caused by coming into direct contact with an irritant or allergen —in your case, the metal in the earrings that you wear. When your ears are pierced, the inside ear lobes have contact with the metal content in the long earrings, which can turn out to be a source of this particular skin irritation type. Besides, the skin on the earlobes and ears is particularly thin, which makes it particularly susceptible to sensitivity and irritation.

It is to be noted that you may develop this allergy regardless of your age. Developing an unexpected allergy to these metals that are utilized in earrings and various other jewellery is extremely common, even following constant exposure. So if you find that your favourite earring is causing you some uneasiness all of a sudden, it is quite common.

How to choose earrings for sensitive ears?

Fortunately, there are numerous quality, affordable studs and earrings that you can buy without worrying about the discomfort factor. The safe bet for sensitive ears is hypoallergenic titanium; this metal is durable enough and strong for usage in jewellery and gentle enough so it will not lead to skin irritation. Medical grade plastic is yet another alternative for anyone with sensitive ears, especially children. 

Hypoallergenic earrings

Finding good-quality plastic earrings that are not intended for kids is never an easy task. Unless you visit the best jewellery store in town that has a pair of dangling earrings made of hypoallergenic titanium and grey glass crystal secured to a hook with stainless steel or titanium wire. 

Gold beaded hoops

This pair of gold beaded hoops are made using pure yellow gold and is ideal for everyday wear. You can pair it with your dresses and sweaters.  

Safety pin earrings

These earrings are lead-free, nickel-free, phthalate-free and cadmium free. You will feel good about yourself when you wear these subtle safety pin earrings. 

Gold ball studs

These modest gold ball studs often come in 14-karat yellow, white, or rose gold. They are ideal on their own. You can also stack them with other earrings. 

Some brands even offer a return policy on the purchase of gold earrings for sensitive ears, so you are sure to have good peace of mind while you opt for these earrings. 

Earrings for sensitive ears are typically made with allergy-prone and sensitive ears in mind and so they include high-quality metals and materials at reasonable prices to help your ears look and feel as lovely as possible. Check out the latest gold earrings with price here. 


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