Effective Ways to Keep Your Laptop Cool

keep your laptop cool

When you game for a long time and on a regular basis, keeping your laptop cool becomes a challenging task. You need a spacious case, a couple of fans for air outlet and inlet.  And if your budget is not a problem, you can also invest in cooling water solutions. If you are dealing with the heating issue in your gaming laptop, then this article is perfect for you. Below we have discussed some effective way to keep your laptop cool-

Your Laptop Placement 

The place that you rest your laptop can also impact its heating. Always place the gaming laptop on a flat solid surface. When you put it on a soft surface like on the lap or bed, typically the fan intakes integrated underside will be hindered, thereby restricting airflow and protecting the cooling system from operating to its maximum potential. 

When placed on the hard surface, the rubber feet on the laptop create an elevation. The slight rise allows the fans to suck an adequate amount of cool air. And if you are keeping the laptop on a soft surface, make sure to create an elevation by placing a book or small box underneath. 

Clean Out the Dust Internally 

keep your laptop cool

We all know that more dust accumulated within the laptop, the more heat the laptop will generate. This happens because dust particles tend to block the airflow of the laptop. So when the dust gets stuck on the cooling fan, then it lowers the speed of the fan. 

Slower the moment of the fan, lower will be the cooling, and higher will be the temperature. Therefore, in order to keep your laptop cool, you need to clean your device inside out. 

The first step to do is to clean the exhaust because the majority of dust is collected there. You can use a good portable vacuum cleaner for this purpose. Once you have done that, open the laptop lid and using a nylon-bristled painting brush to clean the internal. Make sure you do not put too much pressure while cleaning the laptop. 

Purchase a Cooling Pad for Laptop 

Many people think that cooling pads are nothing but faux, and they don’t actually do anything in practicality. However, this is not the case; there are different types of laptop cooler in the market. And if you do your research well and choose a reliable laptop cooler, you can gain a lot of benefits from it.

Basically, a laptop cooler takes in the hot air from the laptop and discharge it sideways, similar to an exhaust fan. Therefore, more number of fans in your laptop cooler, more efficient will be the heat dissipation. Depending on your budget and requirements, you will easily find an effective cooler that will keep your laptop cool. 

Close All the Background Applications 

The number of applications running in the background interferes with the gaming performance of your laptop. So the next step to keep your laptop cool is to close the non-essential background applications. 

This is important because open applications will consume memory and CPU power. This does not allow your game from leveraging necessary resources, thereby impacting the performance. To do that, launch your Task Manager on the laptop and close all the applications that are not in use. Make sure you do not close the Window Services. 

Using Thermal Paste on CPU and GPU 

keep your laptop cool

When your laptop is manufactured, the team that applies thermal paste on the CPU and GPU do not typically do a good job. At times, the thermal paste does not stick properly at all. 

Moreover, the thermal paste is a chemical substance that enables your CPU as well as GPU to transmit heat away into the exhaust fans itself.  Invest in a good quality thermal paste and paste it on the CPU and GPU. 

Optimize Your Hardware 

Another reason that your gaming laptop deals with the heating issue are that you might be overworking the hardware. It is a good option to purchase an SSD or updated the RAM of your laptop in order to optimize its gaming performance. Substituting your HDD for SSD will optimize the performance of your gaming laptop to a considerable margin. 

Updating to SSD will offer your faster loading times, so you will not have to wait longer to enjoy the game. Moreover, upgraded RAM will allow your laptop to store more data for higher accessibility, thereby improving your game experience. 

And when you are hardware is able to handle tough tasks efficiently, you can ensure to keep your laptop cool. 

Getting the Fans Checked 

keep your laptop cool

Typically gaming laptops have numerous internal fans that assist in keeping all the components of the laptop cool. If one of the fans malfunctions, the device will experience a rise in temperature. The most effective way to check for any malfunction without dismantling your laptop is to use your ears. Put the excessive system load so that fans are working at their highest speed and closely listen to each intake. If you hear the following types of noise, then you can confirm that your fan is not working properly – 

  • Silence 

When the laptop is working under heavy load, no fan will be resting. If you notice during your inspection that a fan is not making any noise, then it is most certainly broken and needs to be replaced. 

  • Rattling 

An out of order fan is likely to generate different rattling or grinding noise before it completely breaks down. If your fan is making similar noise instead of typically humming sound, then it is not working at its optimal potential. 

Final Thoughts 

Gaming laptops have taken the market by storm. With powerful performance and excellent features and functionalities, they have become the perfect choice for gamers. However, we have seen many people complain about heating issues with their laptops while playing games or putting them under heavy load. Above are some basic steps that can keep you to keep your laptop cool and allow you to enjoy a better gaming experience.


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