Emoji 101: Other Meanings of Popular Emojis

Hands imoji

The use of Hands emojis, smileys, or emoticons has become part of our day to day routine. Whether you’re merely texting or posting a status on your social media accounts, emojis are always a must. Admit it or not, a message without an emoji feels lifeless. It helps us express what we think, and sometimes even a single emoji can mean a thousand words.  

With the increasing numbers of emojis, confusion also follows. One emoji can represent a bunch of different meanings and concepts. To know more, below are some of the widely used emojis which have more than one interpretation.  

Folded Hands 🙏

The Folded Hands can be used in different scenarios. It could be a substitute for please, I’m sorry, and thank you emoji. In most Asian countries, the gesture of putting your hands together portrays these three emotions. It’s useful when you want someone to know how grateful you are. You could say, “You’re the best!” and include this emoji. 

Another one is prayer. A lot of devices use the shortcut code :pray: to include the folded hands emoji. From a religious or spiritual standpoint, this folded hands emoji is often linked with prayer or goodwill. It also connotes hopefulness or well wishes. This is the perfect emoji to use when you wish someone for a speedy recovery whenever something terrible happens. 

Lastly, we also make use of this emoji as high-five. Cause why not? It looks like one. I mean, take a closer look at it and try to imagine two hands clapping together. Isn’t it amazing how many things you can do with only one emoji? All that is needed is an imaginative mind. 

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Raising hands 🙌 

This emoji looks more like a two raised hand emoji or a person with the hands risen above the head but has a very different meaning. The one raised hand emoji is mostly used when we have something to say or ask for attention. But with the two hands raising emoji, it’s a whole different story. 

It is mostly used whenever something good happens. For example, your team won the super bowl; we use this emoji as a sign of happiness and joy. Or when you finish a long and exhausting work, and you need to update someone, you can use this emoji as a sign of relief.

Palms up together 🤲

Two hands held out together can mean very few but precise emotions. One meaning of this emoji is that it can be used as a book opened in the American Sign Language (ASL) or just to let everyone know that you are open for suggestions and have a genuine understanding of whatever that suggestion is. 

Another way where you can use this emoji is begging for something. Like when you are in deep need of money and borrow some from your friend, you can use this emoji but make sure to pair it with the “Flying Money” emoji. I hope that you have a good friend that trusts you enough to lend some to you. 


The emojis mentioned above are just some of the many emojis that have a lot of different interpretations. I bet you’re now asking yourself and curious if the emojis you often use have other meanings, too. But at the end of the day, there’s no incorrect answer! We live in a constantly changing world, so let your ideas flow and imagination run wild.

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