Entertainment apps you need on your phone

Entertainment apps

There are tons of entertainment apps for your phone – but have you missed out on some of the best? We are providing you with a great list of entertainment apps that you need to have on your phone. We can honestly say, you will not regret taking a look at our little list.

The Preakness Stakes betting in May can give you a lot of excitement, but once the race is over – the fun is over. After the race, you will need to have some other type of excitement to get your mind off work or studies. You can of course keep betting on other tournaments and sports, but we wanted to give you some extra tips. That is why this list was created. Let’s have a look at Entertainment apps!


If you don’t already know this service, Netflix is a streaming service that offers a large selection of popular series, classic films, and Netflix-original content. Movies can be found by searching by title, and the library is constantly growing as new episodes air. It is compatible with all devices, so you may watch it on any device. Begin watching it on one device and then switch to another. You receive a free month to try out the services so that you can decide whether or not this is an app for you. You can rate the series and movies you enjoy or dislike, which will help Netflix make better recommendations for you later on. 

2. Tik Tok 

If you have not yet tested Tik Tok, you are a little late to the party, but that is okay because then you have a lot of fun coming for you. This social medium will provide you with short videos that can be inspiring, creative, funny, sad, cringe or provocative. You can find everything you can imagine from dancing tutorials and food recipes to angry grandparents and coming-home-from-the-army videos. You can like, share and comment and the algorithm will provide you with more content, similar to the content you already liked or looked at several times. We promise you; it is worth the hype. 

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3. Murder in the Alps 

This app is an extremely exciting and thrilling game you have to try. As you might understand from the title, you are going to solve murders in the game as you portray a detective in the Alps. Through different chapters, you will meet new people, new murderers, and new cases to solve. In order to crack the cases, you have to solve mini-games, find all the clues and locate all the missing items. Do you think you have what it takes to solve these mysterious murders? Then take a look in Google Play or App Store to start helping the citizens in these small towns. 

4. Be Real 

The new social media Be Real is trying to make sure we drop the filters and show everyone who we really are. At a random time during the day, you will be asked to take a photo of your surroundings. While you take a photo of the environment around you, you will also take a photo of yourself. This is to show everyone what your actual day looks like, and what you look like during a random time of the day. While you get the real you and see your real friends, you also get a unique opportunity to be updated on what your friends are doing when they are not doing anything that is “Instagramable”. Give it a go and see if you like it as much as we do.


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