Essential Android Apps for logistics enterprises in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Essential Android Apps

The unexpected disruption caused by the global pandemic has upended the world. It has made it difficult to create essential Android Enterprise Management software that could empower the smooth flow of operations in logistics enterprises. The outbreak has caused severe mismanagement and loss in the logistics sector forcing the industry to adjust its business operations as per the circumstances. However, the remote work culture of the pandemic has made it necessary for logistics companies to use Android remote management apps for supporting several critical functions to continue with their business models. Many logistics enterprises understand the need for essential android apps management software and have readjusted their operational activities to improve resilience and investment.

Change is the new foster at contingencies

If we look at the statistics which reflect the impede caused by the pandemic on the logistics enterprises, we can learn that approximately 75% of the organizations operating in the industry have reported the non-functioning in full capacity due to the Covid-19 outbreak causing them an onset on the financial model. It is also reported that almost 16% of the enterprises have lowered their revenue targets for the quarters estimated by an average of 5.6% to compensate for their further operational functions on the loop. Without a proper Android enterprise software management at hand, almost 44% of the enterprises have failed to create a backup plan for the contingency that has invited itself unwelcomed across the globe.

The most important lesson that the Covid-19 has taught us is that when the operational efficiency is deranged due to a pandemic outbreak, it is always feasible to start from the beginning. Almost 55% of the enterprises in the logistics industry have reported adopting a plan to develop an Android enterprise management software that could mitigate the operational flow to a certain extent. This will allow them to contain efficiency and customer satisfaction with a contingency plan in backup to meet its critical business functions.

We have compiled a list of Essential Android Apps for logistics enterprises in the Covid-19 pandemic reflecting full visibility into their operations and supply chain needs.

1. Booksy Biz – Appointment Booking

Booksy Biz is a smart Android application that can be used for the on-field fleet drivers or the executives at storage warehouse facilities. This application presents a full-day activity calendar to your clients so that they can book the available time slot for their operational needs as per their convenience. This business management platform caters to a scheduling phenomenon wherein you can entirely focus on the priority activities rather than carrying an appointment book or making notes of the appointments manually to check the next available schedule. This application can manage the calendar, show the full day work schedule of your co-members/staff and the client list in the directory straight onto your phone. With this application, the relationship management with the clients can be enhanced and made more professional so that their engagement and loyalty are retained.

Costing: This app comes with a trial period of 7 days with all the features without limitations. After the completion, one can register for a paid subscription of $29.99 per month per device. 

2. Hawk-Eye Trucking Log Book

Manually recording and storing the business-related documents by the fleet drivers have proved to be a nightmare for the compliances and auditors. This has overaged millions of dollars for the logistics industry in accounting and compliance each year. With the adoption of the digital logs, the cumbersome task of mitigating the manual records could empower over productivity. It could be resolved with the adoption of a simple and automated system through an android application. With the Hawk-Eye Trucking Log Book, the fleet drivers could digitally store all the important information and documents critical to their current milestones so that the owners and auditors could access and monitor the entire information.

Costing: This app is free for users with additional add-ons starting at $3.99 as per business use case.

3. OmniFocus – Task Management App

OmniFocus is one of the most popular task-management apps in the logistics industry. This app caters to lining up and designing the priority tasks performance for the fleet drivers or the warehouse executives to manage their project management and milestones. With embedded features that provide a realistic perspective on how the milestones are being achieved, the user can prepare a strategic plan to enhance their productivity to defeat the previous output. OmniFocus assists you to view your project management in a detailed manner such as planning, organizing, directing, controlling, coordinating, and reporting and become a to-do conventional partner for the entire calendar day. 

Costing: This app comes with a trial period of 14 days with all the features without limitations. After the completion, one can register for a paid subscription of $79.99 with a one-time payment policy. 

4. EazyStock – Inventory management app

To survive the pandemic, it is important to evaluate the inventory stored in the warehouses. It reflects the real-time statistics of what exactly can be eliminated to raise more money in contingency and what can be kept for profitable outturn in the future. EazyStock is a cloud-based inventory management and optimization tool that reads the data of the inventory stored in the warehouse. It then acts as an indicator for the obsolete stock levels that can be eliminated to reduce costs. It also displays the best health inventory list that could be sold for a faster turnaround profit. The integration of this tool for the inventory managers can allow companies to prepare an automated procurement process and identify the stocks that are cutting down the margins of the organization.

Costing: This app comes with a trial period of 15 days with all the features without limitations. After the completion, one can register for a paid subscription of $750 with add-ons as per business use cases.

5. Scalefusion – Android Device Management Software

Scalefusion is a seamless Android Mobile Device Management software to accelerate the productivity and efficiency of the fleet drivers or the warehouse executives by locking devices into single app kiosk mode. With features compatible with device management, the enterprise could focus more on serving the customers and yield goodwill during the pandemic. With the remote management of the entire devices, the accessibility is restricted to business-critical applications that derive drastically less usage of data and save an enormous cost for the logistics enterprise. Leveraging the Kiosk lockdown, Scalefusion MDM solution enables the IT admins to provision the deployed devices with business apps, custom branding, remote troubleshooting, and instill accuracy and operational efficiency without distractions.

Costing: This app comes with a trial period of 14 days with all the features without limitations. After the completion, one can register for a paid subscription of $36 per month per device for the most popular Business plan.

Closing lines…

These Android device management applications are improving the scenario of how the current pandemic has affected the entire logistics industry. It has awakened the industry leaders to be prepared with as much contingency plan as possible in hand because we never know what kind of unexpected disruption might occur on the way of logistics and operations. With the implementation of an Android device management application, the companies can leverage the business functionalities and retain optimum productivity even during contingencies. 



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