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Japanese multinational car company, Nissan, has already garnered enough momentum as the world’s one of the most fan-favorite car companies. Although lately the cars are said to be pretty over-hyped, its history mentions every minuscule detail about the company’s dedication and hard work that marked its prominence over the yesteryears.

The Japanese automobile manufacturer is leading its way in the electric vehicles inducts with its non-electric automobiles proving themselves popular. Their reputation to make affordable and solid cars with driving-well capacity has been way stronger than anyone could ever imagine. But, certainly, there must be some reasons why cars are getting less popular with every passing day. Indeed, there must be reasons why Nissan is failing to impress fans. To give you a fair idea of the cars here’s elucidating a couple of things for you to look into. See what’s exactly is making the difference for Nissan cars to get less popular day by day.

Reliability is a major issue- Are these cars reliable?


Japanese car companies are known for the ability they put in to offer some of the most amazing and dependable cars in the market. And Nissan appears to be no different, until now. It has maintained consistency in the reliability tables by providing a wide range of models that are praised for the reliability.

Certainly, in all true blue ways, buying a car from this Japanese automobile company is an amazing decision. After all, the manufacturers bring forth the latest technology with their cars. And much to the knowledge of fans, you receive the value after investing in a car like Nissan. Additionally, the company also ensures drivers to make their way via their offerings. They incorporate the latest technology and design with their cars, and that probably stands to be one of the most fundamental aspects of owning a car from this company.

In a survey, Nissan had come out to be one of the most reliable cars in the year 2017. However, with the new offerings, the brand seems to become less popular.

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What did fans know about 2019 Nissan Car?

In 2009, Nissan came up with Rogue that certainly didn’t fail to impress fans on a number of counts. There were certainly a whole lot of things that fans liked. The standard safety features are one of them. More to add, fans liked the cargo room, the front safe comfort, and more. However, what fans didn’t is the Automatic Transmission.  Right after fans got hands on it; they wanted Nissan to get the car with variable auto transmission back.

While the car is not newest out here, it posts some decent mileage figures. Plus, its style is just to impress fans more. Okay, it is true that it’s the same old model of 2014 but it didn’t fail to impress fans. This 2019 Nissan car features an exterior design similar to the other range of cars from the company. Its wheel size is about 19 inches.

Engine Efficiency

According to the reviews, the transmission is believed to howl and whine under massive acceleration. Next, there comes a weak engine along with dull handling. With the beast, Nissan incorporated just one engine with 170-horsepower, four-cylinder ranging about 2.5 liters. The motor reasonably is amazing and it is underpowered.

Another thing of concern is that the cabin quality happens to be a mixed bag. The cabin is checked to be a mishmash of the quality materials that are coupled with the low-rent plastics. In the upmarket models, leather seating, as well as stitched dashboard wrapping, were put side by side with not-so-good-looking hard plastics. This was apparent in the rear, where you can check the inexpensive trips that were used liberally.

Next, there comes the overdue for DO-OVER! Yes, you read that right. If you are an ardent fan of what Nissan is doing, you must have gone through the 2014 Rogue which was then a brand new car with ready-to-battle the compact SUVs. Much to the knowledge of fans, they loved and really appreciated its cargo room as well as a comfortable ride. In a whole lot of ways, this car remains to be a competitive model. Concerning its handles and drives, this car is overdue as an update. As a matter of fact, the engine requires more power. The cabin also needs improvement.

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The car features the 7-inch infotainment system which s touchscreen. It comes with smooth touches with the usage being pretty easy. However, the interface comes with graphics that are three or two-generation behind. Now, this is something that needs an upgrade. Plus, the screen happens to be small and comes with two USB ports that are mounted on the front. It comes with advanced safety as well as driver assistance technologies. It’s now made available around Nissan sedans family. This new car also comes with some standard 10 airbags, Intelligent Collision Warning, alert for the Rear Door, Driver Alertness, and more.

What’s more?

Now that you know the things that fans didn’t like about the 2019 Nissan car, you have an idea of it and that it’s failing to impress the fans lately. However, if you keep an eye on news and speculations concerning Nissan, you know how it unveiled the all-new Nissan Sentra. From the unveiling event, it is evident that the Japanese automobile giant has really worked hard in incorporating an attention-grabbing design with the new launch. Indeed, the 8th generation Sentra which was initially introduced in the year 1982 has had its share of updates.

So, what’s next for Nissan?

As of now, the future of Nissan is a bit crucial. The auto industry doesn’t look amazing around the board right now. And between the sales and future, there comes the uncertainty that makes folks feel unconfident to think that Nissan would have a great future ahead. Now that things are uncertain, you can check out the video that’s posted recently on YouTube concerning the seven things of the company that’s failing to impress fans recently. You can also get an idea of how the automobile company can turn the sales figure around.

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