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Have you ever wondered how you can test a monitor before or after buying? It is recommended to check a monitor and connect it to another system unit. As for the smooth operation of a screen, it is not easy to check yourself, as the correct performance of the whole system with the programs is responsible for it. So, you can start the computer in safe mode and restore the previous options. After restarting, you need to scan the equipment for malware.

However, it is really easier to find a new monitor, as well as to fix some problems in its work, by relying on a well-known provider. The Beetronics Inc. online store offers a wide range of monitors at the best price. It also provides a 15 inch monitor hdmi. All the products are always available for buying. Furthermore, you will get an official guarantee from suppliers and technical support.

How to check the monitor for dead pixels and get rid of the problem

In all LCD monitors, images are created from a grid of pixels. The size of a monitor, like 15 inches or more, does not matter. Pixels contain three separate sub-pixels of red, green, and blue.They are in charge of the multi-color structure of the picture. 

To avoid dead pixels, you should check the screen before you buy. You can do it yourself or pay for the corresponding service in the store.

Questions and disputes often arise regarding dead pixels due to the subtleties in the manufacturer’s warranty conditions. Visually, the absence of defective pixels can be determined by careful examination on a solid white, black, red, green, and blue background. To do this, you need to upload such pictures to a flash drive and play them on your favorite device. If none of the dots are out of color, then the screen is fine.

How to remove dead pixels?

Since black pixels are the result of transistor damage, they cannot be fixed without replacing these components. And it’s almost unrealistic. The situation is different with colored dots, which arise due to the freezing of subpixels. You can try to remove them.

The method consists in cyclically displaying rapidly changing images. This may increase the chance of returning the ability to switch again to the stuck pixels by changing colors.

There are many ways to implement this method through special apps and of course YouTube videos:

  • Bad Pixel is a professional paid app for Windows that can help you remove dead pixels in several minutes.
  • DeadPix is a cool program for Windows and Android. It is useful when you need to find and then fix dead pixels by cycling colors.
  • PixelHealer is another utility for Windows. It eliminates stuck pixels with quick RGB coloring.
  • JScreenFix is an online service to run on your PC, TV, and mobile devices. Displays a digital noise area that you can move to the right area of the screen.
  • PixelFixel is a 12-hour YouTube video. The colors in the video change at a very high speed and can cause epilepsy. Do not look at the screen, but rather turn it aside.

About annoying monitor problems

A display may not turn on because it may have come into a faulty state. In other words, it is broken. The reason may be a sharp drop in voltage in the network (especially this reason is possible if the computer is old), or several other factors. The exact problem can be determined by a specialist whose task is to diagnose. Complicated laptop or computer repairs should be trusted only by specialists.

As well, a 100% lack of inclusion can only be fully diagnosed by a specialist. Various problems can be responsible for the black screen. Some are responsible for quick and simple problems, others for serious ones, the elimination of which is recommended exclusively by the master.

Remember that a disabled screen is responsible for both minor and weighty factors. If the problem is significant, self-troubleshooting can only aggravate the situation.

When considering issues that might arise when turning on a computer, it is not recommended to rely solely on your knowledge. You should at least consult a professional. Perhaps behind the black screen hides a more serious problem than the wrong settings.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Why sometimes a monitor does not turn on? 

A black screen is responsible for a number of reasons. This may be a loose connection of the cord to the connector, a virus infection, a poorly working processor, or a failed motherboard. A poorly functioning monitor power supply is also a problem responsible for a black display. The specialist of the specialized service center will help to determine the exact problem and the method of elimination.

2. How to run a monitor diagnostics on your own?

Make sure that the computer is on (the On button is on both the side and the bottom/the back). The system unit should work, the cord should tightly fit the connector, and the programs – work as before. A virus obtained after visiting a questionable site may be responsible for the black screen. Reset the settings, scan, and restart the computer.

3. How to reset the monitor settings? 

You need to go through the rollback process. Log in with an administrator account, select “Control Panel” from the “Start” menu, and click on the “Device Manager” option. If there are exclamation points in the section with video adapters, change the settings in the Diagnostics tab.

Wrapping it up

With all the advantages of buying on the Internet, it’s often recommended to buy a monitor in the store. In addition, sometimes different instances of the same model have quite significant differences in both configuration and build quality. The 5% difference is not so high but it will minimize the possibility of a bad purchase. 

Even the best monitors are not ideal, individual specimens in the same batch may have significant differences due to their different factory settings, so a meticulous buyer of the monitor is better to buy in the store to “see the eyes that bought”. If you are not going to spend hours all the time doing tests and looking for all the defects of the matrix, then you can easily save by buying a monitor on the Internet. Thank you for your time!



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