Everything you need to know about the Deep Web


Deep web is the underground of nefarious, mysterious, dark, criminal, hidden and unexplained internet websites. It is that part of the internet that exists hidden from normal search engines and not accessible to the public domain. One cannot access deep web with the help of Google, Bing or Yahoo search engines. Deep web is a completely different part of the internet that remains an enigma for many avid internet users but it is also that part that many enthusiastic internet users want to know about. Let’s know everything about deep web and its secrets. 

Insights of Deep web

Deep web is an invisible internet and not indexed by standard search engines. Many believe that only 5% of the internet is available for the users and indexed by search engines. Deep web comprises of the 95% of the hidden part in this world of websites. You can’t explore deep web without having the required information and you need to be careful while accessing it as well. 

Why Deep web is Invisible?

Deep web is part of those deep web sites links on internet which is hard to find through search engines and don’t have the correct links as well. It is an invisible part of internet which requires users to know the right IP address. Deep web is invisible from normal users and regular search engines because it contains a lot of explicit material and also contains hidden content. Deep web is not accessible through normal search engines because it contains few insecure website and one should be careful while accessing it. 

Know different between Deep web and dark web

Dark web is a part of deep web and considered to be a breeding ground of bad things in deep web. It is the place where criminals and terrorists do trade. Dark web is just like deep web and not indexed by search engines. It is more shady part of the internet and consisting of illegal and banned content. Such websites are not easily accessible through search engines and could be a warehouse of virus, malware or cybercrime. 

There may be explicit content residing on some of the websites and could be used for different wrong purposes. One should be careful while exploring any website in deep web. You should immediately stop accessing a website that contains explicit content and must be checked since it may house different virus or malware. 

Considerations while accessing deep web

Dee web contains a lot of hidden websites and you never know which website is ok to visit and which one consists of malware or virus. You need to be careful while visiting any website on deep web. There are certain tips and tricks that can help you secure your identity just like in real life. You should refrain from exposing any of the information such as email, password or ID etc. Malicious websites can easily grab your attention and lure you into exposing your identity. 

Secure your system before accessing deep web

One of the most important things that you need to do before accessing deep web is securing your system from malware or viruses. Keep your system up to date and browsers with latest version. Also you need to ensure that your system is up to date in terms of security patches, latest drivers and other software updates. 

The operating system and browser cookies must be cleared and should refrain from using any website information in the browser. Hackers can easily crack into your system and track all required information. You need to keep your system secure and also keep data encrypted so that hackers cannot access any of your personal data. 

Use TOR for accessing Deep Web

TOR is the most famous browser used commonly for accessing any deep website. It keeps the data encrypted and safeguard from online activity. You cannot access website through normal search engines and TOR provides you a lot of flexibility to search over internet directly through website IP address. However, it doesn’t provide you all the detailed information about everything. You may need to do certain configurations to access deep web through TOR. 

The Last Words

There is a lot of information hidden in the websites that normal search engines are not able to index or find it. The deep web holds more than 95% of the information on the internet and none of the internet users are aware about it. Deep web is not similar to dark web and before accessing the deep web, it is a good idea to protect your system and identity. 

There are different websites which are traced by the cyber criminals and it is possible to trace your information, your social media profile, contact number and other information. You need to be careful while accessing any website on deep web but ensure that your system security is intact.


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