Extraordinary Supercars: Experience the Extravaganza


Some of us fall in love with animals, some with books, some with nature but some find their love in cars. For some of us, this love is rooted in our childhood; when we loved to play with toy cars, or breaking them apart to understand its mechanism. While most of us grow out of the childhood craze of cars, some never do. Rather, their passion for cars keeps growing as they become adults.

Some of these car lovers follow their passion and explore cars, event collects them. If you are one of them, you can check out the YouTube channel DailyDrivenExotics. This channel specializes in different types of cars and supercars. He has got an exciting collection of supercars which he shows to his viewers in one of his videos titled “Full Tour of My Supercar Collection!!”  He gives an extensive tour of supercars at one of the garages.

The Fixing Job


The video begins with a hearty greeting from the Youtuber as he drives on the roads of Southern California going towards Beverly Hills. He tells that he is going to GI Automotive where finishing touches are being given to the Mercy LP640 engine rebuilt. Then he says he will show the engine and what kind of damages he did to it when he went off the track.

He finally reaches the beautiful Beverly Hills GI Automotive. Then he goes on to greet his friends and moves on to show us the engine. He comments that they have successfully put together an engine, the clutches are back. They begin to examine a supercar and the damages in it. The car is dirty, broken, and as they are examining, a rock falls out that was stuck between the bead and the wheel.


The garage specializes in supercars it seems and they proceed to not down the issues with the car. The Youtuber points to the damage. He points to a mounting point and says that it is not properly attached and snapped off during the accident. He asks another mechanic how long it is going to take to fix it and he replies that it will probably take about an hour to fix this using a radiator.

The camera again zooms on the car and the Youtuber mentions that they have a new radiator that has been given to them by Troy automotive. Finally, the car is fully repaired and he now needs valve stems for the TPMS sensors which cost $200 each. We see a line of supercars that will be repaired by the men. The Youtuber exclaims at the sheer number of them and that how exciting it is to have them all in one place.

Twin Turbo

He informs that the next car to be worked on is Twin Turbo 2016 LP580-2, a bright orange supercar. He explains that it means the car has 580 horsepower with rear-wheel drive. It has fine Aerodynamics and looks and got wheels from Brixton Ford. There are plans for a twin-turbo 1000 horsepower and turbo kit by CP and the Youtuber informs that he wants to return to tracks with these supercars soon enough. He wants to test the cars to their limits and begs viewers to be cooperative with him.

Ferrari F12

He goes on to introduce us to another Ferrari F12 which is another big project for them. They will install a twin-turbo. The car is currently a v12 6.3 litter capacity, naturally aspirated. He comments that he doesn’t want to get rid of the sound but they will make changes that nobody tried before. The car has FI exhaust and sounds like an F1 car. We get to hear the sound he was talking about from the Red Ferrari.


He shows the first car he was talking about, the LP640 car and praises the car company saying it has the best aftermarket dry carbon fiber conversion kit. The diffuser, rear, and front bumper everything is made of dry carbon. He shows us the car in detail. The doors open upwards and we see the inside of the car. They talk about another white Ferrari that will be modified. He reveals that the car can run even on snow with its tires.


We again see a 2014 blue Lamborghini and that specific model has only 50 cars in the world. The man explains that he added a bonnet with a supercharger by DF Engineer which adds 200 more horsepower making it a 770 horsepower car. There is also a new clutch, a new tire.

Finally, they finished fixing the Youtuber’s car. He points to another car and comments it has been in the garage for 6-7 months and it needed a lot of work including full engine rebuilt. The men bring the supercars out on the road to test them and we see them running smooth, fast and they look absolutely breathtaking on the road. They take the cars to a gas station and compare which takes more gas the v12 or the v10 and turns out the v12 took more fuel to run when they began at the same amount of gas. The 12:52 minutes long video ends with end credits.

Final Impression


The video makes it very clear that the men are experts in the field. They have complete knowledge of these cars and full expertise in repairing and modifying such high-end supercars.

As we see, the garage is full of expert mechanics and all the necessary equipment one can need. They are quick at their job and they definitely know where to get the best parts for the cars. They are eager to try something new, as they talk about their different projects on cars.

The Youtuber certainly has a large collection of impressive supercars in his gallery and we just can’t keep calm because of this. As he tells us, he puts them to good use and keens on experimenting with them to make them better. The end of the video makes it clear that they certainly made the cars much better after fixing. Above all, their unmistakable passion for a car is all over the video.


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