Fall Guys Review – The Game Taking The PlayStation and PC By Storm This Fall

PlayStation for pc
Image Credit : Fall Guys

Games like Fortnite and PUBG allowed for Battle Royale games to become the most popular types of PlayStation games in the industry and something that everyone wants to try and claim that they are number 1 in the lobby. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout have really capitalised on the Battle Royale craze and offering a weird and whacky type of cartoon Olympics in which you pit yourself against 60 other players to try and claim the crown to win.

The concept of the game will be familiar to those that have seen TV shows such as Total Wipeout and/or Takeshi’s Castle in which you can build your very own character, whether that be a pigeon or a pineapple, through five rounds of colourful carnage in a mixture of races, minigames and challenges. If getting to the final, Fall Guys full round is supposed to take 15 minutes at most, which makes you feel as if you are in one of the gameshows as described above.

This game is also taking the gaming market by storm due to the simplicity of it with the controls literally just being running, jumping, diving and grabbing being the only way to navigate through the courses. The game currently has 24 variants of levels to wade your way through and it’s easy to pick your favourite from this small pool. We have found our favourite types of courses are the one in which you are picking to be the last man standing and have to wade through tight spaces and barge past other contestants to allow for you to get to the next level. Although a lot of fun, we do expect Fall Guys to increase the amount of levels it currently has in the near future. 

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