Fantastic Bird Feeders That You Can Create At Home

bird feeder

Everyone likes chirping of birds in their home’s backyard, and for attracting more birds, you have to keep bird feeders. Bird feeders are tools that hold food for the birds and comes in various shapes and designs. It not only boosts the beauty of the backyard but also feeds the birds. Further, if you are someone who loves photography, it gives you an excellent opportunity to click some amazing shots while the birds feed themselves. Most people prefer hanging bird feeders, but if you do not have anything to hang it on, you can also choose a table bird feeder. However, it isn’t easy to find a lot of design in the market. No worry anymore, because we have bought some incredible DIY bird feeders, which you can make easily in their free time. So let’s get started. 

 DIY Wine Bottle Feeder

bird feeder

If you have empty bottles of wine at home, this is the best bird feeder option. All you need to grab is some tools, wood, and the wine bottle. You have to make a shelter with a platform with the wood and then place the wine bottle upside down in it. As the bottle would be filled with bird food, it will keep on dispensing some when the platform gets empty. It can be made with other containers also, but a wine bottle is a better option because of its sleek shape. 

DIY Mason Jar Feeder

Out of all other bird feeders, this one is the easiest. The best part about it is that is can be created within minutes. You only need to follow some steps to make this bird feeder:

  • Mix gelatin, corn syrup, and flour in hot water. 
  • Add the prepared mixture into bird seeds, and mix well. 
  • Press down the food into a mason jar with a dowel rod. 
  • Grab some heavy gauge wire and tie it around the handle of the jar.

And, the mason jar feeder is ready to be hung in your backyard. 

DIY Ice Cream Stick Feeder

For this, you need some ice cream sticks, superglue, and a thin rope. Once you grab all these things, start by making a box from the stick. To build it, you can follow these steps:

  • Start by making square frames of 4 ice cream sticks. When you get enough frames, then you can stick them on one another. 
  • Glue some sticks side by side to make the base of the box, and attach the bottom to the frames. 
  • Then take two long sections of the rope, and glue them on each corner of the box. 
  • You can add thick ice cream sticks to the sides of the box to make a place for the birds to sit. 

TIP: You can also tie the rope in various designs; however, sticking it makes it more secure. 

DIY Orange feeder

No, it is not named orange because of the color. Instead, it uses the peel of an orange or similar fruit. Follow the steps to make this fantastic eco-friendly bird feeder.

  • Cut the fruit in half, and then scoop out the juicy part of it. After that, you will be left with the peel. 
  • Take eight equal-lengthed macrame strings and tie them together from one end. 
  • Make four pairs of strings and tie each one of them separately. 
  • Then make new pairs and tie them together. 
  • Place the orange peel at the tied up end of the strings, and fill it with bird food. 
  • Hang it from the other end. 

It is an environment-friendly bird feeder, and you do not need much time to create it. 

TIP: Try to keep the peel as thick as possible for steady support. Also, you can use a bowl instead of fruit skin. 

DIY Peanut Butter Feeder

bird feeder

If you do not want to make any efforts to build the bird feeder, then this is the perfect solution for you. Follow the mentioned two steps, and your work will be done. 

  • Take a toilet paper roll and remove all the paper from it. 
  • Create a thick layer of peanut butter on the roll, and then stick bird food on it. 

And your work is done. You can put this roll in a rod, or on a branch in your backyard. 

TIP: If you do not have toilet paper roll, you can use any other cardboard piece. Just cut a small hole into the cardboard and tie a string with it. 

DIY Log Feeder

If you want to go creative and love playing with wood, you can try this bird feeder. Start by grabbing a thick and long log, large eye hook, drill press, rope. After grabbing all the material, start with the process. 

  • Drill round holes on your log. Multiple 1″ should be drilled at different lengths of the wood. 
  • Insert the hook on the top of the trunk. If the log’s head is not smooth, cut a little bit to make it better. 
  • Make some sticky bird food. You can use the one made in the mason jar feeder. 
  • Stick that food into the holes, and press it properly. 
  • Tie a rope with the hook on the top, and hang the log in your backyard. 

TIP: Try to hang it on a tree, as it will look more natural and beautiful. You can also use a store-bought suet cake to fill in the holes, or you can mix peanut butter with the food. 

DIY Teacup Feeder

bird feeder

If you spend your tea-time in your backyard, then you will love this bird feeder option. Grab some ceramic glue, bird food, twine, teacup, and saucer. Once you get all these, then follow the steps:

  • Place the cup with its side on the dish, and stick them together with ceramic glue. 
  • Take three equal-lengthed twines and tie them together from one end.
  • Place the knot at the center of the saucer’s back so that the three strings are at almost equal angles. 
  • Tie the other end as well, and place bird food into the dish and cup. 

TIP: You can glue the string knot with the saucer, to keep the bird feeder steady.


These were some fantastic DIY bird feeder ideas, which you can try at home. You also make more than one from this list and place them at different sections of your backyard. They will enhance the beauty of the area.


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