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Domestic violence is a big term and is related to personal information. What is domestic violence? Domestic violence is a crime or not? Domestic violence is an act of violence that takes place between two people. The act includes emotional, physical, psychological abuse between partners. This blog will give you an idea of domestic violence. Felony domestic violence should be judged. Learn all the basic details about domestic violence in this blog.

What is domestic violence?

There are various cultures, security, comfort, etc for women. In every country domestic violence has become common. The male partner dominates their woman behind closed doors for a longer period. Domestic violence is a crime and attributes to risk factors. It can destroy the whole family or we can say family violence will occur. Nowadays it is common because the capability to hold on to something had become difficult. Violence can occur whenever mutual understanding is not good. Nowadays this type of violence is easily noticed.

Domestic violence act determines this type of violence is towards women. The violence can be emotional, verbal, abusive, physical, sexual. It can also have a demand for dowry from women.

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Different types of violence

Felony domestic violence has its types. Have a look below to know about the types of domestic violence.

Physical abuse

Physical abuse is the most common and prominent violence against women. Physical violence is related to physical harm, danger towards life, problem in health, criminal intimidation and any type of physical abuse comes under this physical violence. This type of violence is harsh and dangerous. This violence will destroy your mind and body completely.

Sexual abuse

It is the type of abuse against women in the form of reproductive coercion. The marital rape under 15 years of age comes under this violence. Sexual abuse degrades the dignity of a woman. The domestic violence act defines this as humiliation and abusive nature.

Emotional abuse

Emotional abuse occurs verbally. The threat given in domestic relations is a type of emotional abuse. This type of abusive relation destroys the self-esteem and self-confidence of a woman. The combination of emotional as well as verbal abuse is subjected to psychological abuse.

Economic abuse

Economic abuse is related to financial assets. It generally occurs to threaten the victim and her child for financial assets.

Reason for violence in the city

The reason is many no one can predict. No single factor can determine domestic violence. Different variants and combinations of violence take place. Have a look below to determine the factors of domestic violence.

  • Behavioral factors: the behavioral factors include sociologic and behavior act. The anger and aggressive attitude, harsh word, dominating nature. All these come under behavioral factors. It also includes extramarital affairs and a lack of trust between two partners. It can easily give birth to domestic violence.
  • Religious factor: this factor is a form of domination towards women using religious sanctifications. 
  • Cultural factors: the cultural factor demand for the male child. The superiority complex to have a male child will violate and create violence in the family.
  • Historical factor: this factor shows the superiority complex in men. Men think that no one is as better as me.
  •  Dowry: it is the commonly known factor. The illegal demand for money from in-laws. Especially in India, you will notice this type of domestic violence.
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 Consequences of all violence

Domestic violence against women good or bad?. Felony domestic violence for a long or short period will disturb the mental help of a woman. If this lasts for many days then action should be taken. The consequences you need to face are as follows.

Short term consequences

Short-term consequences include minor injury or serious health conditions. The cut, broken bones, injury in organs and other body parts. In short term consequences, the physical injuries are not detected without scanning, X-ray and this needs a proper cure. Any type of consequence will lead you to a health hazard. Seek help from doctors and nurses. The efficiency and potential of doing work will also be reduced.

Long term consequences

The long-term consequences include saying physical or sexual violence for a longer period. This will create long-term health problems. The type of health issues in women will be stress, anxiety, traumatic disorder, depression. The long-term consequences will have several injuries and will lose their self-esteem.

Various nature of violence

If someone is in a toxic or abusive relationship they have to face domestic violence. Some of the signs of felony domestic violence are as follows.

Possessive nature

The possessive nature is such a nature where your partner always checks. What you are doing, what you are thinking all the command is controlled by your partner. In simple things, he will get angry at every small thing. In possessiveness, your partner will constantly message or call you the entire day.


Jealousy occurs inside your partner if you’re flirting with someone else. Jealousy is such a nature that will keep you away from family and friends. The jealousy nature of your partner is a sign of domestic violence.


The threat is something when your partner will use against your family and friends. They will break things and will threaten you for doing that particular thing said by him.

Attack in a public place

They will attack you either privately or publicly. The attack can be for your appearance, opinion, mental health, intelligence, etc. In simple words, they will judge you and will always degrade you in front of any person. They will blame you for everything bad happening in the relation.

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Who can help you?

Suppose you’re part of domestic violence and unable to seek help. You need to consult a lawyer from a reputable criminal justice law firm to get a restraining order. You may also contact and take help from the following. Try to keep yourself safe and never underestimate yourself in danger. The abusive nature will remain on and on but you should never lose hope.

Seek support

The moment you realize that you are in a violent state goes to a safe place. The safe place can be your friend’s home, youth workers, counselors, or the one who you can trust. Never stay in a scary and hard place. If you need some financial support you can contact your near and dear ones.

The refugee will be the best place

A refugee is a place where you can seek safety and accommodation. A shelter also known as a refugee is the temporary place you can stay. Here you will get legal advisors, practical and emotional support, security, and your daily needs.

Consult your family

It is better to have your friends and families for violence. They can help you out with this and you can stay with them. You can share all the facts you have faced till now and seek help from them. They will give you the correct advice at the correct time.

Take emergency service

For emergency services like sexually assaulted or injured visit your nearest hospital. Consult and talk to the police regarding this matter. Don’t take risks and be in a safe place. The safer side will help you to save yourself from violence.

Value yourself

Suppose someone is continuously threatening and hurting you. This way you will lose your self-confidence and feeling of self-worth. You will blame yourself for every action performed. The best thing you can opt for is family help. This time you need protection and love from your family.

Domestic violence a felony?

Felony domestic violence occurs at home between two people.  Abusive, physical violence, emotional violence, psychological violence. Domestic violence includes assault, hitting, physical abuse, emotional abuse, and lead to a crime. A crime is a policy where you will get punishment. Punishment through a crime is detected by the higher authority like courts.

Domestic violence has its specialty and can be raised in criminal or civil cases. At the time of separation or child custody, these types of instances could be presented. Domestic violence is a subjected to crime if the act becomes frequent and offensive. This matter comes under felony offense. Action should be generated regarding this type of violence. Filing actions against the defendant under government or private courts are necessary. Raising concern is very important for domestic violence. The frequent assaults and incidents cannot be neglected. Civil courts or private parties are available for domestic violence-related matters. A criminal and crime are both subject to domestic violence.


To have a better relationship domestic violence should not occur. It is useful because a better and healthy relation always defines eagerness. Capture your dreams with a better relationship and avoid domestic violence in it. Always remember to have a better life without the interference of violence in your life. Felony domestic violence can be a crime but cannot be your lifetime dream. Give yourself priority And never underestimate your potential. No one can judge you the moment you are born you are God’s child. Have faith in your destiny and work hard for your life.


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