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When you plan to buy a house, you will have to focus on a certain task, ranging from the home inspection to mortgage paperwork. If you are planning to go for the FHA loan, you must meet the standard guidelines set by the Federation Housing Administration (FHA). To confirm your eligibility criteria to get the FHA loan, the lender orders the FHA appraisal to inspect the house. We have covered everything here which helps you to know about the FHA loan and how it works.

What is an FHA appraisal?

When the homeowner requests the FHA home loan, both property and buyer need to meet the FHA loan requirements. The loan provider asks for the approved FHA appraisal to ensure that the property is eligible for the FHA appraisal guidelines at the time of the underwriting process.

The FHA appraisal process is somewhat different from the conventional mortgage in that there are two main objectives: to determine home condition and its value. In comparison, FHA appraisal checks if the property fulfills the FHA home requirements, also known as property acceptability criteria.

Due to the two-part objective, approved FHA appraisers Bring about separate tasks, you won’t find in standard home appraisals. For example, suppose at the time of the FHA appraisal, the utilities must be on. This enables the approved appraiser to make sure that the electricity, heating system, water, and sewage are working in the right manner.

In addition to this, the inspector also makes sure that all appliances are working properly. Also, the appraiser will take the photographs and the details of the particular items in the property that do not fulfill the FHA home requirements.

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Types of properties

All type of homes that FHA insures needs to undergo an FHA inspection and appraisal, which includes following types of properties:

  • Multi-family properties up to 4 units
  • Townhouses
  • Condominiums
  • Manufacturing housing
  • Single-family homes

Some of the houses like vacation homes and commercial properties are not eligible for FHA financing.

An FHA appraisal also denotes that the property meets the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

However, FHA appraiser also looks for if properties fulfill their minimum standards set by the US Department of Housing and urban development:

FHA home appraisal is divided into two steps:

Site visit: FHA appraisers reach the home physically. In order to check every detail of the property and take photographs. The thing they check is the quality, condition of interior and exterior of the house, condition of fixtures and systems and many more things.

Market research: Appraisers determine the home’s price and compare it with the home that was closed in the same area or during the last six months. They use this research from the site to determine the estimated value of the home.

FHA appraisal requirements checklist

FHA-approved appraisers consider the HUD guidelines for the minimum property standards. The property should fulfill the minimum appraisal requirements to get approved for the FHA loan:

  • The exterior, foundation and roof of the property should not be damaged.
  • The property should be safe and provide reasonable property access.
  • The wiring for the property should be in a proper manner and protected from electric shocks.
  • The property should contain all the basic utility, which includes gas, electricity, water and sewage.
  • The underground storage and soil contaminants of the property should not be damaged.
  • The property should have a relevant working heating system that can significantly heat the property.
  • The surface of the property should be free of peeling or chipping lead-based paint.
  • The property should have access to the clean drinking water
  • The property should not do not have the wood that are destroying insect infestations
  • Property should have the relevant ventilation system.
  • Should be having a relevant working utility which includes water and heat
  • The property should be a marketable

What happens after an FHA appraisal?

In certain cases, your FHA appraisal will ensure that your property is in proper condition and, fortunately, its market value is what you are expecting. In such a case, the property will be approved for offering an FHA loan, and you can proceed with the further formalities.

On the other hand, the FHA appraisal figures out some of the issues that you, your lender and the seller have to correct to get the property approved for FHA loans.

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Listed below here are some of the most common issues are :


In most of the FHA appraisals, it has been found that before you go forward with the loan, it is better to get the repairs. If this thing is found in the FHA appraisals, then it means that the property is conditionally approved, and then the appraiser determines the market value after the completion of repairs. At the same time, you will have to contact the seller to make sure that the repairs are completed before closing, or in some cases, funds need to be credited to the escrow account if the repairs are required to be done after closing.

Low appraisals: 

If the market value is less than the sales price, you can ask for your deposit money. The next thing you can do is to ask the seller to lower the price to apply for the same FHA mortgage. However, the last option is you can request for the smaller FHA loan and the rest of the money paid by the additional assets.

Deal breakers:

If after getting the appraisal, it has been figured out that properties containing safety or health hazards that sellers do not agree to fix, then the lender will approve the property for the FHA loan. For example, FHA does not consider the property that demands major home repairs which include a major crack in the building. In such a situation, you are not eligible to get the FHA loan.

How an FHA appraisal works

  • Though FHA appraisal involves complete detailed checking when compared to the typical appraisal, its process is very straightforward.
  • The lender asks to get the appraisal from the FHA-approved appraisers.
  • The appraiser checks the property properly at the time of the on-site analysis by following the given FHA guidelines.
  • The appraiser prepared the house reports and submitted them to the lender, saying about the property’s real worth and also involved if property needs any repairs, including estimated costs.

If the appraiser does not provide the confirmed report about if the home fulfills the minimum property requirements or the standards in their first visit. Then Lender may order the additional inspection.

After an appraisal report is submitted to the lender, they will review the report, and if required, the necessary repairs will be made. The buyer can carry forward to the following steps:

  • The buyer may ask the seller to perform the repairs or negotiate the cost of who will be responsible.
  • Or they can go with the other form of financing like a conventional mortgage.

How much does an FHA appraisal cost?

The cost of the FHA appraisal will be somewhat between $300 and $700. However, the appraisal cost may vary depending on several factors, including location, property type, and size of the home. In addition, the professional does the FHA appraisal, which also contains detailed FHA inspection due to which its costs are much higher when compared with the standard appraisal.

How long does an FHA appraisal take, and how long is it valid for?

There is no such exact time taken by FHA appraisal and inspection as this appraisal is much more advanced when compared with the standard appraisal inspection. The estimated time taken by them is several hours. Then after the appraisal is done, its report will take several days or maybe longer to get prepared.

When do I need an FHA home appraisal?

You must get the FHA home appraisal if you are planning to go for the FHA loan to purchase the house. In several cases, the lender asks for the appraisal on your behalf and the seller signs the sales contract. After you have got their appraisal, you, along with your lender, will review the report and then decide if you still wish to proceed with the loan not.

Almost every FHA home appraisal lasts 120 days after its issue. 120 days are enough for the average buyer to complete the closing process. However, if you want more time, then you can apply for an extension.

Who does FHA home appraisals?

Experts perform effective home appraisals. FHA-approved appraisers need to undergo a number of classes and have to obtain thousands of supervised experiences. They will also be required to give the exam and get the state license prior to requesting for getting registered under the FHA Roster of approved appraisers.

Who pays for an FHA home appraisal?

The buyer will be the one responsible for the appraisal costs in many cases. The appraisal cost will be included in the closing costs that you pay while closing your loan.


We guess that the above-given information related to the federal housing department (FHA) is sufficient enough to help to understand FHA loan and appraiser. Do not forget to comment on your view below.


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