Five audio/video errors that you don’t want in your PC


We all love working on PC, and it’s super exciting while watching and streaming videos on it. The 4K video encoding and the curved monitors together give a next-level experience, enriching our visions. Videos are an obligatory part of our life. Whether it is downloaded movies, YouTube videos, or recorded ones, we love them watching, especially when we have created them. Nowadays, the OTT platforms are gaining popularity and becoming the new normal for the new generation.                                                                                                                                                                                                                It’s annoying to have that great experience disrupted, especially if something like wldcore.dll missing  shows up right after you’ve finally downloaded that new software that you want to start off with. What if you video suddenly gets disrupted? Honestly, any kind of disruption in the video makes our viewing experience tiresome. Personally, I can take any disturbance while watching videos, and it makes me furious if any disturbance occurs. Hope the case would be the same with you as well?                                                                                                                                                                                                      From a black screen to an unsupported audio format, there can be a lot of errors that you might encounter. Some of them are related to video, while some are related to audio, and a few are concerns due to the media player. Whatever the problem is, and whoever is the reason is, a disrupted video is a headache and an excitement killer. You msut know about the common audio/video errors to avoid.

What are the five most common video/audio errors?

Let’s discuss the five most common audio/video errors that we want our PC to stay away from are. Here are those:

On the top is, File that can’t be loaded:

You have downloaded a file worth 3 GB, and when you run it, it says: FILE CAN’T BE LOADED, what the worst could happen. You wasted your data, time, and most importantly, you have to download it again, which will again use the same amount of data and time. We try to use different media players, search online for solutions, but at last, if we didn’t find anything, then it is a pain.

It is one of the most common video errors when the player is unable to play the video. It might be due to several reasons, including file format not being supported by the player, corrupted, or not downloaded properly. 

This error is something none of us want in our PC to show while playing any favorite video.

Secondly comes Out-of-Sync Video or Audio:

Out-of-sync refers to the condition when audio and video don’t match. In simple words, one is ahead or lagged another. Mismatched audio is an annoying situation while watching the video. Although it can be corrected by syncing both manually, it takes a lot of time and energy. Every time you run the video, you need to sync it manually to watch it. This case generally arises in dubbed videos or live-streamed videos. The low-quality dubbing is the reason behind, and in live streaming, the bandwidth issues could be responsible. For now, let’s accept we have synced it properly, but what if there is no audio in the video clip. It becomes more and more frustrating and is a condition we don’t want our videos to face.

The third is, Black Screen while Playing video:

It is grating to see a black screen when you open your video, but here you can listen to the audio. This is even more annoying and frustrating. The problem may arise due to missing codec, outdated video driver, read/write error, format change, etc. Video files may get corrupted due to viruses, restored files after deletion; there could be various other reasons, but what matters is we are left with disappointments only.

Next comes, Can’t play Videos Online:

While playing videos online on YouTube or any other website, you might have faced a condition where a player gives you an error that “The video can’t be played due to a missing component.” This problem generally arises due to outdated flash players who no longer support the new formats or any video’s particular format. This condition may make a huge loss for us in terms of excitement where you can neither play a video online nor download it. It becomes hopeless, and the ways afterward applied to download the video worsens the condition. This situation is where we cannot do anything instead of updating the software (if we are aware of it) or leaving it.

Finally, Choppy, Blurry, or Jerky Video Playback:

Sometimes, the picture in the video gets blurry, has jitters, or even has a distorted image, which is very infuriating to watch. Here, you can’t get what’s going on and how it is going. What you can do is just imagine the possible ongoing picture. This poor quality is a thrill buster and can lead to you damage your PC. Don’tDon’t do this. Otherwise, you will not even get the new PC. 

But, I accept that this condition must not arise, and everyone must enjoy the videos.


These were some situations in which none of us wanted to be there on our PC while enjoying ourselves with our favorite movies and videos. These situations not only disturb our mood but also lead to a waste of time and resources. These video/audio-related issues are really disturbing, and I hope none of them face it. But it is nature, and you have to face the problems to get ahead and create a solution.

Hope the article would be a nice one, and you might have been getting to know about the various supernatural errors, out of which some could be resolved while some could not be.

Also, I think these two driver tools can help you analyze errors further:

Smart Driver Care

This driver is pretty cool with a better user interface; it keeps your system running regardless of untoward troubles. It has a profound capacity to detect all the malicious, undeserving drivers that are outdated and hijacking the system’s performance. So using this is like understanding relativity with simple steps. 

It starts with a full scan and a disclaimer of the list of things; with one click, all the required drivers can be updated, which reduces the work of baiting on all the icons. It also offers a backup tool so that you have copies of your drivers. Offline updates are allowed too, but it is sometimes sluggish and offers you lots of jibber-jabber.

Driver Genius

Technically the name sounds very helpful for drivers; this user-friendly driver offers us a huge database for the specific peripheral naming printers, motherboards, networks, etc. The proper built-in schedule works out for further updating since it provides us the backup option before bringing any changes, which eventually holds up our data. 

Still, there’s a modest amount of risk for hardware here. Top-notch qualities do make it a perfect driver but yeah, little below the top two.

In case you have forgot to recover wifi passwords and failing to store backup, do follow these:

For laptops:

-Tap on the wifi icon on your desktop

-Click on Open Network and Sharing Center 

-Click on the wifi network you want the password for

-On the panel, click on the wireless property

– A new panel will be opened

– Tap on the security button



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