Fortnite Hide And Seek Challenge: Can You Survive This?

ultimate fortnite hide and seek

One of the most fun games in our childhood used to be hide-and-seek. It was quite exciting to find difficult hiding spots; some of us even had special spots only we knew. It was almost like a challenge of how long you can go undetected.

If you love gaming then you must have heard of the hit game Fortnite. It was released in 2017 by Epic Games. Everyone who loves playing action games with online multiplayer has showered this game with much love.

You can find countless Fortnite gameplays on YouTube and something these players always enjoy is coming up with new and exciting challenges involving the game. One such popular Fortnite challenge is the hide-and-seek challenge. Fortnite has interesting wide maps that can easily be used as hiding spots. Youtuber McCreamy Attempts the ultimate Fortnite hide and seek challenge – 100 players join on his server to play the hide and seek with him. If you love these challenges you can check out the video on YouTube, its 18:54 minutes long.

The Challenge

ultimate fortnite hide and seek

The Youtuber begins the video with simple clarification of the challenge – the ultimate Fortnite hide and seek will be played by 100 players and he will try to find them out. Whoever is left undetected till the last, will win $1000.

The rules are simple – land at the middle island, once players hear “go”, they can go and hide and the Youtuber will start his hunt. We see the players landing in the center island and the Youtuber, wearing the skin of skeleton and a scythe in his hand looks over the players that have gathered. We see him very excited to begin. He instructs the players to go find a hiding spot within a minute and with affirmative “go”, the game begins.

The Hunt Begins

The hunt begins – you see the McCreamy running and jumping around the ground with the long scythe in his hand and soon enough, as he jumps over a wall, he finds the first player. Next, he shoots the next player who was hiding up on a wooden beam in a barn. The Youtuber goes looking for more people in the area and finds the next person hiding inside a dumpster. As he destroys the dumpster the player jumps out and he makes his kill. The ultimate Fortnite hide and seek continues.

McCreary’s friend informs that he cannot find anyone and McCreamy boasts he’s on 3 finds already. As they are talking he proceeds to make his next kill. We see the player running on the open green ground and McCreamy aims and shoot but misses.

Then we find McCreamy slashing a tree as he voices his suspicion that there might be someone hiding in that tree. He cuts down another tree but he finds no one. The two friends make a conjecture that this was probably bait set for them and declares that the players are really good at this game.

After The Hunt

He runs and looks for more players and spots someone hiding behind a fence. He makes his shot but the player manages to escapes. He starts to chase the player and the player quickly runs away. Even McCreamy exclaims that the players are definitely very quick that he cannot make his shot. However, he manages to kill this player called “CrazyLightning1”.

He next spots another player hiding within the tall grass and immediately shoots him down. The two friends again begin to make tally – McCreamy has killed 5, and his friend Daniel has killed 2 and there are still 90 players left to be found in the ultimate Fortnite hide and seek the challenge. They comment that there are so many hiding spots that it is hard to find them all. They keep looking for them but to no avail and then a storm warning pops up. Finally, we see McCreamy find 2 more people. His friend says he has found 4 people till now.

As the storm surge warning from the game pops up again, the two players become hopeful that they will soon find more people. And their experience speaks rightly as they continue to make more shots and the number of remaining players comes down to 56 people.

Ultimate Fortnite hide and seek

We see people hiding in trees, inside bushes and every possible spot. Some people die while running to other spots. The Youtuber finds another inside a house, another inside a hay bale. McCready then shoots another one from a distance and he continues to make shots. The ultimate Fortnite hide and seek goes on.

We see the Youtuber take aims and miss, take aim and kill. They two friends spot many people hiding in unique places and some are killed inside a tree and some while hiding behind a box. The game goes on for the rest of the 30 people. We also see many players hiding nearby the two players but they fail to spot them. But McCreamy manages to find a group of 4 people inside a room and keeps on hunting them. He again kills again someone hiding in the trashcan. He kills another 3 and exclaims that there are a lot of people remaining.

Finally, the number of players comes down to 3 and the showdown begins. They finally find 3rd player turns out they were hiding in the plain sight, inside a bush! They admit that they missed the person while standing right next to him.

The two friends again make the tally – McCreamy has killed 37 and he has won the $5000 bet with his friend that they made at the beginning of the video. The winner of the ultimate Fortnite hide and seek is “ogibog” who won the $1000. The winner reveals he was hiding in a bush for the entire game.

Final Thoughts

ultimate fortnite hide and seek

The game was full of excitement and adventures. The entire video keeps you on the edge to find out who is hiding how and where. The players are extremely good at the game, so are the two Youtubers. This was definitely one of the most enjoyable ultimate Fortnite hides and seek challenges. I desperately want to try this. What do you think?


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