Fouad WhatsApp APK is One of the Top WhatsApp Mods (2019)

fouad whatsapp

Use of WhatsApp mods is now a trend. We use WhatsApp mods not only because we need to use two WhatsApp on the same mobile, but for all the premium features. Here we will talk about one of the all-time best WhatsApp mod.

This mod is known as Fouad WhatsApp by Fouad Mokdad comes with look customization. You will also get the download link for Fouad WhatsApp new version in this post. So, keep reading for all the details of Fouad WhatsApp.

fouad whatsapp

The first time this MOD concept came into the picture while people needed 2 WhatsApp accounts on the same mobile. Because, dual WhatsApp was not possible with official WhatsApp. So, people used mods like Fouad WhatsApp for dual WhatsApp purpose. The application is also known as FM WhatsApp as it is developed by Fouad Mokkad. However, over the time these mods became more popular as they came with premium features with every update. Fouad WhatsApp removed many restrictions and added new features for WhatsApp users, by giving them total freedom of using it. In the below section, we have described all the features of Fouad WhatsApp new version apk.


>> Font Style

With Fouad WhatsApp, you can change the default font style and change it to any other font as you wish from mod settings.

>> Theme

Customize the look of Fouad WhatsApp using the themes available. You can also add external themes from the file manager.

>> Image and Video filter

Filter different types of photos and videos if you do not want to see them in the future. It will restrict those photos and videos from downloading to your mobile.

>> Customize tick style

Bored of the same blue and grey tick style? Fouad WhatsApp has many styles available for tick customization as well as lunch icon.

>> Exclusive calling UI

Experience your WhatsApp call with a whole new calling UI. You will love it for sure.

>> Send Any file

Now send any file type using WhatsApp. There is no restriction in sending file types anymore with Fouad WhatsApp.

Why its better than GBWA

There is also another popular mod known as GB WhatsApp available with the same features as Fouad WhatsApp. For that people ask me why we choose Fouad WhatsApp over GB WhatsApp. I can simply say it may have all the same features as Fouad WhatsApp, but it lacks a unique feature that Fouad WhatsApp has.


Almost all of us love using emojis while chatting to express our feelings in WhatsApp. GB WhatsApp has the default emoji styles as regular WhatsApp. However, Fouad WhatsApp comes with many extra emoji sets apart from the default one. It has emoji sets like a telegram, Facebook, and many more emoji sets. So, for the people who want to use different emojis, Fouad WhatsApp is best for them.

How to Install on Android

  • To install Fouad WhatsApp, we need to first get the latest version Fouad WhatsApp apk from this download link.
  • After the download is complete locate the apk file in the file manager and open it.
  • Next tap on install, it will install the Fouad WhatsApp app to mobile.
  • After the installation is complete open the app and tap on “Agree and Continue.”
  • Next, provide with your mobile number and verify it with the OTP.
  • After the verification is done, now you can start using Fouad WhatsApp.


This is everything about Fouad WhatsApp. Before downloading you must check the features of Fouad WhatsApp and be sure what you are getting with this mod. Hope you like all the premium features of Fouad WhatsApp. Be it dual WhatsApp or your main WhatsApp, Fouad WhatsApp is best for both. Keep visiting this post for latest updates of Fouad WhatsApp and feature release notes. Do share this post with friends. Thank you.



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