Freak Out With These 6 Scary Games


Scary games often sound like fun right. Yeah, it is fun but they have to be dark and scary enough to scare people and bring them to the same platform every time they want to be scared.

The First Game

The first game is very scary. It’s called No-One Online. It has a very traditional method of starting the game. It is said that no one is online when playing the game. So you always play solo whenever you are. Although it says that there were no players online I could see some players online. So there is absolutely nothing that we can shoot in this game.

When you start playing the game, you get a connection to the server in an old fashioned way. This made me think that the game was quite backdated, so now no one plays it anymore. But I was wrong. The game starts under a clear blue sky and inside a building in an open space. There is a red flag, holding which starts the game and this where the game becomes one of the top scary games.

No Background Score

There is no background music and that is something you should remember before playing this game. You will come to know why I am saying that the background music is important. I tried shooting and saw that the gun has some good potential. Before taking up the flag, you need to take a stroll and explore the whole building. I don’t know there is this small stream but it looks fine. The background music is like the silence in churches and occasionally you can hear birds chirping. Then you will see a red flag, and once you hold that, the whole scenario changes.

The whole background becomes darker and that’s the scary party in these scary games. Suddenly you hear an old phonograph playing and when you follow the sound, you get to see a phonograph playing. Do not try shooting that machine because the whole music stop and that will sound very creepy.

More Creepy Incidents Follow

After a while, I saw someone trying to peak from different angles. The shooting was never the answer, so, I wonder why did I have a gun after all. The person soon disappears. Soon you can get hold of another blue flag and when I turned into the building again, it started glowing red. So, I followed the red glow thinking that it was some sign. But I entered a room which was glowing red. But the moment I entered the red room, there was no red glow. I see another flag in some time and when I hold the flag someone else joins the game. That was creepy.

Out of nowhere a ghost appears twice like a glimpse and vanishes as well. When I hold another blue flag, the ghost comes right up to the player. As you already know ghosts cannot be killed by bullets, so firing at the ghost is meaningless. The gate opens but the player cannot run out of the gate. Trees start appearing out of nowhere. The ghost appears again from behind as well. This was really a really scary moment and one of the best in the scary games.

John Dev’s Arrival

A guy named John Dev joins the game as a spectator. He starts giving instructions about aborting the game. He claims that holding the last flag will raise the dead and the player will lose connection to the server. Then He gives a story about how he calms down his wife’s ghost with the music. Nonetheless, venturing onto the game, I lost the server. When I tried playing it again (because I thought I could win this game), John Dev asks me why did I return. The ghost keeps reappearing and he says that the game is an incomplete project to bring back his wife.

Bird Food

Anyway, moving onto the next game, Bird Food, I must tell you that I could not even understand the game at the beginning. There were crows who became flesh eaters and they killed many men. The game is like finding your way to the cathedral. On your way to the cathedral, you will get attacked by many crows that you need to kill with a shovel. The trees were spooky and were ejecting some green mesh.

There were many background stories where the crows are hunting the men who have come to work in the forest. They are initially unable to understand this, a large number of men die and become Bird Food. At last, in the cathedral, you have to kill a giant Crow which took on of my legs and it was so difficult trying to kill the crow. But this time I had a fire machine which shot fire. That was good.

Only in Darkness

The last game was kind of an escape game which is called Only in Darkness. It had a very spooky environment and you need to find your way out of the rooms before a crazy flying mannequin girl sneaks up on you and kills you. You are told to use Mirror but I couldn’t even understand what the mirror could do. Probably it could help you see how far the flying female mannequin is from you. At first round, I got killed because I couldn’t understand what to do in the middle of the game. I got stuck and I was not able to understand what to do when the blue pink and yellow lights were blinking. I was being told to move in the light.

And sometimes the light would go completely dark. You cannot move at that point in time. But remember you have got some torch lights in your backpack. You can always use them when the lights go dark and you need to run before the crazy mannequin catches up on you. I somehow escaped and I can’t get onto the hard mode.

The scary games are so fun because it takes all your attention and diverts your mind completely. So go check more scary games and let me know what you think.


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