10 Free Google Tools All Content Marketers Should Use


Content Marketing is becoming a fast-growing business nowadays. Many companies hire freelance content marketers along with content marketing interns on top of the regular Content Marketing employees. It is a vast job requiring a lot of team mates (a different kind, though). First of all, you need writers for writing different kinds of content that are related to the niche that you want to work in. The content should be written as per your strategies and keyword research. The content should be such that it is good for SEO and align as per the guidelines of Google’s Algorithm. After that, you need to have a knowledge of various platforms that can help you in marketing your content.

Even if you are a Content Marketing Professional with years of experience or a newbie just starting fresh, you should have a knowledge of these free Google tools to help you become a Content Marketing Guru.

1.Google AdWords: Keyword Planner

Do not be fooled by its looks. This basic looking tool from Google is still the best tool to find specific keywords for your posts. For improving the ranking of your site in search engines, you need to compose posts that target some specific keywords. This tool lets you find a primary keyword that has the potential to top the search results in Google.

2.Google Alerts

Always be on your toes about your industry and your surroundings. Set up Google Alerts to be regularly notified of the latest news on your industry, where is your brand mentioned on the internet, where are your rival’s brand mentioned on the internet and all the other nitty-gritty stuff. You have the option to be notified by e-mail or directly to your RSS reader. Remember, being the last person to tell the news never gets you any points.

3.Google Search Console

It is a simple yet powerful tool which shows the worth of your website. It allows you to see how to perform in the Google Search online. Every Content Marketer should get accustomed with this tool as soon as possible. It helps you to track which of your keywords are performing well and which are not accepted by the viewers much.

4.Google Analytics

Track everything that is happening on your site with Google Analytics. This is a powerful tool which shows you the performance of your website. Keep a regular track on which of your posts have been seen a lot. Which section or category is getting the highest traffic for you? Dwell on that and make more posts related to that. Link them to other posts from the site and create a big space where users stay for a long time. The possibilities are endless.

5.Google Docs

Along with the number of posts, the quality and efficiency of the posts matter also. A loosely written and incorrect article fails to grasp the attention of the reader. To write a really great and efficient post, good Content Marketers use Google Docs. It lets you add images to the post, checks for spelling and other mistakes, gives you a word count and is really easy to share with team members.


Google’s answers to keep with Facebook and Twitter might not have boomed as they wanted it to, but it is still one of the best social media platforms in terms of business and work. It allows you to connect with a number of people, grow your contacts and share contents. You should at least have a presence there.

7.Google Trends

Even for a seasoned writer, there are times when you run of ideas and topics to write about. You can be as creative as you like and even use the Keyword tool to find new keywords, but it will all be in vain if you can’t connect it with something useful. Use Google trends to see what topics are trending right now and how you can incorporate those stories into your post. That is sure to get you some viewers.

8.Google Sheets

One to best and most used tools by companies that hire remote employees. It provides a great way stay in touch and collaborate with other team members from wherever you are. If the proper update of the sheets is done then you can keep track of everything your team member or employer is doing, have completed or is still working on. Many content marketers use it as a to-do list also.


Undoubtedly the best email client present on the internet. Gmail is one of the Google tools which gives you a lot of power in terms of emailing and keeping in contact with your colleagues, fans, boss or people from other companies. Even press. It helps in maintain your formal look. With a host of add-ons and plugins at your disposal, you can get the best out of Gmail. It is so easy, powerful and elegant that it can single-handedly manage your whole life. Your work, your school and your friends and family all can be connected through this. Even if you don’t own a Gmail account, it is strongly suggested that you create one immediately.

10.Google my Business

Thinking of how to put your business on Google? Simply use Google My Business to list your business online on Google. It is one of the best Google tools. No matter what your business is or at what scale it operates – local or international, some online exposure would not hurt you. List your address, contact info, photos of your business and customer reviews online to increase the popularity of your business and attract more customers.

Google is doing amazing work to make the experience of using internet day-to-day better than ever before. Making use of all the products and services Google has to offer automatically makes you a far better player at every job you do. It is always reliable and easy to use and implement to your website and/or blogs.

The above list of Google tools is a must for all content marketers. These tools can help you to be more productive leading towards better results.


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