Fun Things to Do in Kansas City: From Arts and Culture to Outdoors and More

Things to Do in Kansas City

Kansas City is a vibrant and exciting city full of cultural, historical, and recreational activities for visitors and locals alike. With year-round attractions, such as the Kansas City Zoo, the Country Club Plaza Shopping District, the National World War I Museum and Memorial, and countless parks, there is no shortage of things to do in this dynamic Midwest metropolis.

Kansas City has something for everyone, from exploring the city’s lively entertainment district or taking in a show at one of its renowned performing arts venues to spending time outdoors in its lush public spaces.

Things to Do in Kansas City

Here we will discuss some things to do in Kansas City, so get ready to explore all Kansas City has to offer!


Tour the fountains as dusk settles over Kansas City for a truly magical experience. Start at the famous Mill Creek Fountain, brought over from Paris in 1951 and tucked away in a quaint park. Brush up on the history of these magnificent creations – some, like the Women’s Leadership Fountain, built in 1899, harkening back to the days when they served as watering holes for both people and animals.

Please continue on to Union Station to see the spectacular Henry Wollmach Bloch Fountain with its hundreds of water jets. Dance in the sprays of the Crown Center Square Fountain choreographed by the Kansas City Symphony. And remember to marvel at the Fountain Basin at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art; it is believed to date back to 220 C.E. and holds the oldest marble bowl around.

Things to Do in Kansas City

Enjoy KC’s fountain heritage – explore, honor, and appreciate each one as you go along. Come discover why fountains have been loved here for centuries!

American Jazz Museum

This is one of the great things to do in Kansas City. Step into the majestic Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art and marvel at the awe-inspiring giant shuttlecock sculptures adorn the front lawn. Inside, you can explore the fascinating collections of Asian art, ceramics, photography, and centuries-old furniture. For a truly unforgettable experience, visit the National World War I Museum and Memorial – the only American museum devoted to remembering and understanding the impact of the Great War.

Of course, the American Jazz Museum in the 18th & Vine Historic Jazz District is your ticket to music history! Finally, a trip to KC wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the essential Negro Leagues Baseball Museum; celebrate the legacy of African American baseball and its impact on society with $10 adult admission. With such an array of choices, cultural enrichment is just around the corner – come indulge in your curiosity today!

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Tour the Science City

Gather the family and prepare for adventure! Make your way to Union Station in Kansas City Missouri, where you will find Science City: an interactive exhibit that allows visitors to explore science first-hand. From learning about physics at the Force and Motion station to discovering the unique characteristics of water at Every Last Drop, everyone can learn something new here.

Kids will love Dino Lab, where they can uncover prehistoric secrets, while parents marvel at the genetics lab. The fun doesn’t end there – enjoy feature presentations in the planetarium, get lost in a web of brain teasers in the park, expand your knowledge of food chemistry in the test kitchen, and more! With so many delightful experiences on offer, it’s clear that visiting Science City is one of the best ways for families to make the most of their trip to Kansas City.

Things to Do in Kansas City

National World War I Museum

The impressive and breathtaking Liberty Memorial stands tall in Kansas City, a monument dedicated to the brave individuals who served during World War I. Below its resplendent facade is a shrine of history, a treasure trove of artifacts, documents, videos and more that tell stories of the global war and its lasting impact.

Visitors can experience the battle from within the trenches at the National World War I Museum. Peek inside an other-worldly crater created by an artillery strike on a French farmhouse and listen to audio-visual recreations of what it was really like for those who fought valiantly to preserve freedom.

Glimpse past the conflict through moving personal accounts from front line service personnel and those who stayed behind. Marvel at the Renault FT-17 tank damaged by German shellfire and authentic clothes, tools and equipment used in warfare or brought home as mementos. With over 75,000 relics in total, this collection is truly unprecedented.

Airline History Museum

This is also one of the finest things to do in Kansas City. Adventure awaits at the Airline History Museum at Kansas City’s Downtown Airport! Aviation buffs will find a delightful collection of aircraft from their bygone days. Take a stroll down memory lane and say hello to some veterans as you explore everything from propeller planes to Howard Hughes’ iconic TWA Moonliner, a detailed scale model of a passenger rocket. It will surely be an exciting experience that won’t be forgotten soon!

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Visit a distillery

Discover the art of drink-making in Kansas City – a city that loves its drinks, even long before Prohibition was repealed. Take J. Rieger & Co., for instance. Established in 1887 and only closed down when Alcohol was prohibited in 1919. After 95 years, they reopened their original location in Electric Park and now produce whiskey, dry gin, wheat vodka and more! Stop by on Wednesdays through Sundays and take a peek at them working their magic on their production floor or book a tour where you can do tastings and savour cocktails at the Monogram Lounge.

Things to Do in Kansas City

If you’re looking to broaden your horizons, other must-see distilleries around town include Mean Mule Distilling Co., Tom’s Town Distilling Company and Lifted Spirits Distillery. Explore American agave spirits from Mean Mule, imbibe award-winning bourbon and gin made in honour of Pendergast at Tom’s Town and add some punch to your palate with Lifted Spirits’ green absinthe – all made deliciously, right here in good ol’ Kansas City!

Union Station

Visiting Union Station in Kansas City is like stepping into a time warp. Originally erected in 1914, the station saw thousands of passengers pass through its waiting area and handle extensive train service. But then in the 1980s the building shut down, and after extensive remodeling, it reopened in 1999 as something completely new.

Today, Union Station is a destination for all ages. Step inside the classic tower and you’ll find attractions like the Regnier Extreme Screen Theater, Science City, the City Stage Theater, and the Arvin Gottlieb Planetarium. Or marvel at the chic boutiques and restaurants that have made this historic site a must-visit destination. There’s something for everyone!

Final words

These are things to do in Kansas City. Kansas City is a vibrant city full of history, culture and entertainment. From thrilling attractions like the Kansas Speedway to natural wonders like Loose Park, there’s something for everyone in this city. Visitors can take in some of the best museums in the country or visit one of the many outdoor activities from fishing to hiking trails.

For those seeking adventure, try some unique experiences such as the interactive Science City or the incredible Adventure Oasis Waterpark. Enjoy live music and theater at The Midland or grab some delicious food from one of the city’s many restaurants. Whether you’re looking for entertainment, education, or want to explore, Kansas City has something for you.


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