The Futuristic AR Technology Turning The Tables


    Technology has been treading at a lightning-fast pace. Making our lives easier, each and every technology has streamlined the way we live our life. Over the past few decades, we have witnessed some radical transformations in the technology that has leveraged the way things are normally done.

    You must be probably living under the rock if you are not yet aware of the technological transformation happening around the world. Whether it is automating the tasks or providing a seamless shopping experience, technology has given an immense contribution to enhancing the human lifestyle. AR technology or Augmented Reality is one such magnificent technological prodigy that has taken the world with a storm.

    If you have watched Sci-fi movies, you must have an idea of what actually augmented reality is. With its ubiquitous benefits, AR technology is now being implemented in a majority of industries right now.

    What’s All The Fuss About Augmented Reality?

    Augmented Reality is what it actually sounds like, it happens when a different reality is immersed or over layered on an existing reality with the help of smart gadgets. AR technology uses computer-generated images to immerse them into devices to alter the perspective of reality. To provide a richer experience to the users, augmented reality is synced with other technologies like IoT (Internet of Things). Several video games have been integrated augmented reality into their interface to provide one of a kind gaming experience to the users. Pokemon Go is a great example of an AR integrated game. AR technology is opening new avenues for mobile gaming to bring out their best.

    What’s The Difference Between AR and VR?

    When we hear the term augmented reality and virtual reality, we tend to take them as similar, but actually they are quite different from each other. Virtual reality takes the person to an entirely different reality from the one they are currently living. Whereas, augmented reality is the altered version of the existing reality that we see on smart gadgets like smartphones and smart glasses.

    AR just superimpose the images and VR; on the other hand, create a brand new setting either from scratch or a pre-existing reality. AR technology is majorly used driving, navigation, gaming, etc. Virtual reality is used for stimulating scenarios.

    Types of AR You Must Be Acquainted With

    AR technology is omnipresent, and it has different forms, as well. Types of augmented reality are divided in terms of the AR experience provided:-

    • Marker AR: It happens when AR program starts the moment the camera is pointed at a particular preprogrammed marker image. For instance, when you hold your phone’s camera, you can spot some images.
    • Markless AR: As the name implies, Markless AR is opposite to Marker AR. It launches the AR experience without any marker image. It is generally used in the Pokemon Go game.
    • Location-Based AR: It is considered as the variation of Markless AR. Location-based R is limited to a specific location and triggers the augmented reality to that particular place. Virtual objects will be placed at different locations, and when the user’s data are matched with the location, all the devices will be displayed to them.
    • Projection Based AR: This form of augmented reality use advance projectors to develop immersive light forms or layers of images on a flat surface. It does not include a user-operated technology. Instead, it uses a projector operated mechanism. This form of AR technology is used for entertainment purposes.

    Where Can You See AR Technology in The Next 5-10 Years?

    There’s no doubt in asserting that augmented reality is pacing towards radical development. Each year, there are significant transformations made in AR technology that makes it one step closer to the futuristic development. AR experts are anticipating that within 2025, the AR/VR worth will shoot to $25 Billion that will steadily rise. Investing in AR technology is the smartest investment you can do today, as the AR industry will continue to flourish in the global market.

    Almost every industry and field have embraced this revolutionary technology to offer an enriched viewing experience. From healthcare, eCommerce to real estate, there is a room for AR in every industry. There are plenty of AR devices in the market that supports a seamless viewing experience. Each device ha aits own prominence and are anticipated to develop in the coming years.

    AR experts say that the future of augmented reality will be the up-gradation of its devices. In the future, there will be two forms of AR devices, tethered systems, and standalone units. Tethered systems are the ones that are connected to a secondary device to initiate the experience, such as smart wearable. Standalone units, on the other hand, will house a group of devices into a single unit.

    The early signs of this technology leap have already started to witness as manufacturers are selecting between standalone and tethered solution already.

    It is deemed that AR technology is in the teen years and has been developing rapidly. Over the coming years, we can witness some radical changes in the technology that people will definitely embrace for the better.

    Many billion-dollars companies like Facebook are already bidding on augmented reality owing to its steady and promising and steady growth.


    AR technology has taken over our lives with their one of a kind experience. It might be hard to believe that augmented reality has been existing in the world from the last 30 years. But, it was a few years ago when it augmented reality emerged as a dominating and radical technology. AR technology was initially used in military aircraft arena, pilot head-mounted display, flight simulation, etc. It was after their integration into the entertainment and gaming industry that brought AR technology into the limelight.

    AR is certainly the next big thing in the industry that is yet to turn the tables and bring out the best. All we can do it witness the revolutionary development of the technology and harness its potential to the most.


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