Galaxy Note 10 Plus Star Wars Phone- What Does It Have For You?

Galaxy Note 10 Plus

There is some good news for all those people who are die-hard fans of The Star Wars. Yes, you have heard it right, and the good news is coming in the form of Galaxy Note 10 Plus Star Wars phone. This phone is surely going to give some major gadget buying goals for Start wars enthusiasts. This limited edition phone is about to hit the markets in late December and is a complete package of happiness for all who love Star Wars. If you are planning to get the Galaxy Note 10 plus Star Wars edition smartphone, then you can be assured of possessing one of the coolest phones ever. It can invoke in you the Star Wars fan and give you all the reasons to flaunt it.

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The Galaxy Note 10 Plus Star Wars phone comes in a sleek box which gives you an awesome unboxing experience. The colours available is Kylo Ren black and is a 256 GB note 10 phone with a case having the words Star Wars embossed on it with the logo. This phone is similar to the note 10 that was released way back in August, but this is one of the coolest smartphones to own at the moment.

Firstly, let’s start with what you unbox first. Yes, we are talking about the box, the box is big, and you can see the cools graphics of Kylo Ren printed on the box. The graphics of Kylo Ren has its mask and an intact hood to give the start war vibes to every owner who unboxes the package. Below it, one can find the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus logo along with the Star Wars logo. Once you flip it towards the back, one can find some regulatory information handout along with the contents of the package.

Galaxy Note 10 Plus

If you wish of having a look at the actual contents, you need to slide the upper layer of the box. Just like you may have seen in the Star Wars trailers, the hood of Kylo Ren disappears to show you the dark side of the underneath. The Galaxy Note 10 Plus has taken a step ahead to be characterised by the Star Wars theme and is out to give you a fully galactic experience.

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The Galaxy Note 10 Plus Star Wars phone is a black coloured device with red coloured highlights and looks exceptionally stunning. It comes in a special designer case with a metal badge. It also has a special edition pen and special edition Galaxy buds. Along with the Galaxy Star Wars-themed phone, the package includes Star Wars-themed stuff such as shutdown animations, icons, walls, etc. for the fans to have an extreme Star Wars feel. The volume rocker and power button are also red in colour, and the black features are etched with the logo of Star Wars. It also has a red coloured S pen which shouts out loud about Kylo Ren lightsabre. When you remove it from the phone, it makes a sound of turning the light sabre on, and when you slide it back, it produces a sound that turns it off. These details make this phone a unique one and give the owner an awesome experience. You can consider this limited edition phone to be designed revolving around the Kylo Ren theme and even the lock screen has a photo of Kylo Ren making this phone simply obsessed with the Star Wars theme.

This Galaxy Note 10 Plus Star Wars phone will be available in only a limited edition and will hit many global markets all around the world. So it is quite evident that the Star War fans have to act fast and have to make some quick decisions to get one of their favourite gadgets in hand. Owing to the limited edition, it is quite sure that all Star War freaks may have to line up to get their chance of getting this impressive Galaxy Note 10 Plus Star Wars phone. Also, they may be required to pay a bit higher prices in comparison to its counterpart Galaxy Note 10 Plus phone for owning one Star war themed phone.

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Galaxy Note 10 Plus

Galaxy Note 10 Plus Star Wars phone has a 6.8 inch dynamic AMOLED and QHD display and offers a resolution of 3040×1440 pixels. It has 9825 Exynos processor and a 12 Gb RAM. It has 512 GB internal memory and a 4300mAh battery. The camera is something to boast about as it has a front camera of 10mega pixels and a 12MP quad rear cameras with 16 megapixels wide-angle lens to give you better picture quality. It also has 12mega pixel telephoto lens and ToF camera. The colour code is a combination of red and black and all the icons that you get to see on your phone also make use of this colour code to adhere to the contrast theme.

Also, you will get to find ample of customisation options on the phone as you turn it on and explore it. You will witness custom boot animation welcoming you with the dark side animation theme to make you feel welcomed and a belief that you are actually owning a Star War-themed phone. Same will be the case when you switch off your phone as you will get to see the Star War graphics saying you a goodbye every time you wish to switch off your phone. Wallpapers, ringtones, animations, notification sounds, there are a lot many things that will make you feel that you finally own a phone that lets you experience Star Wars in closer proximity. Having a Star War-themed phone will let your joy know no bounds if you are a Star Wars follower.


But you need to aware that these phones are going to be released in limited edition, so you need to grab your own chance. Being in possession of this enticing gadget may not be easy as there are many who are queuing up to get the phone. So what are you waiting for? Get ready and act fast to get one in your hands!


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