Will Gangsta Season 2 Release Or Not? Gangsta Storyline, Characters, And Overall Reviews For Fans!

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Are you eagerly waiting for Gangsta Season 2? Mr. Kohale. Shinchosa Comic magazine had written and published it in the year 2011 as a manga. However, it became one of the famous leading developers to launch an anime show for the same. Additionally, the developer was also motivated to release audio series with the novel. When it had aired, people thought it would belong to a crime genre. However, they were wrong because it was belonging to the crime genre but not entirely. Shuko Murade and Koichi Hatsumi had directed this series. Funimation, Anime Limited Animation Houses, and Madman Entertainment had the license to this show.

Gangsta Season 1 Brief:

This series had aired its first show on the 1st-July 2015. It covered 12 episodes of the first show till 27th-September 2015. In this series, the Manglobe Animation Studios had animated the gangsta anime series. You may have noticed that the storyline of anime is somewhat complicated.

However, from the beginning, anyone could guess what the story wants to deliver the message. There is violence in the show gangsta even though it has only 12 episodes. But, the series could cover a large part of the plot.

When it aired its episodes, it had become catchy for the whole season and caught people until the last episode. So it becomes essential to know when they will release season 2. 

Everyone knows from the name of this show itself that this story is all about gangsters that gives an idea about the crime genre. Based on the storyline, two men try to control and moderate the crime in a city where no laws work. What I think is that this show offers more than what people expect from it. It is because of the perfect planning and directing of the content.

Gangsta Season 2 Release Date & Facts:

As I have already discussed that season one of the gangsta show had released on the 1st-July 2015, it ended in 27th-September 2015. The ending of season 1 had put lots of people in deep thinking about the controversial ending. Therefore, lots of people are waiting for gangsta season 2. It is the root cause of why we have to update this post.

Gangsta anime season 2 release date
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It might be somewhat disappointing to the fans that there are fewer chances to get season 2. The time is critical for the author, and it is why I would like to suggest fans not to keep hope too high. It is because the author of this show is suffering from illness since the end of season 1. The author has been suffering from recurring health issues since he has completed season 1. However, if a writer successfully finishes the write-up for season 2, everyone knows that Manglobe Animation Studio’s performance is dropping down because of bankruptcy. It can be another reason why we might not see season 2.

Still, there is hope for season 2 in 2021. If the author finishes the storyline, and there is a chance that the same studio can not do the animation for the same. You must agree that the animated-scene for any show is the second most important thing for its success after the storyline. Still, we might see gangsta season 2 in the year 2021-2022.

How Exciting Is Storyline For Gangsta?

As you may have known about the storyline, there are two handymen in the lawless city to moderate the crime and control the activities. Two partners Worick Arcangelo and Nicolas Brown, live in the town of Ergastalum. People like the government, police, politicians, and anyone seek their help at bad times. Therefore, everyone living in this town knows them well. It is because they do any risky tasks. In the storyline, they meet one prostitute Alex Benedetto who was about to be killed. Therefore, to guard her, they both took her to their team. Then, they saw some changes around the city.

For your kind information, the city was peaceful at a time for twilight people. However, to kill those people, there was an underground organization working for its benefits. So, both these men had to tackle the tough challenges by fighting against the organization. It is so that they can protect the city. But at the end of season 1, one of them finished.

Before this happening, in that city, from prostitution to drug dealings was quite common. From the first episode, we have seen that there has been no shyness in the other upcoming episodes while considering violence.

However, with lots of negative news and negative-activities, something is exciting about this season. It is the characters of this show. Nick and Worick are two main characters in the gangsta show. Fans of the gangsta show say that there are some of the best roles that we can ever see in any other programs.

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Overall Reviews Of Gangsta Season 1:

If anyone asks for an overview of this show, all I can say is that the show is pretty badass, and the direction of this show is quite cool. The developers have used pretty cool animations while considering the action scenes, which are cruel in many places. However, all the action scenes used in this show have a pre and well-defined purpose of shoot and telecast.

The realistic view of the animations, fight scenes, and character plots, make people forget they are watching animation. It becomes eye-catching while watching this show.

Heart Got Characters Of Gangsta:

After discussing everything about the gangsta show, how can we forget to discuss characters and their descriptions for the Gangsta show? Though animation and movements, or aesthetics of characters make them rock, if there is no cold-blooded storyline for any role, we can not enjoy the story. So, let us discuss our three main characters in gangsta. Will you be seeing these characters in gangsta season 2? Let us know your thoughts and share your experiences, expectations, and imaginations with us.

Nicolas Brown:

As I said earlier, Nicolas and Worick are partners that work together. He is a handyman for many people of power in the city. His skin texture is light in color. He has thick black hair, and he kept it brushed aside. He is lean but is muscular, and you may have seen scars all over his body. He wore a black suit and a grey shirt. He used to wore black boots.

Nicolas Brown believed that it was always good to keep quiet by saving energy without talking more than necessary. He irritated frequently, and people avoided messing with him as his badass appearance makes people scared. And his sense of humor is dark, but on the battlefield, we could see his entirely different personality as a fighting opponent

Worick Arcangelo:

Worick Arcangelo had born as Wallace Arcangelo. He partnered with Nicolas Brown, and both called The Handymen. He had a light-skinned color. His eyes were blue. However, he wore a black eye patch for his left eye because it had burnt out when he was young. Additionally, he wore a black suit with a blue shirt. It made him look cool, and lots of women kept their attention towards him.

On another side, this guy has a chilled out and laid back personalities. Therefore, he never refused to help needy people. Still, he never relied upon anyone because he had some trust issues. Being protective of people who love him keeps them in his reaching areas.

Alex Benedetto:

As you may have known about her, she was a former prostitute. But, at present, she works for Worick and Nicolas. She is the secretary for them. She used to do a part-time singing job at a club known as Bastard. Cristiano’s family owns and runs this club. She has dark skin, but she is pretty attractive and has a better physical body, not like any other female. In the beginning, she was quiet. But after spending some time with these guys, she learned to speak her opinion and suggestions.

On the other side of her character, Alex has the courage and have a bold nature. She never thought twice before putting herself into danger if she had to do it to protect civilians who are close to her. Alex had a caring nature while helping Nicolas because many prostitutes had targeted him.

Final Thoughts:

Have to see all the episodes of gangsta season 1? How did you enjoy this show? Do not forget to share your opinions about gangsta season 2. If you think that this show will have a second season in the year 2021-2022, let us know your thoughts. In this article, I am concluding by asking a simple question to you people. What is your opinion about gangsta season 2? Do you think you will see the same characters in the successor season if it becomes possible to launch season for the writer and publisher? Share your expectations from the upcoming season and let us know if this article could be helpful.


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