The Best Solutions for the ‘Gboard Keeps Stopping’ Issue

Gboard keeps stopping

What is this issue ‘Gboard Keeps Stopping’?

As of late, an issue with Gboard has arisen after Google revealed an update. At the point when this issue occurs, your Gboard will crash and won’t work appropriately. At the point when you’ll re-dispatch it, the console will keep smashing. You will see pop-ups like ‘Shockingly Gboard has quit dealing with’ the screen. Through this article, you will get the answers to two questions. One is why gboard keeps stopping, and the second one is how to solve this problem.

What is Gboard? 

Gboard is a console application found in Android, just as iOS. It was first delivered in 2016 for iOS and a couple of months after the fact for Android gadgets. The essential console was no not exactly a wonder changing the lives of each client of innovation. With more than a billion clients today, this virtual console has been refreshed to incorporate many interesting highlights like common language where we can discuss in any language, including our first language. Presently you have voice composing, emoticons console, coast composing, Themes, Text adjustment, Dictionary, and the sky is the limit from there. 

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Why my Gboard keeps stopping? 

A few iOS and Android clients have whined that their Gboard keeps stopping while, at the same time, composing. This is generally observed in Xiaomi, Samsung, Oneplus cell phones, and tablets. There can be no. Reasons that are causing the issue. 

  • Low Device Space –

    Like some other applications, Gboard additionally requires Device space and RAM for activities. If your gadget has low space or RAM is full, at that point, the Gboard won’t work appropriately and will continue smashing. The Quick answer for this issue is to lose some space or clear late applications on your gadget. 

  • Compatibility Issue –

    The issue may ordinarily happen in light of the Application you are utilizing Gboard with. To distinguish this issue, open some other application on your telephone and take a stab at utilizing Gboard on that application and check whether the “Shockingly Gboard Keeps Stopping” Message popups. 

  • Terrible Gboard Update  –

    The issue can likewise happen because of Bad Gboard update, and to fix this issue, Downgrade your Gboard update or check for any new accessible update which may have fixed the issue. 

There may be many more explanations behind this issue, yet the above given are the normal issues for Gboard keeps stopping. The following are fixed for this issue. 

How to eliminate or fix Gboard keeps stopping the issue? 

Follow these means to reset your Gboard and eliminate Gboard keeps stopping issue popup from your cell phone without any problem: 

Set Gboard as the default console application 

To ensure that your Gboard is the default console alternative, go to Settings >> Systems>> Languages and Input>> Current Keyboard >> Gboard. This way, you can pick the default console on your Android cell phone, and it will fix Gboard keeps stopping the issue. 

Restart your cell phone 

The most straightforward advance to fix the “Gboard keeps stopping” issue is to restart your gadget. Switch now and again. Presently continue your work and check whether the difficulty proceeds. 

Reserve memory of Gboard application 

If the explanation is similarity issues for a specific application wherein your Gboard keeps stopping, at that point, let us manage that application. Clearing terrible reserve records may let the application work easily. To do that 

  • Go to Settings, then click on the About Phone Or Personal. Go to the ‘Storage’or’Apps’ section. 
  • You will either discover Gboard or, more than likely, Cache Memory. In any case, you may tap on that and clear the store documents. Some cell phones show Clear Data and Cache; you need to click on that. 
  • You may likewise tap on Clear App Data if you discover the choice. 
  • Restart your gadget and start a new one. 

Check whether there is any cleaner application. Then it will help you examine the whole interior memory and post for old documents and other superfluous reserve information. 

Power Stop your Gboard application

If your Gboard keeps stopping, something else you could do is prevent the application from your cell phone. 

  • Go to Settings > Apps 
  • Find Gboard application from the rundown 
  • Click on the equivalent and afterward select Force Stop. 
  • See that your Gboard application measure is reset after that. 

Update your Gboard application 

One of the ideal approaches to fix the Gboard keeps stopping issue is to refresh the Gboard application and introduce the most recent form. Ideally, the Gboard Beta program. As clarified above, go to your Google PlayStore or Apple App Store and check whether there are any updates for the Gboard application accessible. 

  • For Android clients, open Google PlayStore, go to the My Apps and Games section, and open the Updates section. Select Gboard and click on the UPDATE button. 
  • For iPhone clients, open App Store, and search Gboard and snap Update if accessible. 
  • If not, downsize the APK adaptation. Google ‘Gboard APK’ record or visit APK reflect. That should help. 

Note: You can’t introduce Gboard from different stores on your iPhone. 

Incapacitate the Gboard application 

Another strategy to dispose of the Gboard keeps stopping issue is to handicap the Gboard application. On the off chance that the issue keeps upsetting for every one of your applications and your general persistence, how about we change to some other virtual console application, all things being equal. 

To cripple the Gboard application, follow these means: 

  • Settings >> Systems >> Languages and Input 
  • Look for Keyboard and Input technique • Select Virtual Keyboard’ present under ‘Info Methods’ • Click ‘Oversee Keyboard. 
  • Disable the application by tapping on the switch button alongside the Gboard application on the rundown. 

Ensure you have just downloaded an outsider virtual console application before you debilitate the Gboard application. 

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Uninstall Gboard application 

The following answer for fix Gboard keeps stopping or slamming is to uncover the wellspring of the issue. Uninstalling the Gboard application from the gadget won’t take care of the issue yet will let you have your genuine feelings of serenity instead of losing it over nothing. Quest for a decent console application from your application store. Make a point to pay extraordinary mind to surveys and evaluations

To uninstall your Gboard application, follow these means on your cell phone: 

  • Settings, then Apps section. 
  • Find Gboard in the rundown of applications. 
  • Snap-on ‘Uninstall’ to eliminate it. 

You can likewise go to your application store, look for Gboard, and snap-on ‘Uninstall there. You have now effectively eliminated the application. Your telephone gadget will consequently change to the next virtual console, of course. If you have more than one console application, you may pick anyone by going to Settings, then Languages and Input and Input Methods. Pick any of the console applications from the rundown. Make a point to reboot your gadget. Start over again. 

Reinstall the updated version of the Gboard application 

In conclusion, to fix Gboard keeps stopping, you can have a go at reinstalling the application. When you have uninstalled your Gboard application from your gadget, you may likewise take a stab at reinstalling it from your application store to check whether it’s working non-dully. Please make a point to set it as the gadget’s default console. Reboot your gadget. Presently check it out. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do if Gboard keeps stopping in MI?

At the point when Gboard keeps stopping in your MI telephone, you can have a go at restarting your gadget, clear store, make Gboard as the essential console, power stop Gboard and even need to uninstall the updates. Most likely, one of the techniques may demonstrate itself to be working. 

What is the coolest element of Gboard? 

Probably the coolest component of Gboard is the capacity to switch between numerous dialects with only one tap. You get a similar component in SwiftKey. It likewise underpins swipe composing, GIFs, stickers, and emoticon forecast. In any case, not at all like Gboard, SwiftKey needs emoticon search. 

What is the best option as a replacement to Gboard? 

SwiftKey can be considered as the best option in contrast to Gboard, in case you’re willing to relinquish the underlying Google Search. Like the Gboard application, SwiftKey utilizes Artificial Intelligence to get familiar with your composing style and, in the long run, adjusts and predicts next words. 


Gboard keeps stopping issue might come to anybody and anytime. However,  you need not stress over that as the arrangements lie directly before you. Indeed, Gboard is an extreme application to have on your phone. It is very useful, though. Thus, we should appreciate this element carefreely. Problems occur with anything in this universe, but we need to learn to cope up with this. Anyway, after getting the eight practical and working solution for a Gboard keeps stopping the issue, this is no longer an issue. So, without having a second thought into your mind, use this app carefreely and unluckily; if this problem appears, solve it in a few moments.


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