Google Trends: The Most Prominent Way to Get Trending Content Ideas


Content has always played an important role in getting businesses noticed, i.e. promoting them. With changing times and technologies, the form of the content has been changed. The content went from newspapers to televisions and now to digital mediums. As most of the businesses have gone digital, the content of your website decides how you stand better than the others. You can start off with a brilliant idea, but with regular updates, it gets really tricky to keep up the game. But with Google Trends, you can keep up your content game forever.

With Google Trends, you can amp up your content game and attract potential customers towards your website. This can be done in many ways, but the ultimate aim is to bring the link of your website on the top of the google search results. Google trends help you in optimizing the content on your website according to the search volume index of keywords and location of the users.

If you are new to the content marketing world and don’t know about keywords and google trends, then this article will tell you how it works and how you can use it to optimize your website’s content.

Google Trends Working

Google Trends is a product of Google that is used for analyzing traffic for search queries. That is, it tells people the number of times a particular query has been searched by people over time in different regions and languages. With its help, you can see what your target audience searches the most and frame your content accordingly. And the cherry on the top is that it is free.

Using Google Trends for Content Marketing

No matter how useful the google trends tool is, if not used properly, it is of no use. So, here are some ways you can use google trends to make the best out of it.

Find the Keyword

Find words you think describes your business the best. These keywords should also be related to the target audience of your business. Once you come up with the keywords, go to google trends and enter these keywords. Google will show you a list of relevant keywords that are searched by most of the people. Using these keywords, you can frame and optimize your website’s content. If your website already has rich content, then use the google trends tool to check if your old keywords are still in trend or not. If not, then you will need to update your website soon.

But always remember that keywords do not work well if the content on your website is not good. Because the amount of time a person spends on your website is also calculated, so if your content would be of bad quality, then customers will leave the website soon and will then go to other websites. This will ultimately result in other websites getting ahead of you. So even with keywords, you need to keep your website’s content as rich as possible.

Get More Specific

There are many factors that influence the traffic towards your website. Getting specific about these factors will ensure that you attract the right audience towards your website.

. Time Duration

You can set the time duration of the collected data. Like if you want to look for some short term trend, then you can keep the duration of the last 6 months and if you are looking for some long term trend, then you can set the duration for like 4 or 5 years. You can also set a long term time duration and then narrow it down to short term to look for the latest trends.

. Location

If you are targetting a specific area or you want to find the areas you should be outreaching the most, then google trends is the place for you. It tells the location wise information of the keywords. With this information, you can make your content more specific according to the target audience.

. Search Options

There are multiple search options on google like web searches, image searches, news searches, shopping searches and youtube searches. You might be optimizing your content for web searches and your target audience would be going to image or youtube searches. This way, you might end up losing most of your potential customers. But with google trends, you can see what search option is used the most for a particular search query. And then you can make that type of content. For example, if you are planning to publish ‘How To’ content, then you can see if people search it more on the web or on videos and you can attract more people towards it.

. Category

The keyword you are using might be used for multiple categories. Like keyword ‘Fast’ can be used in reference to cars and also in reference to processors. How would you know where the keyword is used the most? Google trends give you an option to narrow down the categories. With this, you can find if the keyword is used for your business’s category or not and use the keyword more appropriately.

Scheduling The Content

Different content might be accessed on google on different days of the week. Like restaurant search would be on a hike on weekends as compared to weekdays. If you want to target more potential customers then plan the publishing of your content accordingly. For example, publishing hobby-related content midweek will gather less customer than publishing it on weekends.


As going digital is not sufficient in today’s time. Making your business stand out on digital platforms is more important. And only good content can help you in doing this. Google trends can be proven as a very useful tool for content marketing of your business. And it is for sure that the more time you will spend using this tool, the more features you will explore. But again, remember that keywords and SEO are not successful until it is combined with good content and right strategies. Also, you should keep updating your website’s content on a regular basis to ensure that you match the ongoing trends. So, make sure you plan everything well and win the game of the best digital content.


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