Improve Your English Skills with Google Word Coach- A Vocabulary Game

Google Word Coach

Google has introduced a vocabulary game called the Google Word Coach in 2018. It is a fun game offered in the search results. This game is perfect for improving your English language skills.

You can take benefit from this vocabulary game app to advance your English vocabulary. It is useful for non-English speaking persons or those with weak English skills. It is a beneficial scheme from Google to brush up on your English.

Google Word Coach Included in the Google Dictionary

This option is inserted in the Google dictionary and translate box in the internet search. For instance, you utilize Google’s search engine to search for a word. 

That word is in correlation to the connotation of some words. As a result, the Google dictionary or translate box gets activated.

Google will display the Word Coach game in front of you. This feature will support you in widening your English language vocabulary in a very entertaining and appealing manner.

If ever you have searched for a phrase in the Google search engine, you might have bumped into the Google word coach game or application.

Google’s Formal Declaration on Google Word Coach

A Google spokesperson stated officially that this game assists persons in expanding their English language vocabulary in a winning manner. 

Further, the Word Coach Game is in the translate box and dictionary option. It may appear if a person searches for ‘Google word Coach’ in the search engine.

This feature is initiated in non-native speaking nations and in India too. The foreign language-speaking countries may receive Word Coach in the coming years.

Google Word Coach: Helping Users Expand Their English Or Google Get Smarter?

Google Word Coach is a Fascinating Game

This game is useful for individuals of all stages of beginners. It helps you with an acquaintance with English terminology. You can ascertain new English words regularly. You will become an expert in the English language within a short duration.

Word Coach is a captivating game. Even if you are an expert in the English language, you will love exploring this game. There are various levels in the Google Word Coach game that keeps on increasing and gets hard as you advance.

Google is the most popular search engine that we use to search for and fulfill our questions. Moreover, you can utilize Google’s additional features like Gmail, application, and more. You must be aware of its Word Coach game.

You must have searched for the meaning of any word on Google. Here, Google serves as a dictionary in this digital age. You will get synonyms, translations, or sentences related to your searched term. When you get the meaning of the word, you will find the ‘Word Coach’ feature below it.

Word Coach Vocabulary game shows up after you have searched for a particular word-meaning. 

You will get a question linked to the words and provided with a correct and one incorrect option. You have to choose a suitable answer.

You will get some points for every correct answer. After that, you will get another question. The prime purpose of this game is to boost your English language skills. It offers you a wide range of words that gets added to your mind.

This game is appropriate for all. It explains your incorrect answers. Similarly, it shows details for your right replies.

In this way, this option helps you in developing your English expertise. You can play this online game whenever you feel like it. There are multiple rounds in the Word coach game. You will get five questions in each round.

People often get confused about how to get this game if they are not searching for the meaning of a specific word. For that, they need to type ‘Google Word Coach’ directly in the Google search engine.

Learn New English Words with Google Word Coach

Word Coach is an interesting online game offered by Google to grasp new English lexis. You will not feel exhausted while playing this game. You will get this game on your smartphones and in Chrome. Thus, you can play it on a laptop, mobile, or desktop.

The depiction of this game is for non-English speaking persons or non-English users. But it can be played by a person proficient in the English dialect. 

No person is familiar with all the English words. Word Coach Game helps everyone to discover and learn new English words. We all are not acquainted with all information. So, this game helps us in learning loads of things.

Google Word Coach Game Play OnlineTo Learn New Words Daily Using Google -  YouTube in 2020 | New words, Words, English words

Google Modifies its Search Algorithms & Presented Google Word Coach

Google keeps on making modifications in its search algorithms. It supports in improving its search option. So, it presented the Word Coach Application for the users.

It is like a game, but it is an educational app. It is an augmentation of the on-hand Thesaurus dictionary of Google. 

It supplements Google with a dictionary card. This dictionary card is in the game.

Word Coach is not about words-meanings. Besides selecting antonyms or synonyms, you will get two images in the dictionary. You will be asked a question with two choices. You have to pick up the right alternative. When you receive points for your correct answer, you will be encouraged to play the game well.

Initially, you will get basic levels in the game. You will feel that as if you know all the right answers. But when the round increases, you will get hard English questions. You may or may not select the right option.

Ultimately, you will be grateful that your English terminology got improved after playing different levels of the Word Coach Game.

Google’s Word Coach Game has a disadvantage. You do not have the option to arrange your scores. For instance, you played this game for an hour. Your score was 1200. But you closed the game. Here, your score will get to 0. You will have to begin again from round 1.

Google Word Coach Game Play OnlineTo Learn New Words Daily Using Google -  YouTube in 2020 | New words, Words, English words


It is a free online game for everyone to enhance their English language proficiency. Hence, use Google Word Coach as your coach to expand your English vocabulary.


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