Grammarly for Outlook : A Better Way to Write

Grammarly For Outlook
Grammarly For Outlook

In all the current recent versions of MS Office Word, it comes with the powerful spelling & grammar checking features that it becomes easy to find your mistakes. Spelling & grammar checks are very good in MS Word, particularly the grammar tool miles ahead when compared to the competitors like Open Office. Most of the native English speakers may not find any necessity of the advanced grammar tool in Word but the non-native often miss the sophisticated grammar tool as spelling checking has not been the issue in MS Word program.

Grammarly For Outlook
Grammarly For Outlook

Use Of Grammarly for Outlook and MS Office Word

Grammarly is the advanced spelling & grammar checking tool designed for MS Office Word & Outlook programs. Very importantly, it is completely free to use. Grammarly is highly compatible with MS Office 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 365 and all the current version. Besides spelling mistakes, Grammarly software add-in for Word instantly searches and corrects more than 250 kinds of grammatical mistakes. Moreover, Grammarly free tool is available for every type of users regardless of any price to be paid.

 For example, suppose you use the word affect than effect work in the sentence, your Grammarly add-on will warn you about your grammatical error when you type. So for students, it will be super useful and they won’t be wasting time to hire professional writers.On top of this, Grammarly will help you to improve your vocabulary & sentences just by suggesting some alternative words (it is available in the premium feature only).

As it is the free add-on only for Outlook, you may have to get this installed when preparing the important documents. Even though it is the good spelling & grammar checking software for Outlook, there’re a few catches. The first catch is when you allow Grammarly add-on, then it will turn off auto-save functionality and Ctrl + Z (or Undo) feature. It means when composing any document, you have to save that document at the regular intervals only to avoid losing the document if your computer crashes.

The catch is built-in spelling & grammar checking software will get disabled if you turn on the Grammarly. It is not the deal breaker because Grammarly is much better than its default one, however, some users may find it very inconvenient. The last caveat is the free version does not display all the grammatical issues. So, you have to upgrade to the premium version and get all the amazing features. The Grammarly cost of the premium version is also affordable for all type of users.

How To Install & use Grammarly for Outlook?

  1. First, visit the page and click on Download button and see create account page.
  2. Second, create the free Grammarly account just by typing in the required details and click on the Sign-up button for downloading an add-in. It is very simple.
  3. The third run downloaded the add-in for getting this installed. Suppose you do not wish to install Grammarly for Outlook and Word, uncheck any right option during your product install.
  4. Fourth when installing on your computer, launch Office Word. Restart MS Word if it was kept on when installing Grammarly add-on.
  5. Fifth in Word program, click on Home tab and click on Enable Grammarly that will enable the add-in.

Use Grammarly Tool for Outlook and Check Your Grammar Mistakes Within Seconds

When you have completed with setting up your Grammarly for Outlook, you need to start writing your casual document or copy and paste something and see the magic to happen in front of you. When you start writing anything, Grammarly begins proofing your content automatically & flag out any mistakes.

All words and phrases with the red lines below them are the important mistakes that you should check and save yourself to get embarrassed. But, if you are thinking that these are just mistakes that you have committed, hover your cursor on your Grammarly icon in the right corner (that may have turned red) to see the complete picture.  It will show you the total number of mistakes that you have corrected.


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Thus, Grammarly is one of the top grammar checking tool available.  Grammarly will point out all the small mistakes to make your copy more accurate and refined. You can click on a word with the yellow line below it and trace the correct replacement. Remember, there can be one or more solution for such errors. Thus, choose the correct word as per the nature of the content (no matter whether it is a business email, informal blog post or research paper) and writing style.


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