Hacking Classic Party Games with Technology


We all know how competitive party games can get at times. Unless you’re good at talking trash, or as chill as a glass of beer, you’re most likely to get triggered. Don’t worry if you aren’t either of those, there’s one other way. Winning. To guarantee to win, you need to cheat successfully. To guarantee to cheat successfully, you need to use new methods. Here’s where we come in. We’ve picked three classic party games and devised ways for you to cheat using man’s greatest weapon; technology.

1) Pictionary

Now, with Pictionary, cheating is quite easy; especially, with the technology involved. Before you decide on how to cheat, you need to know what your goal is. Do you aim to distract the opposing team? Or help yourself? Or communicate a word to your teammates? To distract, all you have to do is record a funny audio track or an odd ringtone and have someone call you. Also, if you’re playing music from YouTube, you can always sneak in a couple of funny videos that you know will distract people; cute dogs are always a good idea and have them on your playlist. These two ideas will definitely waste their precious seconds, as well as, give you enough time to whisper a word or two to your team. Of course, keep in mind that you have to be sly.

2) Beer Pong

Yes, you heard right. You can actually cheat in beer pong using technology using other methods than replacing your arm with a mechanical one. Since, we’re talking about beer pong, we assume the players, at some point, will be tipsy/drunk. That is when you strike; more or less. Our cheating method consists of making a simple investment. There are some folding beer pong tables that happen to have digital surfaces fitted with LED lights, graphics, and shifting colors. You’d be surprised how distracting these moving graphics and shiny lights can be when you’re not sober. From our experience, people just start bursting out laughing in the middle of the game. So, get your phone ready to take some videos.

3) Scrabble

What we personally love about Scrabble is that it is one of the easiest games to cheat in. All that you have to do is download any scrabble word finder app or keep a website open on your phone. After that, find a convenient time to use your phone, put in the letters and, in no time, the software will generate all the available words you need. It’s as easy as that!

Final Thoughts

So, as you can see, it’s not impossible to hack party games with technology. You simply need a bit of creativity, a phone and a partner. Why a partner? To provide subtle distraction when necessary. While you can make it work on your own, you run a greater risk of being caught. With an accomplice, however, it’s a lot easier to cheat. With that being said, remember that the main goal of party games is to have fun; which happens to be the exact outcome of destroying your opponents so, good luck!


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