Have fun, work and play wherever you are

play wherever you are

As we move from ‘Mobile First’ to ‘Mobile Only’, owning a mobile phone or a device that can meet our every need, including work-related needs, has become a clear priority for millions of people around the world. The global pandemic has taught us that satisfactory work doesn’t have to be done in an office, within four oppressive walls, sitting for hours at a desk with your eyes fixed on the computer, at the risk of alienating yourself from the world around you and other people. Now you can have fun and play wherever you are. Work has become smart: meetings, work calls and meetings can be conducted from anywhere, without any problem, with unquestionably beneficial effects also for people and their living spaces, for their well-being. 

Work made easier 

The new challenge for computer scientists and developers in recent years has been to come up with cutting-edge solutions that allow people, and especially professionals, to streamline their daily work, simplify it, and make it more agile and smart by means of software and applications that make it easier to work remotely in all circumstances. The benefits do not only concern professionals, but also the entire company: by using extremely innovative applications, companies can communicate with their customers through a convenient chat, thus avoiding access from the computer and controlling the interaction of the consumer with their services in real time. Nowadays, requests for support, clarifications or even actual quotes can be answered conveniently via chat, using a smartphone, and the revolutionary aspect is that these actions can be carried out from wherever you are. For companies, enhancing direct communication with their customers is a real competitive advantage, a point of differentiation with competitors that could contribute enormously to overall performance. 

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From the control of a simple notification to a real-time call, unexpected business opportunities can arise, with the real possibility of increasing the company’s sales volume. To achieve these goals, however, brands must find the courage to dare, relying blindly on innovation and digitisation of business processes. The end result will be an agile, modern and up-to-date company, able to respond to customer needs extremely quickly, much faster than its competitors, thus multiplying its growth potential in its sector. 

Smart learning 

But digitisation processes are not limited to the workplace: in the field of learning, for example, technology has led to unprecedented progress, enabling a surprising number of students and professionals to complete their education outside the classroom, at any time of day and from any location. These technological enhancements also greatly help to optimise time: with any smartphone or tablet, it is possible to follow one’s lessons even while travelling by train, underground or bus, thus enabling everyone to enrich their days with useful moments of learning and personal improvement. In this sense, technology has become an effective enabler of learning, incentivising people to improve their work skills in innovative, smart and technological ways, regardless of external circumstances.

The world of gaming is also reaping the juicy benefits of digital transformation: just think of the giant Blizzard and its Battle.net App, designed to foster the cohesion of players and enhance their mutual interaction, regardless of where they are while using it. Recently, unique devices have also been developed that allow gamers to play their favourite games from any location by plugging their smartphone into a real controller with the same buttons and levers as a traditional Xbox. 

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Gambling and slots enthusiasts can also enjoy themselves immensely through their mobile devices, which for some years now have been perfectly capable of offering a gaming experience that is just as good as the traditional casinos, or even just the desktop version that can be accessed from a computer. If you have a smartphone or tablet, you can explore the wide range of online slots on the web without worrying that a particular game is not compatible with your device. Technological advancements in the field of gaming have allowed developers to create a truly unique and engaging gaming experience that is extremely easy to enjoy from your smartphone

At a time when people are gradually rediscovering social life outside the home, having devices that allow us to work, play wherever you are and entertain no matter where we are is a clear sign of progress.



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