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Exceptional Games

We don’t generally think of the classroom or learning when talking about games or playing. The first thing that comes to mind is typically a frivolous activity that both children and adults enjoy. Nonetheless, Exceptional Games are frequently used in educational settings.

While Exceptional Games are advantageous to learning at any age, their presence in the lives of young people is unavoidable. According to cognitive psychologists, doctors, and educators, games are essential for a child’s healthy development.

After all, children can use play to display and practice what they know and what they don’t know. It aids them in:

  • trial and error to find solutions to problems as they emerge
  • wrangle meaning
  • look into how people interact
  • determine the most effective timing, movement, and technique
  • develop new abilities and self-assurance

When it comes to games, we believe that resistance is pointless, but taking the initiative and managing the process is preferable to giving up. We can teach youngsters about computers through engaging apps and activities, demonstrating that technology serves us rather than the other way around).

Giving your digital natives free rein at busy times can be a significant temptation – you get time to rest, and they receive privacy and independence in an environment that appears to be pleasant. This moment of social distance is your opportunity to spend some time carefully combining your expertise with theirs.

Educational games for kids can help you create a passion for learning in your child regardless of the subject. This holds whether they’re learning at home, online, or in a typical classroom setting. We’ve broken down some of the top exciting games for kids into categories below! Are you looking for games about a specific topic? Click on any of the games below to get started: 


Scratch and Match Animals:

It is one of the best strategy Exceptional Games for your child to play. You can easily find it on Unlimited Gamez. It is free of cost, and the best part about this game is that it has an attractive theme that will help your child learn new things. 

Scratch and match the animal cards in three minutes. Beat the clock and set a new high score! Scratch and match giraffes, elephants, monkeys, tigers, bunnies, cheetahs, polar bears, and elephants on wonderfully illustrated cards.


  • It has an Instructional video before you start playing the game
  • It is a simple scratching interface 
  • Good vibes and fun for all ages

Logic Puzzles:

Shaking up the grey matter is beneficial to both adults and toddlers. REBUS is, without a doubt, my favorite flight diversion. Solving a rebus will make a satisfying snap in your child’s skull. On the other hand, Rebuses include solving visual problems by making logical connections.

Some of the issues are difficult enough to consider for days. Others, like peanuts, burst open one by one. They make for an excellent exercise in thinking outside the box and combinatorial thinking when used together. The writers have created AZZL, which is solely available for ios for kids who aren’t quite ready for such tasks. Puzzle video games are a type of video game that focuses on solving puzzles.

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  • Problem-solving skills such as reasoning
  • pattern recognition
  • sequence solving, spatial recognition
  •  Word completions are all put to the test.


Find and Guess Games:

Amanita Design’s games are notable for their incredible attention to detail, vibrant characters, and fascinating mystical realms. The games cleverly encourage the brain’s cogs to move in novel patterns, busting out habitual problem-solving routines in the spirit of legendary adventures from the 1980s and 1990s. 

If CHUCHEL becomes too easy and you want more, check out the studio’s other Exceptional Games, such as Samorost 3, Machinarium, Botanicula, and Pilgrims for the little ones.


  • Increases your mind adaptability
  • Offers interesting levels 
  • Gets reward after completing every level

Lumino City is worth a visit:

This Exceptional Games merits all of your attention because of its outstanding graphics and stage sets. The developers have essentially built a monument to themselves in the style of 1970s and 1980s puppet animation flicks. I suppose you might start with the Making of Lumino City as an appetizer. Amazing!

If you enjoyed Lumino City, you should check out Lume, the prequel. The creators have made it free on the App Store as of this writing. Drag a path between three or more like-colored balls to clear them from the game to begin Lumeno. To clear more tiles, draw through boosts, and to gain additional moves, draw through flowers. To level up, clear the Boss Ball! 


  • Colored dots to attract your child
  • Eye-catching offers at every level
  • Offers a free subscription

Over and Beyond

Playdead’s INSIDE is a game about a little boy’s travels in the afterlife, created by the creators of the popular smash LIMBO. It’s creepy, but you can’t tear your gaze away from it. While their children play, parents may sit back and admire the artwork. 

You’ll be taken on a journey through history by land, air, and sea, with authentic realism. The game appears to be a straightforward – albeit stunning – platformer on the surface.


  • Offers a multi-player series
  • Have innovative levels that excite at every moment
  • The subject matter is unique

Mind-Blowing Creativity 

It’s time to install Gorogoa if your kids have completed CHUCHEL and Lumino City. Once REBUS is a breeze, and they’ve done it, it’s time to install Gorogoa. It’s a unique puzzle adventure with fantastic gameplay dynamics. 

At the very least, it’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Your child will be dazed for the first few minutes, unable to understand what is going on. However, after you find out what goal to pursue and how to achieve it, this game may begin to haunt your nightmares. 

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To solve puzzles, Gorogoa requires the player to edit images in a two-by-two grid, explore within each image, and put or stack images relative to others. The player guides a youngster through puzzles as they face a weird monster in a world that has been war-ravaged and then restored. Your child will be enthralled by the ingenious sliding-tile puzzles and fascinating world.


  • Adventurous enough to keep your busy
  • Gives exciting rewards 
  • Provides hints if you are trapped


Spiders can be killed, and their webs used as bowstrings in wooden bows. And you’re good at killing skeletons, zombies, and creepers. Minecraft is one of the best sandboxes in gaming. Exploring, making, and building things in this universe is a fascinating and compelling experience.

Minecraft may be regarded as an excellent game for kids because it is instructive and entertaining. Minecraft also improves life skills, complements academic skills, and helps students acquire career skills. 

Minecraft allows individuals to construct alone or in groups, and even when working alone, they can communicate with other people on the same server. Survival Mode, Creative Mode, Hardcore Mode, Spectator Mode, and Adventure Mode are the five-game modes in Minecraft. Survival and Creative are the two most popular game modes.

  • Features: 
  • Creative and survival mode makes it adventurous
  • Develops cognitive skills
  • Offers a subscription package before playing it


This free typing game takes kids on a wild voyage full of exciting activities that will help them improve their typing abilities. Typetastic features something for every kid who wants to learn or practice typing, from elementary school through high school. They could be on their way to shattering world records soon. 

TypeTastic! is a series of typing games for elementary pupils that are dynamic, engaging, and visually appealing, motivating them to keep playing, learning, and typing. 


  • letter recognition, color recognition, punctuation recognition,
  • reading comprehension,
  • ordering and problem solving are all skills that can be learned via practice.

Final Thoughts:

While online games aren’t the only way for kids to have fun, the correct amount of screen time can help them develop. Any free games on our list can help you save money while also ensuring that your youngster has a good time. 

You can also use them to engage in joint media activities with your children, allowing you to bond with them while also helping them develop crucial skills. Is your favorite free kid’s game on this list? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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