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Are you looking to purchase 1 TB SSD for your system, here are a few things that you should know? SSD that is Solid State Drive is a hard drive that comes without any movable part. It is more similar to memory cards that allow transferring the data at a faster speed. Some of them might think that the drive is quite expensive and may not prefer to purchase them. Some of them might also think that 256 or 128 GB is enough to store various data. But you do not know that you are missing a lot of benefits by not purchasing the drive. Here, are a few things that you must know before purchasing the SSD drive.

1. App and OS migration1 TB SSD

If you are getting an SSD card and installing them on your laptop, you need to look into the specifications of the current application and the present operating system. While purchasing a 1 TB SSD, you will come across a CD that says how to clone or migrate the entire drive of the operating system into a solid-state drive. You can go through the entire video that is present on the CD and follow the steps to install the SSD device which would be ready for use. Well, if you transfer the file without completing the installation problem, a lot of problems will be created. If you encounter any such situation, you need to uninstall the operating system and start with the reinstallation process again.

2. High-speed performance

If you are thinking to upgrade your system by installing 1 TB SSD, it is the most important thing that you must do. Startups would be quite faster especially when the installation gets over. The programming files will require less time to open and researching also becomes faster. But you must also know that by installing a SSD, you cannot watch a video and play a game at the same time. It is also not going to make the game smoother but the good thing is it uses lesser electrical power and has a longer life span when it comes to considering the battery life of the laptops.

3. Storage vs. Speed

Well, you know that storing media files is also possible in the SSD but with the decrease in the space in the SSD device, the speed also decreases. Ensure that you do not fill the drive otherwise; the system will also become slow. In that case, there will not be much change speed while opening the system or a program. A SSD is better if you use it for the installation of applications and operating systems.

4. An affordable price

When SSD was first launched, it was quite expensive and was purchased by people who can afford it. But a lot of varieties have been launched since then. The best way to purchase the drive is to look for the size of the SSD that you think is sufficient for you. They are available from 20 GB to 1 TB which means you can purchase any one of them but 1 TB is the maximum and is quite faster.

5. A long term investment!


You should treat 1 TB SSD as a long term investment that you are making for the system. There are a lot of brands that are available in the market from where you can purchase SSD but the Kiaxia brand is known to be quite popular.

6. The warranty period and installation 

Do you know how to install a hard drive in the system? If you know, installing 1 TB SSD would be easier for you. But you must know that all laptops are built differently and in that case, you might need to unscrew a few things to install SSD. Check the SATA setting before you start installing the process. There are various SSDs come with a warranty period also. Of course, no one would like to go through a warranty process, but to be on a safer side purchasing the device that comes with a warranty period would be better.

7. Form factor

The form factor means the actual physical size of the SSD. It is important to consider the size of the device otherwise it may not fit in the device. However, most of them come in standard size keeping the consideration where it would be installed. Some of the SSDs can also be encased into the size that you want. The height and the thickness of the SSD are also quite an important parameter that you must consider whenever you are purchasing it.

8. Write cycles

SSD comprises different cells that are either grouped into blocks or pages. It cannot be selectively overwritten. You need to first erase them to write something new in it. The process of erasing information and writing a new one is known as a write cycle. The blocks also come with a certain number of write cycle and after reaching that point, there is no way where you can write the new data. That is why; wear leveling has been introduced. Different wear leveling is implemented by different SSDs but the objective is the same. The objective is to increase the lifespan of SSD by eliminating waste write cycles.

9. Compatibility features 


The best brand will provide various compatibility features but make sure you are checking it before purchasing. You must not face any compatibility issues after purchasing the drive. Google around to see what drives are available in the market and which one would support your model.

The main objective!

Well, the most important objective of installing 1 TB SSD is to increase the speed of the system so that you do not need to wait for minutes to start the device or to launch a program. Whenever possible, do enquire and purchase the drive to make the system work fast. Storing extra files is also possible with SSD while improving the performance of the system. SSD is the best option that can convert your low-end system to a high-end one.

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