Here’s What You Need to Do Before Selling Your Old Iphone

Need to Do Before Selling Your Old Iphone

Are you done with your old iPhone and want to move on to a new smartphone faster without even having any of your old data stored on this one? Now the working and deleting process of the iPhone may be tricky, but to be on a safer side, it’s always better you get done with it right.

But does it end on just deleting your data from your old iPhone? Certainly not! There’s a lot more of the tasks you need to be sure that you’ve done before you go out and sell your old iPhone to anyone. And once you’ve made sure to follow all the important guidelines, you can be more stress-free while moving to your new smartphone and getting the old one out. So, without further ado, let’s just get into the important steps you should follow!

Backup to iTunes

Now, although iCloud backups are pretty fine and a great way to get all your data stored safely for when you need it again, what if something goes wrong on iCloud? In situations like these, it’s way better to have all your data backed up on iTunes too rather than having to go through long processes of storing everything on local data instantly.

Backup to iCloud

While you do have iTunes backups as a second option, having iCloud backups would surely be an instant help to you. Now it might come to you of why you’d need so many backups, but there’s a great benefit to it too! So just as iTunes backups are safe and secure, the iCloud backups also work faster for you. This way when you’re setting your new iPhone and restoring the backups, iCloud would be a faster and more suitable instant option to do so.

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Export Your Contacts

Now obviously, just because you’re selling your old iPhone doesn’t mean you can lose all your personal data on it. And so, the most important data of your contact list has to be a priority to be kept safe and secure before you sell your iPhone. So even if you’re moving to a new iPhone or heading to an Android smartphone, it’s always best you export your contact list on different platforms to have it back when needed. For this, you can export your contacts to both your iCloud as well as the vCard!

Wipe Data

So although a general reset would surely clear out your data like your pictures, application and everything but you can’t be sure if it’s all cleared! Now when it’s something as personal as your pictures, then being sure all your pictures safely deleted from your old iPhone on your own is always a safe way to go with. And so, once you’re done with deleting all your pictures and videos, you can also clear out all your apps by uninstalling them on your own. This way, when you do reset your old iPhone, you’ll be sure it’s all gone!

Sign Out

Now with all the things you’re going to be doing on your iPhone to clear all your personal data, this one would really be quite obvious. As to be extra sure that all your accounts from iCloud, iMessage and Facetime are safely removed, it’s better you sign out on your own instead of relying completely on the reset option.

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Unpair from Apple Watch

This is another very important step to follow for sure, if you have paired your iPhone with your Apple Watch. But other than the unpairing, you don’t have to worry about the data on your Apple Watch to be leaked or unsecured! That’s because at the time of unpairing, your Apple Watch’s data would be automatically backed up, making it secure from getting in anyone else’s hands.

Unlock Your Device

Unlock Your Device

The last but undoubtedly, the most important step to actually make sure you’ve followed before you sell your old iPhone. Now you don’t just have to unlock your iPhone just because your data can go to others who make use of the phone, but also because without having your phone unlocked a new ID wouldn’t be entered easily. And so, instead of having your iPhone sold in less amount or having it back because of not having it unlocked, it’s better you do it first. Now for unlocking your device successfully you can go through easy and simple steps online. This way you can get your data secured and your iPhone unlocked easily, just on your own.

Now that you’re all done with the following steps and have your old iPhone’s memory erased by resetting it, it’s time you sell it further with the surety of having all your important data safely removed! Because that’s one of the most common as well as serious issues one can face, when moving to a new phone and selling the old one. And so, it’s always better to take safety measures to be sure you’re doing it the right way.



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