Here’s Why You Should Outsource Mobile App Development

outsource mobile app development

Did you know that the number one mobile messaging application, Whatsapp, owes its success to software outsourcing? As a United States based company, the app’s initial development actually happened in Europe. Similar to Whatsapp, as a smart business owner or CTO, your role is to figure out how to get your business’ app vision accomplished within your budget. But to outsource mobile app development is an ideal option for kickstarting your mobile application development endeavor? This read will hopefully help you make an informed decision.  

Why do Mobile Applications Make Businesses Profitable?  

Mobile devices, smartphones, in particular, have ushered our shopping habits, offices and lifestyles into the digital era. The fact that the average person spends at least 3 hours on their phone per day opens a new domain of opportunities for businesses, both big and small.  

App downloads on both Andriod and iOS platforms have been rising drastically, and the growth is only expected to increase. Mobile applications have been fostering innovation in over 20 industries, including education, productivity and healthcare. The space and scope for new ideas are expected to grow with time.  

Reasons to Outsource Mobile App Development

  1. Leverage Expert Developers

An outsourcing firm like applicable provides the combined skills and experience of a complete team, which is extremely difficult to bring in-house in a short time. When you hire a professional team, you get knowledge collectively spanning many years. This allows you to get the perfect blend of skills needed for the actualization of your business application idea. Sofware companies working to outsource mobile app development projects tend to have teams of qualified and well-trained developers, designers and testers. They’ve already worked on a wide array of projects and have overcome many challenges during the process. Simply put, you will be getting a team capable of developing high quality and user-friendly applications.  

  1. You Require an Extension to Your Existing Team

Remote working teams are the new norm in mobile app development, at least since the inception of Agile Methodology. Companies collaborating with offshore app development professionals in order to support their in-house functions has been a rising trend.  

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By outsourcing app development, you can easily meet these challenges:  

-Bring in ad-hoc professionals for temporary needs 

-Outsource a certain module to a third party and easily manage other aspects of the project in-house.  

-Easily manage costs by hiring app developers on an hourly basis. 

-Supplement your team with single skills like front end design or project management.  

According to Global Workspace Analytics, you can save up to $11,000 a year by just remote extension.  

  1. Superior Tech

The app development domain has become so competitive, with new outsourcing companies entering every now and then. Conversely, older companies that have been in the industry for years know that providing top-of-the-line services is the only to keep their business relevant. This encourages them to stay adept at changes and adapt to new technologies in order to beat the competition.  

  1. Your In-house Team is Busy

Almost 50% of organizations that outsource mobile app development prioritize removing the burden on the primary team. This leads to increased productivity as the core functions of the business can be done at full efficiency.  

For many startups, IT isn’t their core competency and training the existing is not only a waste of time but money. Outsourcing a mobile app development company like Applickable can easily off-load the process, leaving your staff with the freedom and time to excel at what they do best.  

  1. Budget is a Constraint

Referring to the 2nd point, outsourcing has proven to be cost-efficient over and over. According to Hackernoon, you save at least 30% of costs when you outsource mobile app development.

Outsourcing offshore is almost always advantageous in terms of cost. In addition, the time to develop the application is substantially reduced. That’s because a complete team is dedicated to the project, reducing the development time by a significant margin. 

  1. On-going Requirements for the App

Projects that take more than two years could use support from external mobile app development companies. Such projects tend to have an array of interconnected processes and outsourcing the software aspect makes perfect sense.  

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Approving code releases, new features and timeline changes can quickly become inconvenient and clumsy. With an experienced outsourcing company, you get to better align the project, thus reducing the time required to fix errors and incorporate changes.  

The result is better code maintainability. The offshore team handles the approvals in a prompt and responsible manner, thus helping you introduce new features quickly. All this leads to a better user experience and engagement for the application.  

  1. Wide Array of High-Quality Service

If you hire an outsourcing company that offers a full suite of end to end application development services, you’ll get to enjoy the process with no hurdles. From the ideation process to conceptualization, discovery and development to testing, deployment as well as support, you will get the whole package. All you have to do is wait for the final results.  

  1. Clear Pricing Throughout

  When you work with a reputable mobile app development company, you get to enjoy a great deal of transparency. First, they understand all your needs and then give you a quote. This eliminates cases of hidden fees that may fall on you midway through development.  

  1. Time-Critical Project

Time-critical projects tend to be the outsourcing domain’s favourite clients as they are expecting a funding session in the future. These clients run short at the time and want to build a minimum viable product in order to garner investor interest.  

Mobile app development firms comprehensively meet these demands by providing fast-paced services. With Hybrid App Development, the development span is reduced to a fraction, allowing new businesses to launch their application in as soon as three months.  

Professional app developers make everything regarding costs clear in the beginning, and if there is no substantial change from the client, they stick to the cost throughout the project. This allows professional service providers to maintain the trust of their clients. 


As you can see, there are many solid reasons to hire an app development company. Get in touch with Applicable for high quality and affordable services!

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