How Can Teachers Of Information And Communications Technology Add Some Learning Podcast Segments Into The Learning Cues?

Teachers Of Information And Communications Technology Add Some Learning Podcast Segments Into The Learning Cues?

As the most important institution in society, the school is gradually becoming more and more reliant on various technical advancements as we head in the direction of a more technologically-driven environment. ICT classrooms are also emerging due to the general trend toward technology advancement in society.

In a classroom devoted to information and communications technology (ICT), teachers show their students how they can apply relevant ICT tools to their studies and everyday lives.

In an ICT classroom, students are educated on various ICT tools. These tools range from teaching students how to construct an excellent narrative report using word document software to teaching students how to edit images and videos using editing apps.

In addition, for students to get the most out of their education in information and communications technology, teachers are constantly seeking innovative ways to teach students how to make their technology integrations simpler in the long run.

They have found that using technology that incorporates multiple media formats helps them teach their students more effectively.

As a component of their ICT learning resources, teachers of information and communication technologies (ICT) may choose to include instructional podcast episodes to keep their ICT tools current with the technological integration of today. Teachers can also achieve a seamless transition from offline to online information unpacking by incorporating the usage of an online best free QR code generator with logo into the process of resource dissemination. This will make the distribution of resources more enjoyable and engaging.

What Exactly Is A Podcast?

A podcast is a type of digital audio service typically offered for free. It enables users to modify and listen to audio files that they have downloaded from a podcasting website or app (such as Spotify, Apple Music, and many others) wherever whenever they like.

In its most fundamental sense, a podcast can be thought of as an updated version of the audio commentary that listeners used to hear on their favorite radio shows.

The popularity of podcasts has increased to the point that there are 88 million listeners in the United States, according to a report published in 2019 by Statista. This figure accounts for listener demographics that are older than 12 years old.

How can we combine specific learning podcast segments into the other ways students learn about ICT?

ICT teachers can incorporate some learning podcast episodes into their students’ learning by using QR codes. This is possible since many people are interested in listening to podcasts about their favorite theories, technological updates, pop culture, and education. 

Because the vast majority of podcasts are available through Spotify, it is simple for them to implement the use of a Spotify QR code to transform each podcast episode into a QR code.

Consequently, students can efficiently innovate their ICT learning methods by merely adding these programs in three critical ways.


ICT instructors can incorporate some learning podcast episodes into the activities by simply adding the podcast’s QR code to the activity sheets. This is possible since most ICT classes are structured around activities that call for the use of ICT technologies.

Listening activities and other types of activities are just a few examples of what students could do with the podcast QR codes.

Evaluations of Lectures

If a student is concerned about failing an ICT class because they were unable to take notes on previous topics that the teacher covered in that class and if they want to avoid failing the course as a result of that, then having their lectures recorded and uploaded to a podcast can be an excellent way to expand their learning resources in the subject of ICT.

For the instructor’s students to readily recognize the podcast for the lecture evaluations, the educator may choose to use an online QR code generator that includes a logo to develop individualized podcast QR codes for the students enrolled in the ICT classes.

Instructional Guides

Learners of ICT can benefit from podcasts in several ways. One is that they will no longer be required to read a lengthy learning guide to learn how to edit a document and participate in other ICT activities. Suppose you incorporate these QR codes into their learning manuals. In that case, all students will need to do to listen to a podcast on how to effectively use an information and communication technology tool is scan the QR code.


The popularity of podcasts is increasing rapidly because people tend to learn more when they carefully listen to information that is communicated audibly.

And because education is striving to keep up with current trends, its incorporation into classrooms, particularly those centered on information and communication technology, is becoming increasingly necessary for teachers to have. 

The student’s capability to learn ICT can now be boosted by simply scanning a QR code while they are offline to gain access to online learning resources. This is feasible by the fact that people can now share podcasts on offline surfaces using QR codes.


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