How Infographics Play a Major Role in Content Marketing?


In a world where content marketing has become prominent for online businesses, does the role of infographics matter that much? The answer is a big YES! It has its fair share of importance in content marketing, and the reasons have been elucidated here in this post.

As a 21st-century content marketing professional, integrating infographic solutions to your content only help you get satisfactory results. Incorporating it to the latest effort you’re making for online brand identity will help you increase business traffic.

The reason is plain and straightforward. The search engine is generated with a staggering number of data and info, and with that, it’s justifiable for your content to get lost in the content jungle of the Internet. And let’s just face it, no one likes to scroll down and down, only to find your content, and that will never happen! As a result, the ignored content gets dumped down the scroll bar and you end up with absolutely no profit. The right incorporation of infographic facts and figures can save your brand and give your business a U-turn!

So, what exactly is Infographic?

Infographic or information graphic happens to be a representation of the information in a graphical format. It is designed for making the content more understandable at the first look. A successful content marketing campaign goes hand in hand with the right integration of infographics. Not only does it help in the proper understanding of the content, but it also simplifies presentations of contents with patterns.

While you may think the infographic is a thing of the past, it is not. Honestly speaking, it has just got modified with the change of its purpose. It has undergone a sea change over the past few years. And fast forward to 2020, infographics still has its fair share of prominence in content marketing. The list below is just a way to bring your closer to the role of infographic in content marketing.

  • Your Content becomes more attractive and compelling

Digital marketing is one such mode of business that requires you to pay close attention to your business website. Besides concerning your services and products, contents become a fundamental source of increasing sales figures. Blogging is a very good idea, given the fact that they give valuable information to customers. But as a reader, you would not like the idea of getting sold to the business. Instead, you would expect the business to enhance your life in a unique way.

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This can be done by adding facts, figures, and statistics. Voila, that’s where infographic stands now. With such information, customers would be able to feel empowered to make an informed decision. Plus, if you walk the extra mile to provide readers with the visuals, it would demonstrate that your business is invested to offer them valuable information.

  • A great option for SEO

Infographics are widely accepted for content marketing. They are read and shared easily. Keywords, being of fundamental importance, are used in the contents to boost its traffic in the search engine optimization. Hence, with the right implementation of the infographic, a businessman can specify keywords in a whole lot of ways. They are extremely important for SEO. And if you’re business has a team of quality infographic experts, then there you go! No one can stop you from attracting high-quality organic backlinks, thus driving traffic at your website! It also establishes the credibility of your business besides boasting of SEO. Incorporating infographic keyword would offer an extra benefit for SEO, thus.

  • Growing customer base

If you look into the content marketing field, you’d see the sheer importance of infographics for increasing the customer base. Yes, these help you in turning your readers and audience to a potential customer, when implemented accurately. Infographic contents would stand taller in SEO than the infographic-less ones. Its high-sharable value helps in effectively growing your readers and audiences, thereby turning them into potential customers.

It’s accessible, and thus can reach out to everyone! Someone who wants to avail the service of your website doesn’t require being a strong reader. With the help of infographic content, they would be able to understand and get engaged with blogs or posts. And in today’s digitalized world, readers always seek visual info in everything they read about. Hence, they always tend to rely on the visuals that contents include, rather than sitting and reading the content line by line, without any graphical presentation!

  • Keeps your brand in the mind of readers

The human brains remember visuals more than texts. And this particular programming is as strong as recalling almost 70% of what has been seen in the infographic presentation. On the contrary, you only remember 10 to 15 percent of what you read in content or text. By this, it clearly means that if your brand gives effect infographic presentations in content, it would strike people’s mind and stay there for a whole lot of reasons. Regular texts sans infographic figures and statistics don’t strike your mind that much! And it’s a big secret that senior marketers think that visual assets nothing unlike infographics helps in reaching out to readers with brand’s stories.

  • Its uses get repurposed

Integrating infographic figures and facts in your brand contents will only be a strategic approach to developing the visual assets which can otherwise get repurposed in a whole lot of ways. From trade shows to brochures, posters, and more, you absolutely have no problem with the shortage of its use. It’s definitely going to work great for your brand online, but apart from that, it will serve you more benefits with effective communication modalities.

  • Showing content’s professional understanding

Investing in the infographic figures and facts and including them in your content is a brilliant idea. Not only does it help in subjecting the content with accuracy, but it also shows a professional understanding of the content. It shows the research of an expert who walked the extra mile in providing readers with the expert knowledge of the subject. Not only does it display the expert knowledge, but it also helps readers understand it in a better way (as discussed already).

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For the reasons aforementioned, it’s more straightforward that infographics are not a thing of the past. But yes, infographic presentation in content marketing goes hand in hand with the quality of the contents. With the right integration of infographic presentation and quality content, your business sees profit with flying colors.


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