How The New iPhone SE Is Better From The iPhone 8?

new iPhone SE

Apple has always awed people with its new and innovative products. From iMacs to Macbooks to iPhones, its products never fail the market because of their user-friendly and secure interface. One such innovative product was designed and launched by Apple in the year 2016. The product belonged to the affordable iPhone range and was named “iPhone SE.” The phone resembled iPhone 5 in design and consisted of Apple’s A9 chip, which was the latest at that time. Apple called it ‘A big step for small’ because of its small size and affordable price. Then in the year 2018, the production of iPhone SE was stopped. Now, in the year 2020, Apple has again come up with a whole new iPhone SE. 

After the first iPhone SE got discontinued, a new affordable iPhone was always in-demand. The customers’ wait ends in the year 2020, with a new iPhone SE. Just like the older one, this one did not bring up its own design. The new iPhone SE looks exactly like the iPhone 8, with similar curves and a 4.7-inch screen. Here are all the details of the new iPhone SE, which will let us know what exactly Apple has bought new with this iPhone. 

The Announcement:

new iPhone SE

Though people were expecting the new iPhone SE for a long time now, Apple made an official announcement of it on 15th April. They uploaded a video on YouTube with all the major specifications of the phone in its description box. Then they made the announcement that the pre-booking of the new-gen iPhone SE will start from 17th April 2020, in the US. And will be available in the stores from 24th April 2020. The new iPhone SE will be starting at a low price of $399.  


As mentioned above, the design of the all-new iPhone SE is not so new. The design of the phone reminds people of the iPhone 8. Similar curves, same single camera and the traditional iPhone home button, which was missing in the last few models of iPhone. Even the screen size is kept the same with 4.7”, to keep the phone pretty and compact, along with a Retina HD display. 

The new iPhone SE is available in three color options, white, black and the current in-demand red. The phone is said to be water and dust resistant. 

A13 Bionic Chip:

The next thing to take note of is that Apple is offering the latest and fastest A13 Bionic Chip along with iOS 13, in the new iPhone SE. The A13 Bionic is the fastest smartphone chip in the market. It was launched by Apple with its flagship iPhone 11 and 11 Pro. The chip is capable of performing 5 trillion operations in one second, with the help of an 8-core neural engine. This is good news for all the gamers, photographers and multitaskers as the affordable iPhone will run superfast at their fingertips. 

Storage And Price:

new iPhone SE

Just like the color options, there are three storage options to choose from. The storage variations are:

  • 64 GB variant at $399.
  • 128 GB variant at $449.
  • 256 GB variant at $549. 

The new iPhone SE is a great deal as the buyer can easily get all the specs of the iPhone 8 along with a better processor and a cheaper launch price. 


Apple denotes the camera as ‘the best single-camera system’ that has been seen in the iPhones. The rear is fixed with a 12 MP camera that has f/1.8 aperture. The phone also has a 7 MP, f/2.2 aperture front camera. The camera of the new iPhone SE brings in a new feature of the Portrait Lighting Effect along with Depth Control. There are 6 different portrait lighting effects available. These all features are made possible because of the A13 Bionic chip, as they require a fast and strong working processor. 

Both, the rear and the front cameras have cinematic video stabilization for better and intensified video recording. The high-quality 4K videos can be recorded with the cameras. And, they have a QuickTake feature, that allows recording videos while staying in the photo mode. 

The Touch-ID:

Apple moved back to its Touch-ID feature from the face recognition one. The new iPhone SE consists of a Touch-ID enabled home button, which was last seen in the iPhone 8. Which is why the design is said to be inspired by it. The Touch-ID enables people to secure their phones as well as payments with their fingerprints. There is no significant reason for Apple to move back to the Touch-ID, other than it wanted to keep it low in the affordable iPhones. And the latest and smartest features for its flagship phones. 

Apple Ecosystem:

new iPhone SE

Just like all other Apple products, this one too comes with the Apple Ecosystem. This allows the buyer to sync all their Apple devices together and work simultaneously on them. This not only makes the work handy and convenient for people but it also benefits Apple. As when people buy one of its products, they are attracted to other products too, in order to make their work convenient. This ecosystem can easily sync iPhone, iPad, iMac, Macbook, Apple Watch, Apple TV and the HomePod from Apple. It also works with the AirPods. 


From all the specifications of the new iPhone SE or the iPhone SE 2, the major differences between it and the iPhone 8 are:

  • New A13 Bionic Processor.
  • Camera with depth control and six different portrait lighting effects.
  • And finally, the cheaper launch price. 

The current price of the iPhone 8 is a little lower than the launch price of the iPhone SE 2. But because it is providing 2 generations higher processor, which is basically the best processor in the market, the little high price would not be a big concern. 

There are no announcements of the launch or sale of the iPhone SE 2 in countries other than the US and the UK. This might be because of the coronavirus pandemic, which has affected the company’s productions. So people who do not live in the US or the UK will have to wait for some time to try their hands on the new iPhone SE.  


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