How to Bring a Sex Toy into Your Relationship

Sex Toy

Many people have become familiar with a sex toy in the last decade as they have become more and more mainstream. However, not everyone has had the courage to get one, or even the interest. So, there are many people who are in new relationships and they want to bring their favorite toy into the mix, but they don’t know how to broach the subject. There are also times where one partner would like to give a toy as a gift but isn’t sure how the gesture will be received or interpreted. This doesn’t need to be something to worry about. We are all a little curious, and with a little sensitivity it will be easier than you thought.

Bring it up in a Casual Conversation: No need to make a big speech or have a serious talk. Find a way to bring the subject into the conversation. If you have had positive experiences with toys, then you can relate some of that information. Most partners want their mate to be satisfied. If they feel they are doing it as a favour for you, there is a very good chance they will be open to it. They might even surprise you by having lovense vibrators already, that they were not sure how you would feel about it.

Introduce a Simple Non-Threatening Sex Toy: When introducing toys into the relationship, it is important that you go slow and try to find your partners comfort zone. Showing up with a ball gag, whips, and a bag full of toys will probably have the wrong effect. The best way to go is with something gentle like a bullet vibrator. You can find such toys at Find something that both of you can get some enjoyment out of. After that you can start to add more creative or specific toys to match you or your partners tastes.


Don’t be Embarrassed: If you act like you are doing something creepy or get all embarrassed when you bring out a toy. Chances are that you are going to add some negative connotations to the idea. Your attitude should be positive towards it. You could even set up the evening with a little suspense that there is a surprise coming or you can explore together other ways to heat up your relationship. Pick your moment and wait till things are underway. A little arousal goes a long way to bending inhibitions. As I am sure you have learned by now.

Toys can be a valuable part of a relationship; a couple’s secret, something that is just for the two of you. Toys are an excellent way to enhance and expend your lovemaking repertoire, and frankly, they make things a little easier too. They are perfect for times when you are a little too tired to give a premium effort. These days there are toys to suit every type of person. Sex toys are now a 15-billion-dollar industry, so it is safe to say that they are not likely to shock or surprise anyone. If you want to introduce your lover to your toy or get them one of their own, it is very likely that this will be warmly received, and good times will follow shortly after.


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