How To Build A Survival Base In Minecraft?


The decade-old Minecraft is basically a sandbox video game created by Mojang Studios. Markus “Notch” Persson created this game in Java programming language and launched as a public alpha in the year 2009. The official release of this game took place in November 2011, and from here, Jens Bergenten took over the charge of development.

Ever since that, Minecraft has been ported to different platforms. It is all one of the best-selling video games out there, with over 200 million sold copies across a wide range of platforms. And as of 2020, the video game has over 126 million active users on a monthly basis. 

Building your Survival Base Home 


The monstrosities on this game come with their distinctive quirks, and defending yourself against them is a challenging task. In order to conquer the Minecraft world, you need to build a strong base. And in this guide, we will help you build a massive defensible base to get you ahead. 

Gathering All The Things You Need 

Considering that we are making a pretty big base, you need a lot of materials. Here is the list of items that you should have with you – 

  • Oak logs – 2684
  • Oak slabs 1716
  • Oak fence 928
  • Oak stairs – 808
  • Oak stair – 440
  • Torches – 308
  • Cobblestone – 248
  • Lanterns – 144
  • Cobble slabs – 132
  • Oak leaves – 128
  • Stone button – 98
  • Oak planks – 64
  • Cobble wall – 64
  • Oak trapdoor- 56 
  • Glowstone – 56

Don’t get intimidated by all the materials. While it might all look overwhelming, simply follow the instructions, and you will build the whole thing in no time. 

Instruction To Build Survival Base In Minecraft 

  • Laying the Foundation for your Base 

Using wool color code 6543 positions the oak log to create pillars. Once you have placed all the logs in the right way, you will see that there is already a structure. 

  • Adding Floors, Walls, and Stairs 

To make your Minecraft base stronger and better, you need to add floors or walls. Without them, creepers would simply get in and blow up everything. Typically, you just have to fill in the gaps between the pillars. 

  • Setting Up Your Tower 

There is still a lot to be done in order to create the perfect survival base. You need a place to keep your diamond filled bed and chest. So we will be creating a tower on the second floor. This will keep your valuable further away from the mobs. The tower would have a raised doorway, so you will need to add something to offer easy access. You can add a double staircase along with the raised doorways. 

  • Finishing it Up 

It may look like your Minecraft survival base is ready for the battle, but some final details are yet to be added. Add in the materials that are left on the list, including carpet, torches, banners, etc. to alleviate the overall look of your base. 

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Tips That Will Help You Set Up The Perfect Survival Base In Minecraft 


  • Getting the Right Spot 

Prior to setting up your base, it is imperative to consider where you will be building it. While mountainside seems like a great idea to set-up the base, the shadow of the mountain may invite unexpected danger. You can build on top of the mountain; however, you will have to do a lot of climbing up and down if you have to perform a task away from your home. Consider a wide-open area to build your base. At the bottom of a valley, nearby an ocean, hilltop, the plains, etc. are some good places to build your home. 

  • Uses Materials that are Resistant 

Wood is a great material to build your Minecraft home base, but do not keep it as the primary material. There are a lot of natural dangers out there that can destroy all your efforts. While not aesthetically pleasing, cobblestone is a great choice for strong base material. 

In the case of lighting, it will protect your home from catching fire. Moreover, creepers will also have a hard time blowing up your home. You can even double the way in order to boost the protection level. 

  • Use a Lot of Torches 

A couple of lights here and there may seem enough for you, but what happens when you encounter a Skeleton in one of the corners? Your entire house will be taken over, and nobody wants that. 

These monsters can spawn around seven blocks away from one torch. Therefore, in order to keep such baddies out of the way, you need to place torches within approximately seven to fourteen blocks in every direction of the base. 

  • Steer Clear From Zombies 
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When playing in Hard Difficulty or Hardcore mode, you will see Zombies ten to bust down the door unexpectedly. There are a couple of things that you can do in order to protect yourself from Zombies – 

  • Use expandable piston as your doorway
  • Put a wooden door in sideways
  • Set up a patio and put a fence gate to close it
  • Build an iron door and place button on both the sides 

Zombies are only able to break down wooden doors, so iron gates will be a great idea. 

  • Cats on Guard 

While wolves are quite useful, cats certainly do a better job. Although the Ocelot does not attack, Creepers are allergic to cats. This makes them an exceptionally great companion to have around your home. The Creepers will do anything to steer clear from cats, even sacrifice the hug. Therefore, including cats in your base is an excellent way to protect it from the explosion. 

Above is comprehensive information that will help you build a strong base house. Whether massive or small, your base house should be built in a way to protect you from the enemies out there. In addition to choosing the right building material, make a point to include all the necessary protection accessories, and place them mindfully around the house. Building a base in Minecraft often seems like a challenging task, but when you are equipped with the right knowledge, you can create a base that will protect you and help you survive the game. 

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