How to Build Your Own Gaming Pc

How to Build Your Own Gaming Pc

Everyone wants the best gaming experience on their computer. This is why we always want to update our computer to the next level. We want best monitors and best processors so that we can enjoy our gaming time fully and so that we can have a realistic experience with high-quality graphics. Read on to find about how to build your own gaming Pc.

Building your own gaming Pc helps you customize every part so you can get a product according to how you want it. Customization in a computer also allows you to select all the high-quality parts so you will end up getting a next-level computer. Yet if you don’t want to go very expensive, you can get affordable pc parts which is another benefit of getting a customized computer.

Here is a list of all the important parts that you will need to design a customized your own gaming Pc:

1. Processor:

A CPU or a central processing unit is mainly the computer’s brain. This means that the computer’s whole thinking process is controlled by the central processing unit. All the tasks that your computer performs are controlled by the central processing unit at once. The CPU controls the speed of these tasks which is why a CPU that has high power will respond faster.

There are also lots of specs that define the power of a central processing unit yet if you want to stay within the budget, you can get a CPU that can get the job done. But for gaming computers, a CPU with high speed is preferred that increases the response rate so that you can play games easily.

2. Memory sticks:

Memory sticks are the part of the computer which stores and keeps all the history of the computer safe. So, just like our brains, a computer’s memory sticks can remember what actions it performed and it can help retrieve that information to help with your tasks.

RAM or random access memory allows computer to run various processes simultaneously and also lets computer access multiple files quickly which is why high RAM is always preferred to get better results.

For the simplest games to run in a computer, a minimum RAM of 4GB is required. Without this, even the simplest games will not play in your computer. And if you want your own gaming Pc to be amazing which can play fast games with good graphics, you will want 16 GB of RAM in your computer.

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3. Hard drive:

Hard drive also determines whether your computer can carry the load of all the fast actions you command it to perform. The hard drive basically is a data storage device which stores and retrieves all the data in the computer.

For best gaming experience, you will want an external hard drive that has lots of space so that you can store and play high graphic games easily.

4. Graphic processing unit:

A graphic processing unit or GPU is basically a graphic card that provides your computer the ability to run high graphic games. A graphic card is also often called a video card. These graphic cards provide a photorealistic appearance to your games so that they not only look cool, but you feel being in the game for real.

These cards provide clarity and high definition to the characters of your games. And if you play games which are big in data, graphic cards don’t let the PC hang or slow down.

If you are a gaming enthusiast, you will know that graphic cards are very expensive and for good gaming, an expensive graphic card is always worth it. There are also public forums or reviews available on the internet which can help you select a good graphic card

5. Storage:

You will need a big storage space in your computer so that you can store a lot of games you like on your personal gaming computer. How much space you will need in your compute will depend on your choice so look at the list of your current gaming collection and consider the total data these games have. You will need more space in your computer than the total of these games.

You can either use a gaming hard drive to store all the games or you can also use a solid state drive for this purpose. But if you want the best gaming experience, we recommend you to combine a hard drive with a solid state drive which will give your computer wide storage.

These drives not only reduce the loading time, they also allow you to play faster and better games easily.

6. Power supply:

A PSU or high-quality power supply unit will help you provide power to your computer so that your computer starts working. You must go for a high quality PSU to be plugged into the computer.

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Your own gaming Pc require more load in electricity, a low-quality power supply will result in short circuits and continuous turn-offs. When you select all the other high-quality components for your computer yet you compromise on the power supply, you will face many problems which you do not want.

7. Keyboard:

Even though all Personal computers and laptops have keyboards, gaming PC’s have specially designed key boards. The gaming computer keyboards have stiff and strong keys which help in aggressive usage without breaking up any keys.

Sometimes gaming key boards also have background lights in keys which help you see the keys clearly in the dark. These background lights are also called RGB lights. They also make your keyboard look cool.

These mechanical keyboards not only help you play hard gaming levels, they also provide fast response rate with their prominent keys which are harder to collapse as they are more strong.

8. Computer case:

A good computer case will let you rebuild your computer however many times you want without collapsing. It is basically the building structure of the computer which keeps everything combined.

If you want a computer case which is strong and long lasting, go for a computer case made of metal rather than one which is made of plastic. A good computer case should also have a large space in it so that it does not only keep everything easily inside it, but is also allows the air ventilation in computers components so the computer doesn’t heat up.


Building a computer for yourself or customizing a computer to play games is always a better idea than going for pre designed computers. If you go for a customized computer you can select each and every part according to how you want them, with your required specifications. While a pre designed computer will be made by someone else and which will have components that are according to their understanding.

Another best tip to get amazing gaming experience on a computer is to build your own pc. This tip is usually perfect for engineers yet if you watch YouTube videos and other vlogs, you can get a pretty good idea of which things you will need most to build your own gaming pc.

Furthermore, you can get high quality components in your computer so if you have the budget, you must go for a computer which is designed and customized for you.





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