How To Capture That Professional Looking Music Video

music video shooting tips

Filming a music video can be the ultimate dream for many. With the booming success of the music industry, more people are spending their free time watching music videos on YouTube. However, whether you are a singer or an aspiring director, there are many things you should keep in mind if you want to capture a professional-looking video.

If you have a great idea in mind and just need some guidance to turn your vision into reality, check out the following tips.

Choose Your Theme

Seriously, the sky’s the limit to your creativity. Based on the lyrics of the song, think about how they make you feel. Is it a romantic song or a party anthem? In any case, your song will determine the theme you need. Avoid making your theme completely detached from the concept of the song in order not to confuse the viewers. Also, think about the setting and props you will need, and make sure you have a good budget to cover all these expenses. You definitely do not want your video to end up looking tacky, as it will go viral but for the wrong reasons!

Get the Needed Tools

Sharp, crisp-looking music videos receive more acclaim than low-quality ones. To make sure your video looks flawless, you need to get a camera that can at least capture videos in full HD because a lower quality, 480p for example, will simply look blurry and outdated unless you are purposely going for that vibe. According to the comprehensive guide on, experts point out that you should consider the image quality, AF system, and focus accuracy before you buy any camera. Reading online reviews can also help you get the best value for money if you are on a budget. Do not worry about the sound quality, though, as the music will be added after you shoot your video using video-editing software. So, make sure you find a good studio to record the song, and try your hand at editing to see if you can add the audio yourself. No worries if you cannot; you can always ask a tech-savvy friend or even a professional.

Hire Your Crew and Performers

Your music video is not a one-man show! You will not be able to handle everything yourself, so enlist the help of others to get a professional-looking video. For more pizzazz, you can hire professionals if your budget allows it to make sure you get a favorable result. Generally, you need a cameraman if you are not the one shooting the video, stylists, dancers, and hair and makeup specialists. Nonetheless, you need to interview your crew before you give them the job. Dancers and crew members who do not have enough experience can make your video look unprofessional despite all your efforts.

Take Extra Care When Filming

Before you actually start filming, make sure your actors and performers know what they will do. Let them practice first until they nail it to easily get good shots. As a general rule of thumb, film the same scene more than one time to facilitate the editing process. You do not want to start editing only to find out that none of your shots work! Moreover, use various types of shots to add diversity to your video. You can use closeups to focus on the characters’ faces and emotions, wide shots to show the viewer the whole scene, over-the-shoulder shots to follow a certain character, and cut-away shots to zoom out and move on to another scene.

Edit Your Video to Perfection

Without a doubt, what essentially gives any music video a polished final look is editing. To start, buy professional video-editing software, and upload your shots. You must find the perfect shots that fit your storyline and put them together. Next, you can add the music and see how well it works with the scenes. Finally, you can edit the colors of the video or add a filter to improve how it looks, but avoid doing the same with the audio because it might end up sounding too squeaky. Remember to review your work one final time to make sure that everything is to your liking and there aren’t any technical issues.

Music videos can be a great way to share your creativity with the world. However, you need to plan the process meticulously before you start shooting the video to ensure that it looks professional in the end. By taking some time to choose your theme, get the required tools, hire a professional crew, and edit your video, your dreams can come true, and your music video will be trending in no time!


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